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The Law of Resistance


The Universal Law of Resistance
Lauren Zimmerman

The Universal Law that resistance creates more resistance is one
of the simplest Laws, and yet one of the most difficult for us,
as humans, to incorporate into our pattern of thinking. A large
portion of the manifestation process for achieving our desires
depends upon the choices we make. One of the choices, in order to
successfully manifest, is the choice to not resist the way in
which the Universe fills our needs.

For thousands of years Earth has served as the place where we, as
humans, learn about free will. Our egos and personalities have
been the tools we use to make choices. Now, with the opportunity
to express more (or all) of Soul, it becomes necessary for us to
learn how to teach our egos and personalities to merge with Soul,
to the degree that all aspects of "Self" desire the same thing.

This is a process, I've found.

One of the key "ingredients" is surrender. The term "surrender"
has been batted around for a long time, people looking for an
explanation and, perhaps, a "boundary." How far, how much, does a
person need to surrender? The question doesn't really have an
answer. There are no limits to what might be asked of us as we
stand with one foot in one reality and one foot in the other. 

What is necessary is an absolute and total surrender to anything
and everything that may or may not be beyond our imagination.
What must be primary in our intention and awareness, while we
are in the process of creating a new reality, is that we are in
partnership with the Divine Source.

Using visualization techniques to "train" your mind, your ego,
and your personality to adapt to the easy and natural (and
fulfilling) flow of Universal energy is an excellent way to begin
the process of incorporating your Soul's energy and wisdom into
your present-day life. Visualize your goals and dreams being
fulfilled by and through Universal means. 

The world/reality that we have lived in has had a base made up of
limitations. The world/reality that we are NOW incorporating into
our reality, has NO limitations and draws exclusively upon
Universal energy, not upon the present or historical energy of
Earth's reality. 

Containing, encapsulating, predicting, or otherwise confining the
goals you hope to reach, and the means by which you reach them,
disallows your Soul's interaction and wisdom in creating exactly
what you need.

The Soul, in union with existence, has no resistance to how our
physical lives play out. The Soul understands that we are
creating an "illusion" in order to learn and understand how
existence/creation works. 

There is no judgment and no restriction, from the Soul level,
upon how the Universe fulfills our needs. And the primary need
that we have, but do not always acknowledge when we are not
thinking with Soul, is the accomplishment of the wisdom we can
gain from this physical expression of life.

Resistance is created when we form judgments about our
experiences. We decide what is right and what is wrong, what is
good and what is bad, what we want and what we do not want.

Our judgments are limitations that we place on the Universe and
the free energy expression of our Soul attempting to gain wisdom.

Throughout history, humankind has used pain and suffering to l
earn. Now we are being given the opportunity to learn through

As we let go of our "training" (the belief that achieving wisdom
in this 3-D reality has to be through pain), we accept that we,
as Souls, have achieved wisdom enough to begin learning in a
different way. 

The level of surrender and non-resistance that is being asked of
us, by ourSouls, is an absolute trust that we are Soul in union
with the Divine.

As we allow the healing to continue, as we reach for the star
that we are, as we express the highest aspects of Self, our
world/reality will continually change.

Resisting change or forming opinions about how the Universe can
best serve us and give us what we need causes delay and
frustration. Having faith that we will be led by Soul and will be
served by the Universe, will give us inner peace. 

In every moment miracles will be seen, for there are no
restrictions on what can and will occur as our Souls create this
new reality on our horizon. Without resistance, allowing the
imagined separations to heal within us, we will manifest a
reality based solely upon our Soul's needs. 

After all that was the original Plan.

Lauren Zimmerman
One World
Voices for a New World Magazine

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