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What's The Secret? Baby, It's You!
Lauren Whittmore

Dear Lauren, I have been working...struggling ... and learning
the network marketing industry for two year plus, and I'm
beginning to feel weary and desperate. My initial excitement
about working MLM is muddled. I have been in many programs and
think I am starting to see a trend. About a year ago, I ran out
of the friends and family I had the courage to approach. I was
told mailing tapes and postcards was the best way to work this
business. So I bought mailing lists and began doing just that. I
am discovering that there seems to be a large group of people who
also received that advice and are doing the same thing. The
problem seems to be that each time I join a new program, and I
spend money and effort mailing to the people on the lists, the
people on the list are doing the same thing as I. Sometimes I do
get a few of them in my downline, but they don't seem to stay
very long. Or they join and do nothing. Most of the people join
another company in 90 days! We all seem to be buying and mailing
out the hottest newest audio tapes or video tapes about the
hottest latest product or idea! I can't believe how many audios
and videos I receive on a weekly basis. How can anyone build
residual income doing this? Is it too late to make any money in
network marketing? Calvin C. Hobbs, NC

Dear Calvin, My, my, how the post office must love you and your
friend who attempt to do the business this way. I will give you
an 'A' for effort, but repetition of the same way of doing things
over-and-over again doesn't mean it will produce profitable
results, nor is it smart so ... stop it now! Yes, Calvin, I am on
all those lists too, and it does amaze me that people have so
much money to waste in an attempt to build a business. A business
that, bottom line, is based on relationship development! What do
I mean? I hear, sometimes on a daily basis, how folks are gearing
up for the latest, (my term) Hype Marketing. For instance ...

"This is the hottest audio tape ever created in the history of
MLM! Just pop it in the mail, sit back and the business is built
for you!"


"Just mail this postcard and people will automatically join. You
never talk to anyone. You just cash your checks."

or, (this one makes me cringe)

"We build your downline for you. All you ever have to do is give
us lots of money. We do all the work for you!"

Let me ask you a question, and please, anyone reading this, ask
yourself, "Who, in your life - outside of the network marketing
industry - do you do business with in this manner?" Did you pick
your children's doctor because he sent you a really cool looking
post card in the mail? Did you marry your spouse because he or
she mailed you the newest audio tape on parasites, or a tape on
how to clean your colon? How ridiculous to even think about
having a significant long-term relationship from encounters like
that. People don't function this way! If I decide I want to do
business with someone, it is ... because I like and trust them. I
believe, based on personal interaction between us, that they will
do a good job for me!

Repeat After Me, "I Am The Message!"

No one even gets in to this business without another person
sponsoring them. If youíre attempting to bring people into your
business through mechanical, impersonal methods, how special is
your distributor going to feel and how much loyalty will he
exhibit when the next tape gets mailed to him, and you have never
spoken to him? How special or important do you feel when this
happens to you?

Ask yourself, "How much could I earn on a distributor through the
course of a lifetime, versus only over the next 60 to 90 days?"
You donít want to deal with someone just once, you want them in
your business forever!

Should you make a little extra effort at finding someone who
wants what you have? Get to know them and build a relationship
with someone who will work with you and put money in your pocket
for the next 20 years.


Donít play around with people and treat them like they are
mindless cattle. And donít work your business in an oblivious
unbusinesslike manner either. If you have been taught to think of
a prospect as someone to hype into signing up in your business,
and then going on to the next one, learn new ways of working with
people. You are selling your prospect and yourself short.

Do everything in your power to make their first experience in
dealing with you as pleasant as possible. If you do, even if they
donít sign-up with you right away, there is a better chance that
theyíll come back to you later. Maybe the timing isnít right for
them to join your business. So be nice, be professional, and they
will remember you favorably should you contact them in the

A prospect will join your business and stay in your business
because of you. Although it is great to have business-building
and training tools available, someone ultimately joins you in the
business, not because of the audio you sent them, or the video
they just watched, or some slick marketing brochure. All those
things can help someone learn more about your business and make a
decision, but Ö

You are sponsoring them - and you are the most important reason
why someone joins in the first place. Good, bad or indifferent,
Baby, itís you!

If you need to be motivated into treating prospects with
patience, integrity, and respect, think about all the money you
could make together over the course of a lifetime.

And if youíre smart, while you are out there being gracious to
everyone, keep track of the "20 percenters". These are the
special people who do 80% of the work. Really go the extra mile
in helping these people, give them the extra attention. Make
certain you keep your commitments to them. It pays off, big time!
And for a long time! Why focus on getting someone in your
business just for today when with a little effort they will stay

Lauren Whittmore enjoys a successful career as an independent
distributor, author, speaker, trainer, and consultant. She has
built several international organizations with downlines
numbering in the thousands. You may reach Lauren and receive her
FREE SPECIAL REPORT by calling 714-440-9957, 24 hours, or write
to her at: 30872 South Coast Hwy., Suite #123, Laguna Beach, CA
-The Network Trainer, January/February 1997

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