Your Soul Mate or Your Soul Friend?

Do You Lead A Life of Quiet Desperation
By: Dave Cole

We meet someone for a reason, for a season . . . or for life.



Are you, or perhaps someone you know living a life that is
not complete, not totally fulfilling, not quite whole?

Henry David Thoreau said, "Most people lead lives of
quiet desperation, and go to their graves with the song
still in their heart."

What did he mean by that and how does that apply to you?

It's your destiny, fate and spiritual right to have a
life that is complete, whole, satisfying, and fulfilled.
And, in fact it is the will of the Supreme Being, your creator,
that you have this.

You are loved so much by your Creator, that He only wants
and desires the very best for you.

One area we'd like to discuss today is marriage. Being married
to the right partner can make life very rewarding and fulfilling.

You can have all the success in the world, but if you have
a wrong or bad marriage, then you will never be completely
whole or completely fulfilled.

It is our innate essence of being to be creators ourselves. Most
of us are happiest and feel satisfied when we are creating
and enjoying the fruits of our efforts.

Marriage is a creation. It is a process of continually creating
a life for yourself, your spouse and family.

Now, I'm sure you have heard of the term "soulmate."
In the true definition of the word, there is a created spiritual
essence of being that has split into two.

It's like the original story, Adam was created and given all
he could ever want in life. He had it all folks, never had to
work, had everything supplied to him, yet he wasn't fulfilled.

He wasn't complete, he wasn't able to fully develop the love
that was in his heart, nor share it with a kindred spirit.

So out of the one being, there was a split, a division, and
Adam then had a soulmate as a companion. It was only then
that he was able to find completeness & wholeness on earth.

You may or may not believe that there are soulmates.
Or, that there was a being that has split and the two divisions
are on earth seeking to find each other and become complete
again. (Although polls have indicated that 80% of people
do believe they have a soulmate just for them).

But even still, what you cannot deny is that there are a ton of
marriages out there where the folks in them are miserable.

And a very good reason why is, because these folks
are involved with the wrong partner.

There are a lot of really good marriages out there also, and
many of the folks in those marriages believe that their
partner was and is, God's chosen mate for them.

And, doesn't that really make sense......that if God created
you and loves you more than anything, don't you think he
would also have made provision for your becoming complete
and whole and fulfilled in marriage?

Let's look at this in another way. We know that in nature, cells
are also miniature energy fields and that they do split or divide.

Mitosis, or the splitting of cells, is how multi-celled
organisms grow.

Similar to that analogy is the energy field of a being that splits,
in order to grow. However, these two divisions after splitting;
constantly are striving to re-unite with each other.

The division happens so that each side can grow, spiritually,
mentally, & physically. Yet those two beings will not become
fully complete and fulfilled until they re-unite with each other.

But let's also throw a little hooker in here. Besides your one
true soulmate, there are also a myriad of other soul friends.

These soul friends are in your life to also help you grow, learn
lessons and partner with you for mutual benefit. But soul friends,
while they can and very often do become marriage partners,
are not the one true partner that God has chosen for you.

So many people get married to the wrong person, simply
because they do not understand what soulmates are and
why they exist. And then find themselves in marriages that
are just not a happening thing.

People mostly have poor marriages because they simply
got involved with the wrong person, or they got involved
with a soul friend and did not recognize that soul friends are
not necessarily forever nor are they God's chosen mate for life.

It is not wrong to be married to a soul friend, however it
is not the best that God has planned for you and neither
can you or your spouse attain that completeness, fulfillment
and happiness that could be there if you were partnered
with your soulmate.

Adam would not have been able to achieve the completeness
if he had married Jane, instead of Eve. He would have known in
his heart that there was something he was missing, something
more.....something that was lacking in his very essence,
and something that could not be found in Jane as opposed
to Eve.

You may be married to a soul friend, instead of your
soulmate. If this is the case, then you will not find complete
fulfillment and happiness in your marriage relationship....
you will find yourself constantly seeking outside the relationship
for that fulfillment, happiness and completeness.....searching
for a reunion with your true soulmate, which is also a part of yourself.

Here's a little hint:
If you are with your soul friend and your relationships are not
going well, or have gone flat, then perhaps this is nature's way
of telling you to go on and find that soulmate.

Perhaps you and your partner have learned the life lessons
you were brought together to learn, and now it's time for both
of you to evolve into a higher and more fulfilling state of being.

If you are in a relationship with your known soulmate and things
are not going well, or have gone flat, then it's natures way
of telling you that you need to bring your relationship up to
a higher energy and spiritual level.

It is said that every pot has it's lid. A pot with a wrong fitting
lid is not what it could be, nor will it ever be able to be what
it could be.

Find the right lid that fits your pot and all the steam will
stay inside instead of escaping seeking expression externally to
the relationship.



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