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Are You An Internet Daredevil?
by Timothy Ward
copyright 2003

I went and saw the new superhero movie 'Daredevil'
this weekend, and for some reason it got me thinking
about the Internet. This is probably a sign that I
spend far too much time online--I can't even take in a
flick without pondering on some aspect of cyberspace.
But regardless of whether it's healthy or not, I decided
to put my thoughts on paper and share them with
anyone who is willing to read them. Hopefully, you are.

For those of you who don't know, the superhero
Daredevil is blind. But he still kicks major bad guy butt.
And he still scores with major babes like Jennifer Garner
(it was well worth the $5.00 dollars for the movie just to
see her in leather. Hubba Hubba! And for you ladies, Ben
Affleck wore a tight red leather suit most of the movie!).
The point is that here is a guy that has lost one of his
major senses and yet he doesn't give up. He's not afraid
to live in a world that is geared towards people with sight.
And not only does he live in this world-he triumphs.

Most of us came online with certain ideas of how we were
going to make money. We had a desire and we had a plan.
We thought we had everything we needed to be successful.
But after a while some of our surefire plans and ideas didn't
work out. We didn't become internet millionaires overnight.
We started to think that maybe e-business was for people
with more money, free time, and experience than us. We
started to feel like we didn't have what it took.

That's where many people stop-where they give up. They
consider themselves Internet-handicapped. So they give up
trying to make income online. Now they use the internet for
email, news, shopping, and playing Yahoo Pinochle (which
I've heard is very addictive). But they no longer do any kind
of marketing. But what if the Daredevil had this kind of

He would have never achieved his full potential. He would
have never become a superhero. Dozens of criminals that he
brought to justice would still be running the streets. And
most importantly, he would never have been the main
character in a major motion picture.

The point is that sometimes we have to be an Internet
Daredevil. Sometimes we have to realize that we may have
less money, less time, and less experience than others in
cyberspace. But this shouldn't stop us from still realizing our
dreams. Sometimes we have to throw all caution to the side
and just do it. Launch that new website you've been wanting
to launch even if you don't have the money to give it a #1
listing in Overture or the HTML skills required to get it listed
high in Yahoo. Start publishing that ezine you've been
wanting to publish even if you don't think you have enough
knowledge or experience. Take some of the little bit of free
time that you do have and start writing ezine articles or
e-books. Don't let doubts hold you back. Take the risk.

The Daredevil lost his sight but he learned to take advantage
of his other senses. This gave him an advantage over people
who had all their senses. Similarly, just because some of our
ideas may have failed, or we lack certain skills, doesn't mean
we can't use the skills we do have, or other plans and ideas
we have , to be successful. Unique ideas always do well on
the Internet. A different prospective on an old program can
bring new customers. So take the risk, and use your

In conclusion, don't ever allow yourself to think that
previous failures or lack of certain abilities or assets makes
you an Internet Cripple. And even if you are disadvantaged
in certain areas, take advantage of the areas where you excel.
Be yourself and don't be afraid to take chances. Don't let
fear keep you from realizing your full potential. Dare yourself
to be successful and keep working at it until you are. Don't
be afraid to be an Internet Daredevil-even if you don't look
as good as Ben Affleck in red

Tim Ward has decided to take a risk himself
and pursue his lifelong dream of being a
humor columnist. You can learn more about
his new online humor column, Wardology 101,
by visiting

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