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Don't Quit It's the single most important strategy
by Rich Morgan

I have thoughts of quitting... don't you? Nearly every day, I
think about quitting. Everybody does.

In the beginning, it was, "I'll never make any money doing
this...why not just quit now?" Or, "Nobody's signing up...I give

After a year or so, it was, "Things just aren't moving fast
enough...I'm throwing in the towel," or, "All my people are
quitting, I'm obviously not getting anywhere...I might as well
quit, too."

Later it became, "Hey, I'm earning $15K, $20K a month and
more...why should I keep making phone calls? I've paid my dues,
I've worked long enough--why should I have to keep doing three-
ways all day long and answering stupid questions? I deserve to
kick back!"

Sound different? They're not: just variations on a theme.

It is those of us who keep on keeping on who go on to fulfill our
dreams. It's when you keep going--after you think you should
quit--that you begin to succeed. I've seen it happen time and
time again: Someone tells me, "I called 25 people, and no one is
interested...," and a month or two later, that same person is
back on my phone, only now he's saying, "I only called five
people--and almost every one of them is interested!"

We all go through tough times; sometimes quitting seems like the
sensible course of action. Hey, it's easier to drop out of
school...easier to quit your job and find a new one. To give up
on your religion. To get a divorce. We're a nation of quitters.
Barely a few weeks into January, most of us have forgotten all
about our "New Year's Resolutions." We quit digging just inches
from the gold.

Don't quit!

Some people will read these words today and a year from now,
thank themselves that they decided not to quit. Others will wish
they'd decided not to quit. You choose which. It's hard work, but
it's well worth it.

What Makes No Sense...

Here is what makes no sense to me:

People will go through years of college, spend tens of thousands
of dollars on their education, go to dozens of interviews, land a
job for $20 to $40 K a year that they have to work 40 to 60 hours
a week, for 40 years, with no real security, major stress and a
boss they hate--all so they can retire broke, old and sick....

Or, they'll spend hundreds of thousands on a conventional
business or franchise, work at it 60 to 80 hours a week, seven
days a week, not show a profit for years, and end up a slave to
their creation....

But these same people expect to start a network marketing
business with no experience, little training and a few hundred
dollars invested, work it in their "spare time" like a hobby,
afraid to tell even their closest friends what they're doing--and
then wonder why they aren't earning thousands after a few months?

Let's be realistic. It takes time. Everyone goes through a
learning curve. It took me several years before I even showed a
profit--but it was worth it.

My Story

I worked at our family's retail music business for over a decade.
Every year I worked harder and harder--and earned less and less.
On top of working 60 to 80 hours a week, there was constant
family bickering, inequitable salaries, employee problems, tons
of money tied up in inventory, delinquent accounts, theft and
lots of competition.

After 12 years of this, I was burnt out and miserable. I was
missing my kids' lives and had no energy or quality time to spend
with my wife. I was living paycheck to paycheck, sinking further
and further into debt...yet I had no college degree, no other
work experience and a family to support. I felt trapped!

I discovered network marketing, got started--hoping it was the
answer. I found a company I trusted, with products I could
believe in, products that truly changed people's lives.

Still, it was not easy. That first year, we had many challenges--
management changes, compensation plan changes, slow growth, no
tools, naysayers...and after my first year, I was earning a few
hundred dollars.

But I didn't quit.

My second year, they put together a great management team,
launched a fantastic compensation plan, developed some great
tools--but it still wasn't easy. Many in my team were skeptical
about everything--the corporate team, the comp plan, the product.
I was now earning a few thousand dollars.

And I didn't quit.

Now it's several years later. I'm living a lifestyle most only
dream about. I'm home with my family. I have no boss. I have no
commute. I set no alarm clock. I take vacations when I want. I
spend quality time with my wife and kids. I am able to volunteer
at school. I'm able to attend my kids' activities. I have money
in the bank. I own a new mini-van and Lexus, paid for in full.
I'm living in my dream home. I have my health, more energy and
very little stress. I'm earning a solid six-figure income...

And I'm still not going to quit.

I'm just an average guy, living in a small town in Wisconsin. I
did it; you can too. As long as you don't quit.

The secret to success can be told in four words: Get started--
don't quit!

RICH MORGAN and his wife Colleen are leading distributors with a
top network marketing company. They have four wonderful children
and live in Eau Claire, WI.

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