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 What motivates you to achieve happiness and success in your life

Can Eating Cottage Cheese Help You Be Happy & Successful? 
By: Dave Cole 

Was eating cottage cheese the secret of Tom "Terrific" 
Seaver's success? 

As a high school pitcher, Tom Seaver was mediocre at 
best. In fact he didn't even make the team until he 
was a senior. That year he barely was able to win 
6 games while losing 5. 

Giving up on any aspirations of having a Major League 
Baseball career, Tom joined up with the U.S. Marines 
reserve program only to find 18 months later, that 
he had developed some muscles and bulk to his frame, 
along with a live fastball. 

Getting out of the reserves, Tom obtained a baseball 
scholarship at the University of Southern California, 
where he was able to learn the art of pitching from 
his coaches. 

After spending a year in the minor leagues, Tom Seaver 
was called up to the New York Mets and became one of the 
best pitchers in baseball. 

He had a 20 year Major League career winning 311 games, 
putting him in an exclusive club of only 20 pitchers in 
Major League history that have won over 300 games. 
In 1992 "Tom Terrific" was inducted into the prestigious 
Baseball Hall of Fame. 

So what was the secret of Tom Seaver's success? 

Let's find out as we read an interview Tom Seaver gave 
to Harvey Dorfman. 

"Pitching is what makes me happy. I've devoted myself 
to it, I live my life around the four days between 
starts. It determines what I eat, when I go to bed, 
what I do when I'm awake. It determines how I spend 
my life when I'm not pitching." 

"If it means I have to come to Florida and can't get 
tanned because I might get a burn that would keep me 
from throwing, then I never go shirtless in the sun. 
If it means I have to pet dogs with my left hand, 
then I do that." 

"If it means in the winter I eat cottage cheese instead 
of chocolate chip cookies in order to keep my weight 
down, then I eat cottage cheese. I might want those 
cookies but I won't ever eat them. That might bother 
some people but it doesn't bother me. I enjoy the cottage 
cheese. I enjoy it more than I would those cookies 
because I know it will help me do what makes me happy." 

"I've made up my mind what I want to do. I'm happy when 
I pitch well so I only do things that help me be happy. 
What motivates me is to be the best I possibly can day 
after day, year after year." 

Have you made up your mind yet what it takes to make 
you happy and found out what motivates you to achieve 
that happiness and success in your life? 

If so, then what is it that you must do to be the best 
you possibly can be with your chosen career or in 
your life...... 

If eating cottage cheese and not chocolate chip cookies 
is what it takes, will you eat that cottage cheese to 
get what you want in life? 

We wish for you the best 


Dave Cole
Prosperity: The Choice Is Yours
Copyright 2005

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