Would A Telemarketer Please Call Me


Would A Telemarketer Please Call Me

By: Dave Cole


How many of you like to get calls from 

Raise your hand right now if you do. 

Do you know what?.....I love' em! 

Standing orders in my house are: When a 
telemarketer calls, I get the phone. 

And right about now, you must be thinking, 
"Dave, you've got to be out of your mind." 

Well, maybe, but think about this for a 
minute. Most telemarketers don't like their 
job. All day long they have to listen to 
people who don't want to be bothered and 
aren't interested. 

They get cussed out a lot, have the phone 
slammed down on them frequently, get their 
ear full of rude comments, and further more 
don't make very much money doing it. 

In short.....these are ideal prospects for 
your business! 

Never thought about that did you? Most people 
just get upset when a telemarketer calls. But 
why get upset when an opportunity calls you? 

Here is a surprisingly effective method you 
can easily use. 

First, always make sure you get their name 
correctly. Have a pleasant tone in your voice 
when you answer. These people are just like 
you and me. They have kids, bills to pay, 
a boss on their back, and a tough job. A 
kind voice is like a breath of fresh air. 

Actually being nice to them immediately 
puts them and you at ease. 

I let them start their sales pitch, then 
picking an opportune moment, I'll ask, point 
blank, "Sally, do you like your job?" 

90% of the time you'll get a no response. 
That opens the door. Next question: "If you 
had a lot of money, what would you do with it?" 
Then I listen and interact, always trying 
to get the person to open up their lives 
and concerns with me. 

When I have enough information, I'll say, 
"Sally, would you be interested in receiving 
some free information on an opportunity you 
can do at home on your computer?" 

80% of them will say yes. "Sally, give me 
your e-mail address and I'll send it right over. 
The info will come from dave@choosetoprosper 
and I'll follow up with you in a couple of days." 

"Sally, it's been a pleasure talking with 
you, and you have a great day, good-bye." 

Now, wasn't that easy? They called me, I got 
their e-mail address, (and possibly their home
phone number), gave something of value to 
another person, got them to want to receive 
my information, and hopefully have made a 
friend and possible business partner in 
the process. 

You will be surprised at the number of 
sign ups you get, just from seeing an 
opportunity where most people see a bother. 

Notice I didn't try to sell them anything 
and didn't talk about what business I was in. 
First off, I'm not a salesman. In fact I 
couldn't sell Noah a lifeboat if the Ark was 
full of holes. But I am extremely good at 
giving away free information! 

My function is simply to get the free 
information into their hands, not sell them 
anything. My Web site and my system does the 
selling for me. 

So if doing calls like this makes you nervous, 
remember: you're not in the selling business. 
All you want to do is give away free information. 
Now, how hard can that be? 

That makes it ten times easier for you and 
the other person. 

You can even use this method when calling a 
business about something you want to buy. 
For instance, the other day I called about a 
satellite system. The saleslady, Karen, gave 
me all the information I needed, then when 
that was over, I said, "Karen, do you like 
your job?" 

Guess what? Five minutes later I had her 
e-mail address and Karen got a quick message 
in her inbox thanking her for the excellent 
service she gave me on the phone and.... 
you guessed it, my URL and free info. 

That same afternoon, I walked into a 
sporting goods store to purchase a ball glove. 
When I came out, I had a brand new ball glove, 
the cashier's e-mail address, and 
she had my business card. 

Opportunities are everywhere. Recognize them 
and then take advantage of them. 

Dave Cole
Editor - Prosperity: The Choice Is Yours
Copyright 2005

This article may be freely copied or used under the
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