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Why Aren't You Making Any Money? 
By: Dave Cole 

Why aren't you having success with your business? 

Well honestly there are a lot of reasons, but one aspect I'd 
like to chat with you about today is something that seems 
to plague every network marketer and every online marketer, 
whether you're in an affiliate program or otherwise. 

As you may know, I'm manager of the local Pony and Colt 
baseball teams. If you happened to sign up to play on one 
of my teams, but then hardly ever showed up for practice 
and when you did, you hardly ever took batting practice..... 
do you honestly believe you would become a good hitter? 

When my son (Karl) played Little League baseball, I would go out 
and literally throw him hundreds of pitches a day, almost 
every day to sharpen his batting skills. Even now, we have 
started batting practice around Thanksgiving. We go in to 
the batting cage 4 times a week and take one half hour of 
batting practice. 

Now consider the boy who hardly ever takes batting practice. 

Which do you think will hit for a higher average and more 
power and be a more successful hitter.....Karl or the other kid? 

Obviously Karl would be the better hitter. That's a no-brainer. 

If we never threw a baseball or did any of our pitching drills, 
do you think Karl would be a decent pitcher? 

Of course not. 

But we've spent tons of hours practicing and throwing and 
sharpening our pitching skills and he has become one of the 
best pitchers around because of it. 

Our diligence in practicing doing the mundane drills with 
batting and pitching has paid off tremendously in making him 
a fine young baseball player. 

What it took was hours and hours and hours of doing the 
same thing over and over and over until we had attained 
a degree of confidence and success. And still, we do the 
same routine drills over and over and over to keep him sharp 
and in shape. 

Network marketing is no different. 

There is no mystery to being a success in network marketing 
or in an affiliate program or any business for that matter. 

What it takes is to do what you need to do, over and over and 
over and over. 

And what's that one main ingredient? 

Showing your business or opportunity to as many folks as possible. 

The more you show it, the better you become at doing it and 
the more you increase your chances of success in getting 
someone to join with you. 

Honestly, if you think you're going to show your opportunity 
to 5 people a month and expect any major degree of success, 
you're probably operating from a different planet. 

The more you show your opportunity to other people, and 
obviously people who are targeted, the better your 
results will be. 

Now that's pretty simple isn't it. 

But how many people join up with a business, then show it 
to 10 people or less, get ten no's and quit. 

I've showed my primary opportunity to thousands of folks, 
and gotten far more no's than yes's, but in the process I've 
sharpened my skills in showing considerably and also have 
gotten enough yes's to make it considerably worth my efforts. 

Network marketing, online marketing, offline marketing, 
it's all a numbers game. 

Can you imagine opening a health food store on main street 
your town USA and having ten people come in, look around 
and then leave without buying anything. 

You might have invested 75,000 dollars to open this store 
and the first ten people don't buy anything. Are you going to 
quit and say, "well I guess this business isn't for me?" 

No, you're going to stay open and keep trying to attract 
customers and keep showing your products to as many people 
as possible because you know that the more people who come 
in your doors, the more people that are going to purchase

Why do you think that McDonalds, WalMart, Dell, Ford and 
all the other big companies advertise, advertise, advertise? 

It's because the more people they show their products to, 
the more yes's they get to sell their products. If Ford Motor 
Company never ran an ad, do you think they would be able 
to compete with GM and the other big car manufacturers? 

Ford could put out the best car or truck in the world, but 
in order to sell their products, they have to get their ad in 
front of hundreds of millions of potential buyers. If they didn't 
they would soon be out of business. 

Your company might have the best products in the world, 
but if their distributors don't show that product or opportunity 
to hundreds of thousands of other people, that company 
will go out of business. 

You might have the best products in the world, but if you 
don't show your products and your opportunity to hundreds 
and thousands of people, you won't make very much money 
with your business either. 

You don't have to be a master showman, you don't have to have 
a "slick" sales pitch, you don't have to be an expert on your 
company's compensation plan in order to succeed. 

But what you do have to do is be very good at showing your 
products or opportunity to a lot of people. 

The more no's you get, the more yes's you will get. Someone 
once said, "If you want to increase your rate of success, 
increase your rate of failure." 

When Karl first started pitching, he would throw what seemed 
like endless pitches all over the place. But we kept throwing 
and throwing and throwing the ball and now he is able to 
consistently throw strikes. 

The big secret in network marketing and in business is to 
show your products and opportunity as many times as possible 
to as many people as possible. 


Dave Cole
Prosperity: The Choice Is Yours
Copyright 2005

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