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Having What We Believe...The Power Of Affirmations
Lois R. Thompson

There`s been a great volume of work written on the simple power
of belief. The person who thinks he can, versus the person who
thinks he can`t. The person who thinks he Can, has the tendency
to succeed, thereby fulfilling his expectation. The same is true
for the person who thinks he can`t. He also experiences his

What we say has a major impact on our mind, which greatly affects
our direction and ability...our out come. What we say really is
an outward expression of what we truly Believe.

It is said that, `Out of the mouth flows the abundance of the
heart`. Therefore, `It will be unto YOU as YOU Believe`. Here we
see that what is hidden in our heart and flows from our mouth is
that which we truly believe.

It was Napoleon Hill, one of my favorite authors who said: "Both
poverty and riches are the offspring of thought."

So, how do you overcome un-satisfactory outcome? By changing you
speech, which affects your thought - belief, which impacts your
outcome. By shifting your thought patterns from a negative to a
positive gear.

This is much easier than you may have imagined. Lets take a look
at three Key words, and begin focusing on Speaking them Seeing
them, Doing will note the changes, over time.

The three Keys Words:

1. I CAN

2. I AM


It will take time, it will take practice, but, "practice makes
perfect". In time you will gain enough confidence to boldly
declare your to succeed. As you experience continued improvement,
it will become second nature to you.

Whatever you put your attention on, grows in your life. If you
think and talk only about the good, positive things you want, you
will be amazed at how your progress toward these goals will
gradually become manifested.

In a way this is like tending to a farm. In order to reap a good,
healthy crop the farmer first has to tend to the soil. He weeds
out all the weed...or bad stuff which would affect the health and
productivity of his farm. He then once the soil has been
prepared, he then sow the seed. But, he doesn`t stop there.

It may take weeks or months before he begins to see any evidence
of the seed he has sown, yet, he doesn`t lose heart. He
faithfully nurtures and cares for his field, fully expecting a
large, healthy harvest.

In like manner, so it is with our thought patterns, First we rid
our minds of doubt, fear, unbelief, negative speech. Then we
begin positive affirmations. We cultivate those positive
affirmations into positive thoughts, actions of faith with great
expectations. Yes, just as the farmer, it may take some of us
weeks or even months, but, eventually if we are faithful and
diligent on this path the Proof of our positive expectations will
begin to manifest.

You must think clearly, and with emotion, about what YOU want.
Review and AFFIRM this every day. Find opportunities to talk
about the Positive about our Goals and Dreams.

The subconscious mind is extremely powerful and will gradually
orchestrate every detail of your behavior to fulfill even the
minute details of your desires.

The very universe will be directed toward the fulfillment of
those things that you dwell on.

You can bring your dreams into manifestation. Begin today,
thinking, speaking, and visualizing the positive outcome you
desire. Voila! It will be so unto you.

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