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Why On Earth Are You Here?
By: Dave Cole

What are you doing here on earth and what are
you getting out of life?

We've kept pretty busy with baseball this past year.
Karl my son played on the high school team and they 
went to the state semi final playoffs, only to lose going 
to the state championship game by one run. 

Plus, I manage both the Pony and Colt baseball teams, 
so it's been pretty much either games or practice every 
day, plus all the other stuff that goes on. But it's been 
fun and rewarding for me to give my knowledge of baseball 
to these kids. 

I "got" a lot out of coaching baseball and helping my son 
be a better player.....however what is more important than 
what I "got" who I have become because of it. 

I love doing the baseball thing, and working with the kids, 
and in the same light, I also have become a much better 
person because of the service I give to these kids. 

I gave my valuable time and efforts to help others, yet 
have been rewarded many times over as I watch my 
kids play a game and grow into fine ballplayers. 

Our Pony team is currently 19 wins 1 loss and the Colt 
team is undefeated, so I get a real sense of satisfaction in 
knowing I have done a very good job in coaching and 
developing these kids. 

So enough about me, let me ask you, what are you doing 
that is rewarding and satisfying to your soul? 

I was personally challenged some time ago with a question: 
What is your life's major goal? 

I spent some serious time thinking about what I really 
wanted to accomplish in my life and what my life's purpose 
was here on earth. 

Know what I came up with? 

My life's major purpose is: To help as many people and 
pets as possible, be as successful and to live as healthy 
as possible. 


What is your life's major purpose? 

If you don't know, do you think it's about time you sat 
down and gave it some serious consideration..... 

I just turned the Big Five O last week. Over half my life 
is gone, but a better half still yet remains. I've 
learned a lot these past 50 years, and thankfully still 
have a lot of energy left and still have some great 
dreams for the future. 

But, it took me 50 years to figure out why I'm here on 
earth. Go figure will ya. 

Some folks never you? 

I personally challenge you to right now determine why you 
were put here on earth. What is your life's major goal? 

We are all God's creatures and we all have a purpose. If 
you haven't found it out yet, then start to search for the 
answer. It will come to you, you will find it out, but 
you must search for it. 

Why go through life like so many other folks do, not having 
a clue what is going on? 

It just doesn't make good sense. For too many years I 
didn't even think about it or consider it, the only 
reason I'm writing this is because I want you to live 
as best you can and be as successful as you can be. 


Dave Cole
Prosperity: The Choice Is Yours
Copyright 2005

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