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Recharge Your Mental Battery

Life has this bad habit of wearing us down. When you walk
through a crowd of people you can see it in so very many
faces. The friends who always answer the same way when you
ask them how they are doing. "I'm tired." or "I had a rough

You know them. They surround us. Maybe, just maybe, you ARE
one of them. More likely though, you are only like that
sometimes. I think we all get to that point from time to
time. Why is that?

I've noticed the individuals who read newsletters like
this are among the group of humans striving for a better
life. So how is it then that we too fall into the day to day
depression that we think we only observe in others? And,
perhaps more importantly, what to do?

The world we live in is a miracle of God. It is full of joy
and beauty and hope. But the day to day world we live in is
a dark, stressful and negative place. As much of a
contradiction as that seems, it is the obvious truth. This
crisscross of what we want & expect things to be and how
the actually appear to be create in us terrific emotional

We hear about this all the time. If it is addressed at all,
most say that you can't change the way the world is. What we
are supposed to do is simply change how we react to it. I
agree that our reaction is important to our mental health.
But I think if we convince ourselves that things can't
become better we are doomed to live that as the truth.

"There are those who look at things the way they are, and
ask why... I dream of things that never were, and ask why
not?" When Robert F. Kennedy made this statement he was
talking not only about how we define our world. He was
speaking of how we define ourselves.

When we ask why not, we begin to change the things that
happen around and to us. We begin to use our attitude to
effect the very fabric of our lives. That makes it VERY
important that we learn to deal with the negativity in life.
For the simple reason that we then can change OUR world.

And if we can change our world, then we can change the
entire world.

So when you really did have a bad week, and you come home to
a spouse with the flu and a baby with a dirty diaper....what

In order to really deal with those times we need to prepare
beforehand. After all, is there any doubt that there will
come days or even weeks like that? I didn't think so.

What keeps our attitude up when there is continuos drain on
it? Our mental battery, which it is our job to keep charged
up. In your auto there is a PLAN in place to keep the
battery charged. There is a system which is always putting
positive in. It does not matter whether there is an
excessive drain at the time or not, the system is active,
pumping plusses in.

We need to put in place a similar personal battery charging
system. Rain or shine the positive must get pumped into our
attitude. If we accomplish that, when the drain is excessive
the fully charged system hardly even notices. But if we
don't prepare ourselves? We run the risk of becoming
completely negative, like what we are dealing with. When
that happens it's tough to get things right again.

What then is your charging system? Yours and mine may be
similar, but we all have an individual nature. What books do
you read that uplift your attitude? How about audio tapes or
CDs? How often do you listen to or read something for the
sole specific purpose of charging your mental battery?

Personally, if I don't do one or the other EVERY day my wife
sees a difference in me.

Is there some music that really revs you up and makes you
feel like the world is great? Listen to it. Have it ready
for the times when it is needed. Are there seminars in your
area where you can get those plusses? If not, travel to

Understand the importance of all of this. It is not a casual
pursuit. It can not be. Remember the world is a huge
grinding wheel. It is either wearing you down or it is
polishing you up. It all depends on how you present yourself
to it.

Whatever it takes....keep your battery at full charge. Be
ready for the world and I promise you, it will not be ready
for you. That is when you become the catalyst for positive

Till next time. Good luck and God Bless.
Remember, IdeasWIN. Develop yours, Chris Stephenson 

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