Finding Out About Your Soulmate

A Few Thoughts On Soul Mates....

By: Dave Cole

Love is eternal.

Love never ends.

If love is not eternal, then why are we here,
what reason is there for being?

If love is not eternal, then religion, the Bible, nothing but a farce and life is nothing more
than a cruel joke played on us.

So, if God saw fit to create the perfect help mate and life mate
for Adam, then it stands to reason that He did the same for you.

However, also note that not all people are destined to have
other intimate partners. Such is the case with Paul. Some beings
are, for whatever reason, supposed to live a single life.

But for those of us who do have soul mates, let's explore
a few things that you need to know.

First, a true soul mate is created for life, and this should come
as a true relief to will be re-united with your
soul mate in the afterlife.

Marriage here on earth is only a legalistic thing. Soul mates
are exactly that - soul mates. Soul mates are a part of you.
Marriage or no marriage, you will be with that part for
eternity. There is nothing that can prevent it.

Even though you may not be physically with your soul mate
here, you will be there.

We need to look at the one single passage of scripture
that Jesus said about there not being marriage in Heaven.
"At the resurrection people will neither marry nor be given
in marriage"

First, let's recognize that the Greek words Jesus was using
are not about the "state" of being married, they are about
the "act" or ceremony of marriage itself.

Secondly, at that time the custom was for families to
"give" as presents their daughters to a man for
marriage, very often the young lady had no say in
the matter, they were "given" as brides, whether
they liked it or not.

Neither of the above give any indication that Jesus meant
that couples would not be together in Heaven. However
the Bible teaches that Heaven is a place of re-uniting,
a place of love and fulfillment, and satisfaction. So there is
no reason to believe that a person will not be re-united
together with their soul mate there.

So, if you are with your soul mate here, you will
most certainly be in a similar form of marriage in
the afterlife, which will be even more grand and glorious
because there will not be all the distractions and fears
that are here on earth to detract from that union.

And, if you are not with your soul mate here, you most
certainly will be in the afterlife. The attraction of
love guarantees it.


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