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Soulmates, Are They Pre-ordained?
Copyright 2003, Ernest Quansah 

One day a telegram arrived at a man's door. When he opened it, 
he learned that his best friend had passed away... 

I was at conference recently where I heard this most inspiring story. 

The story was about a boy and a girl who grew up together as 
best friends. As they grew into adulthood, they became 
pre-occupied with their personal lives. Although, they knew 
that they lived just down the street from each other, they 
were too busy to seek out one another. 

Every week they wanted to visit each other but thought to
themselves, "Oh well, I am too busy today. We live close 
enough to each other to visit anytime. I will try tomorrow." 
It was not long before tomorrow turned into next week and 
then next month. Eventually a year had passed by. 

Soon the distance between their homes began to appear more 
distant. The longer they waited to look for each other, the 
further the distance between their homes grew. This was 
followed by more excuses that did nothing but increase the 
gap between the two friends. 

One day the male received a telegram informing him that his 
best friend passed away. As if he had gone into a shock, he 
asked himself, "What happened?" 

He thought to himself, "If I knew I was going lose her without 
seeing her again, I would have taken the time to look for her. 
I wished I taken the time to tell her how much I loved her. 
Now she's gone, and I am now all alone." 

Regardless what this individual thought or felt, his best 
friend had left the earth for good.

Do soulmates exist? And, are soulmates pre-ordained? 

There is a biblical verse that goes something like this. 
"Before I formed thee I knew thee and ordain thee to be..." 
What the verse tells us is that before you were born, your 
creator knew you. He knew your need for a mate and ordained 
you and another person to be soulmates. 

The problem is too many people do not invest themselves 100% 
in recognizing their soulmate. They hold out, settling for 
unhealthy relationships until it is far too late. 

Before a mother brings a child into this world the mother will 
know the child's need. She will ready a room with all the things 
the soon to be newborn will need. Likewise the supreme power 
that put you here on earth knew you would need a soulmate. 
One has been prepared just for you. 

You can say "I will find my soulmate tomorrow. I am too 
busy today." 

But, if you do, take time to remember the story at the 
beginning of this article. It was procrastination that 
prevented the two friends from finding each other until 
death separated them forever. Your soulmate is not going 
to be waiting for you forever! 

I know how it feels to be in relationship other than that of 
soulmates. You have probably been hurt or disappointed so 
often, you don't trust anymore. I know all about the pain 
associated with break-ups. All of the pain, frustration and 
loneliness you may feel can be avoided if only you will not 
turn to excuses and justifications, but instead make the 
effort to look for your soulmate.

Yes, soulmates do exist. Adam and Eve were the first soulmates 
recorded in human history. When Adam was created, his creator 
said, it is not good for man to be alone. Thus a helpmate was 
created for Adam. 

What is a helpmate, and why would a person need a helpmate if 
the person were able to make it alone? 

This leads me to believe that in order for a man or woman to 
feel complete, they will need each other as helpmates. Adam 
and Eve were created for each other. I am using the word 
'for' to show that soulmates belong to each other and nobody 

For instance, when Eve ate the forbidden fruit that could have 
separated them, they sought out each other and did what ever 
it took so they could be together. An effort to remain 
together is clearly demonstrated between the two. 

Are you too busy to find your soulmate? Do you allow fear of 
effort or failure to discourage you? I do understand how you 
feel. I have clients who feel the same as you do. I have also
gone through the same experiences you have. 

Here is what I tell my clients. When treasure hunters hear of 
buried treasures, they don't make excuses. They don't let fear 
of the possibility of being bitten by a poisonous snake or 
their ship sinking prevent them from going after the treasure. 
They find the exact map that will lead them to the treasure 
site. When they get there, they dive or dig for the treasure. 
When they find the treasure, they do their part to ensure that 
any piece of gold bar they find is real gold. 

It will be nice if our soulmates can fall on our laps without 
any effort on our part. Unfortunately, life does not work like 
that does it? 

How does it feel to go from one lousy relationship to the 
other, because you don't want to invest the time or effort 
to find your own soulmate? 

I know how it feels to think you are madly in love. Then, a 
year or two later you find that it was all a big mistake. 

So where do you turn for help. Where do you get that map to 
help you find your soulmate? When you do meet the person, how 
can you be certain it is the right person? 

First, forgive and forget about the past and start fresh from 

Human beings are created with the need to be with the opposite 
love making. Not just any opposite love making, but a specific man or woman 
whom they will feel complete with. Soulmates are pre-ordained. 

Meeting a man or woman is relatively easy. Recognizing the 
person who is intended to be your soulmate is another thing. 
In the book "How to Identify your Soulmate", I reveal important 
knowledge you must have to help you to recognize your soulmate. 

Like a treasure hunting map, the e-book provides an effective 
soulmate map that any one can use. The ebook will help you to
learn how to get a confirmation that someone is your ordained 
mate. Every effort is made to constantly include special 
updates in the ebook as they become available. 

You can also learn how to handle the effect of break-ups. I 
have dedicated an entire ebook on my site to help people 

Soulmate relationships have incredible soothing powers; they 
are heart warming and possess healing qualities. 

The process of recognizing your mate is very real. You may be 
the only person keeping you from finding your special someone. 
Live today as if it is your last day. You willnever know how 
successful you will be unless you try. My hope is that you 
don't allow procrastination, ego, pride, excuses and fear to 
prevent you from finding a rewarding relationship with your 
pre-ordained soulmate.

Ernest Quansah is an author and expert relationship advisor, 
specializing in helping singles recognize their soulmates and couples
improve their relationships to achieve emotional and physical 
fulfillment. He is the author of online ebook "HOW TO IDENTIFY 

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