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Every experience, every encounter you meet can be 
an empowering one if you let it. 

Are You A Wussbag? 
By: Dave Cole 

For a long time in my life, quite frankly I was one scared 
little puppy. When I look back on my life and see the 
failures and problems I've encountered....and how I've 
reacted to many of them. 

I look back and see myself as a former wussbag. 

It seems like something, some strange eery power always 
had control over me....instead of me being in control of 
the situation. 

While I've lived a pretty darn good life, and have been 
incredibly blessed in it with many things, the one thing that 
I've strived so hard to do is gain control over my own mind. 

I shudder to think what I could now be if I had been in 
control of my mind. But for too many years and in too 
many things I wasn't. 

And also, please don't think that even today I'm some 
kind of master or guru who has it all together and is 
totally in control of everything, I still have my weak 
moments and failures, but they are certainly far fewer 
and in between than they once were. 

I never watch T. V. However just happened to catch the 
Oprah Winfrey show this week which featured country 
singer Winona Judd. Winona began her singing career at 
the age of 18 and within a year was a millionaire. 

But now at age 40, she came on Oprah's show and told 
on national T. V. what a failure she was in life. How she 
wasn't in control of her life, how she didn't even know who 
she was. Outside of being a very famous country western star 
singer, Winona Judd had no security in who she was as 
a person. 

First I give her tons of credit for being so courageous to 
go on national T. V. and let all her millions of fans know of 
her insecurity and her destructive eating habits. 

And so I'm going on national Internet and letting all my 
thousands of readers know how insecure I once was too. 
I was a coward, a weakling who was afraid. 

Afraid of what people would think of me, afraid to formulate 
an opinion of who I was and what I stood for. 

I wasn't in control of my life. I let circumstances and 
situations dictate to me what my life would be like. 

Sound familiar to any of you? 

I've always been a big fan of self improvement type stuff 
and have read those kinds of books and listened to those 
kind of tapes a lot, so I'm sure that all of that has helped 
mold me into the kind of person I am now. 

And I'm so much happier with myself now than I used to 
be, because I'm learning how to take back the control over 
my life, instead of giving up my power to people, circumstances, 
and situations. 

There's a lot involved but one thing that I wanted to talk 
about today is: I don't have to be afraid of facing unpleasant 

And it's because I've learned that every situation and every 
encounter.... can empower me.....if I choose to allow 
that to happen. 

Napoleon Hill once said that within every adversity there 
is a seed of a greater benefit. 

I've pondered that for years and never really figured it out 
until now. 

If I look at each situation I come across as a situation or 
encounter that can give me more power by facing it, 
then that situation can only make me a more powerful 
person....a person who is in more control of his life than 

Perhaps, just perhaps every situation I face is meant for a 
real purpose in my life. 

If I see it as such, instead of looking at it as an adversity, 
and looking at it as a problem...and instead looking at it 
as a situation that can add power to my life......then doesn't 
that make much more sense......and doesn't it make life 
more understandable and doesn't it make me more in 
control of who I am and who I am to become? 

I'm still learning, but every day I'm getting stronger and 
stronger in my resolve and constitution because of what 
I'm learning. 

Thanks for reading this, I hope it has made you think 


Dave Cole
Prosperity: The Choice Is Yours
Copyright 2005

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