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How to Build an Online Business Part 2
2003 Terri Seymour

To continue on with this series on how to build an
online business, I would like to talk about advertising.
There are various ways of advertising your business,
website, or ezine. Some are free, some not. Some
are effective, some not.

Let's take a look at some that, I think, are effective.

EZINE ADVERTISING -Buying paid ad spots in an ezine
can be very effective. Some ways to find out which
ezines are better for your advertising.....

Subscribe to the ezine to get an idea of the
consistency, reliability and quality of the ezine.

Contact the publisher to see if they make themselves
available to their subscribers. If the publisher is
not available to his/her subscribers, chances are the
trust/respect relationship is not there.

Read the feedback of other advertisers to see what
kind of results they got.

JOINT VENTURES - Another way to effectively advertise
your ezine/business is by participating in joint
ventures with business associates. Examples of such
Joint Ventures would be..........

Ad swaps - Contact fellow publishers to see if they
would be interested in swapping ads, that is, they run
your ad in their ezine and you do the same for them.

Group PopUnder/Over Windows - Joint ventures like
this enable your ezine/business to be advertised on
several different sites everytime they get a visitor.

SigTag Swaps - Find yourself a sigtag buddy and swap
signatures for a period of time...a week, a month,
whatever you agree upon. When that swap is over,
arrange another one. This can bring you a lot of
additional exposure.

WRITING ARTICLES - This is definitely one of the most
powerful and effective methods of free advertising.
Writing and submitting articles can get you tons of
exposure in ezines and on websites. This also helps
your search engine ranking.

The first article is indeed the hardest. Once you get
started they will come much easier. Do not be afraid
to give your articles a little personality and/or
humor. Subscribe to some ezines and read the articles
to get an idea of what people are writing. But do not
try to copy somebody else's style. You want YOUR
knowledge and personality to come through in your

These are just a few of the numerous and creative ways
of advertising your business/ezine on the Internet.
Next week in Part 3 of this series I will be covering
networking.....another effective form of advertising.

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