I Want To Be Somebody New


I Want To Be...Somebody New

By: Dave Cole

How You Think...Determines How You Act
How you act....determines how others React to you.

We receive back from others the kind of treatment 
and respect we think we deserve.

If a person somehow feels inferior or inadequate, 
they will act that way.


If you are an online marketer, you have an 
important job to do this year.

You are not a "salesperson," you are a representative
of your chosen company.

You definitely should feel very good about what 
you are doing and should believe your work is 
IMPORTANT, helpful, and needed.

Plus you are in the business of helping other people
make their dreams come true.

You Are Important!
You do and should command respect.

Look and Feel Important
Act Important
Be Important


Many people have the cycle of success a bit backwards...
they think you must:

1. Do
2. Have
3. Be

i.e. You do the work to have the symbols to be the
successful person


You must FIRST .....BE
Be the kind of person you want to BE. Then you 
will automatically do the things necessary to 
obtain what you want.

BE-ing means you already are a success. With or without
the "symbols" that society "thinks" must be there to
"prove" your success...(what a bunch of pressure baloney
that thinking is)

1. BE
2. DO


In this coming year work as much on BE-ing the kind of
person you really want as you do on DO-ing your 

BE.... and the Do and Have part will follow as 
naturally as night follows day. That is a Law 
of Prosperity! And it works just as surely as 
the Law of Gravity does.

Right now, write down who you really want to Be.

Next prefix it with I AM

I AM a highly successful network marketer
I AM financially free
I AM a kind and loving person
I AM healthy, wealthy, and wise
I AM an important person
I AM...you fill in the blanks

Never consider yourself in terms of who you were....
think of who you want to be.

Prosperity is a Choice. A choice only you can make
for yourself.


Setting goals will rarely work if a person is still 
operating under an "old image" of who they are.

Change the Image of yourself first, then once you 
see yourself and believe yourself to BE the person 
you want to be.....you will have no difficulty in 
setting and attaining those goals.

You Deserve whatever you want in life. If for any 
reason you somehow feel you are un-worthy to receive 
what you want - GET OVER IT QUICKLY -

We at ChooseToProsper are rooting tremendously for 
you during this year.

Please write us and tell us any of your ideas on how
we can improve and better help our readers.

Prosperity: The Choice Is Yours
Copyright 2005


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