Why You May

Want to Hire

A Coach


"Some Reasons Why People Hire a Coach (And You Might Too!),"
by Susan Dunn, Personal and Professional Development

1. You're stuck in your career.

It isn't pleasing you any more, you aren't getting the
promotions, it's a drag to get up every morning, you're
missing deadlines, failing to produce at your best level, or
being less effective. Or you've been "written up."

2. You want to increase your "people" skills or
"soft" skills.

Soft skills bring hard results! You will never accomplish
something alone. A coach can show you the skills to have
more effective relationships at home and at work. You can
learn more about team work or leadership skills, relationship
skills, conflict-resolution, parenting, management, and
negotiation skills.

3. Your life is going well, yet you have a vague
sense of dissatisfaction you need to clarify, so you can
take action.

4. You have a particular goal you want to meet, or a
skill you want to develop and need a plan and/or

Higher sales, more money, more clients, better
problem-solving skills, how to write an eBook, how to
promote on the Internet, how to network, how to change your

5. You're facing a huge transition - chosen or not.

Retirement, divorce, new baby, marriage, promotion,
downsizing, a move, breast cancer, or new members to the
workforce or your family.

6. You maintain a healthy lifestyle, yet you don't
feel good. You don't want to consider medication, or you
have, and it hasn't made a difference.

Or, as in the case with ADD and depression, you've been told
coaching would help!

7. You lack direction.

A coach can help you define your values, priorities and
preferences and create a personal mission statement so you
can live a life on purpose, with purpose.

8. You realize you have devoted a lot of time to
your formal education, training, and development of skills,
but you have neglected to work on your Emotional Intelligence.

9. You'd like to continue your lifetime commitment
to your own personal and professional development and
become more mindful.

· Developing your Emotional Intelligence
· Increasing your multicultural awareness
· Building resilience (the stress-buster for the 00s)
· Telling your story by writing an eBook
· Becoming a coach

10. Now it's "your time".

©Susan Dunn, MA, The EQ Coach, http://www.susandunn.cc .  I
offer coaching, distance learning courses, and ebooks around
emotional intelligence for your continued personal and
professional development.

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