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Doing What's Required to Succeed
Lois R. Thompson

This is an area in which I believe most people miss their
opportunity for achieving success. Your first requirement should
be in identifying your passion. There a saying which goes: "the
gifts and callings make room for themself". The same is true
with your passion. Once you have identified your passion, it's
amazing how the creativity, commitment and perseverance will
being to flow.

Do you recall the musical 'Man of La Mancha'? Here Don Quixote
urges all who will listen to "dream the impossible dream". What
is your dream, what sparks your passion? Your passion is really
your destination, and your goals are your transportation.

What does identifying your passion have to do with all this.
We'll take a look at that in a moment, but first.

* Sharpening your vision

Without a vision we perish, struggling aimlessly though life,
with a sense of defeat and nagging unfulfillment. It is
therefore important to develop a clear vision for your life.
Again, what is your passion? What is it that stirs you from deep
within? Dig deep, find it and bring clarity to it.

* Establish a pattern for success

As we've learned goal setting is a key factor in our journey of
success. Since goals range between long term and short term, you
must learn how to distinguish between the both. Be honest and
realistic about the amount of time and monetary cost associated
with achieving your goals. Are your objectives worthy of the
temporary sacrifices? Only you can determine that.

The achievement of one's goals and dreams requires work. Are you
willing to do due diligence? Many people blow it here. They set
lofty goals, then they sit and wait for it to happy. Success
doesn't happen that way. It calls for a definite plan, a
timetable, discipline and perseverance.

* Commit to giving

The concept of Network Marketing is based on the principle of
giving first. You'll find that when your goal is centered around
giving into the lives of others it releases a fire to your
passion and sustenance that enables you to remain unmovable
during challenging time.

Here is a true story to demonstrate this concept.

In 1921, while working for Westinghouse in, DeWitt Wallace was
faced with some hard times. But he never loss sight of his
passion. His goal and dream which was to publish a 'little
magazine' as a Reader's Service. His concept of this service was
to provide the reader with condensed articles offering
information of value, issued in a small pocket size publication
that the reader could have readily accessible. DeWitt set out on
his mission with a clear vision, and a well thought out plan he
set out for his accomplishment.

DeWitt, began contacting known publishers of his day, including
the well-known William Randolph Hearst. Mr. Hearst rejected
DeWitt's concept. Being a man committed to the conviction of his
passion of 'helping other people', he forged forward in face of
the obstacles. He is quoted to have said: "I don't care if I
made a penny, as long as the magazine served the reader". What
conviction? what passion?

With a sharpened vision, an established plan and an unwavering
commitment to work for the good of others, DeWitt Wallace and his
wife Lila moved confidently on to achieve their objective in
1922. It's amazing, but as they did it the way was made clear
before them.

Finally, when the Wallace's died the 'little magazine' they had
started in the face of many challenges had 100 million readers,
30 million subscribers,18 million of which were in the United
States, an heritage of the greatest publication success story of
all-time and a world-renowned magazine known as Reader's Digest.

So regardless of the size of your goal, keep it centered in
helping others, stand steadfast in you determination to it's
success and forge forward. It can be done!

As you've just read in the story of DeWitt and Lila Wallace, the
first priority should not be about how much can I make at the
expense of others. No, instead how can I utilize my passion to
serve others. How can I assist you in achieving what you want.
It is in that, that I'll receive what I want.

Here is how that could be applied. There is gentleman in one of
my down-line organizations. He loves our product, sees the
benefit of it for himself and others. However, his passion is
golf. He not only loves golf, but is passionate about providing
useful information to other golf enthusiasts. For a while there
seemed to be no way to connect the two. Then suddenly in a
conversation we were having I asked the following questions, he
gave the following answers:

My question:
Do you think the folks to whom you are offering info on golfing
would have a need to increase their income so they could more
easily afford the cost of playing golf?

His answer:

My question:
Do you think some of those golf lovers you are reaching would
love to be able to retire from their job early so they could
peruse their passion of playing golf?

His answer:

My question:
Then do you suppose some of those reading your information on
playing golf would like an opportunity to increase their
income...become debt free?

His answer:

The point of this being, his heart is in the right place. He is
following his passion which has to do with playing golf. In
doing so he is offering a service which tells golf lovers where
they can find discounted golf courses and such. Here is not
persuing his passion for his own selfish gain, but he is doing so
for the good of the many. Through the relationship which was
developed with his golf loving buddies, he now has the
opportunity to see their need and offer them the solution by
introducing them to his MLM opportunity.

Get the picture? :-)

That's what Network Marketing is all about and what's requires
for your success.

It's time to discover your passion. Find an MLM opportunity in
harmony with your life's goals and dreams and incorporate the
needed Affiliate Programs working in synergy. Not only will you
be touching and changing many lives, but you'll be experiencing
life to it's fullest as you accomplish your greatest dreams.

Lois is the editor of the highly acclaimed Building Wealth News
Ezine, which focuses on bridging MLM and Affiliate Marketing to
generate multiple income streams quickly. To discover how you can
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