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March 15, 2001

“The Castaway”

In the recent movie, “The Castaway,” Tom Hanks played the role of a FedEx delivery man. His job was to fly all over the world making sure that the packages were delivered on time.

One fateful trip found his cargo plane flying through a nasty storm somewhere in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean. The plane crashed near a tiny, deserted island. The only survivor was Hanks.

Upon awakening the next day, Hanks found himself all alone. Alone with nothing except the clothes on his back.

So picture this: no matches, no tools, no food, no shelter, no communications, only 1 small flashlight along with a few packages containing some useless items that had washed up on shore.

He learned to survive a meager existence sleeping in a small dark cave. His food came from coconuts and the few fish he managed to catch.

Tom Hanks was captured and held prisoner on an island with seemingly no hope of ever escaping. Every day the island dictated to him how he was to live.

He was trapped on that island because he saw no way of escape.

His fears of losing what small sense of security the island provided, as despicable as it was, prevented him from trying to escape to a better life. A life he knew existed, but now only dreamed about.

Looking out over the vast expanse of the ocean, he constantly thought about that better life. But those thoughts soon returned to seeing the opposition and competition that prevented him from returning to what was rightfully his.

4 long years later, Tom Hanks made a decision.

He had grown sick and tired of having a nothing life.

It was either die a nobody, going no place, on a nowhere island, continuing to live a struggling and pitiful hand to mouth existence, or......die trying to escape to a real life.

The Pacific Ocean was the obstacle. His opponent was his own fears of overcoming that obstacle.

He made a plan to escape. The day arrived and Hanks set sail aboard a makeshift, rinky dink raft of logs tied together with tree bark and video tape.

He met every adversity the South Pacific could throw at him. It wasn't easy, but finally, the rescue came.

The movie portrayed a very intense drama. An analogy of what life is like for many people. Thousands of folks every day feel trapped in a nowhere life. They feel like their life is being wasted, like they are going nowhere, on a nowhere island with little hope of escape.

Every day these people trudge off to a boring and hopeless job that offers only an existence but no real sense of satisfaction in life as accomplishing anything.

These people know there is a better life out there, a life they so desire, yet it seems so far away. They are trapped on their own island of despair.

Held there, not by the island itself, but by their own fears of not being able to overcome the adversity and opposition that lies between them and their dreams.

A few do escape from that island. They are the ones who finally become sick and tired of living a wasted life, they are the ones who overcome the fear inside.

They start out from their island, not really knowing if they will make it or not. But they look that sea of difficulties square in the eye and say, in the unforgettable words of Admiral David Farragut, “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.”

Dave Cole


“The secret of getting ahead is to get started.”
~ Mark Twain ~


Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

There's a popular program on television called, “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” Each contestant is asked a series of questions, and for each question they give the right answer, they win more money. If all the questions are answered correctly then the person wins one million dollars.

Let's pretend that you were on that show, answered all the questions correctly, and won the grand prize of one million dollars!

Sounds pretty good doesn't it!

What would you do with the money?

What would you buy?

Right now, get a piece of paper and a pen. Write down every single thing you would buy with a no strings attached check for one million dollars.

Go ahead and start writing. No one will ever have to see what you write, no one else will ever have to know. Write down every single thing you can think of you ever wanted.

Dream Big!

How about a brand new car.....can you see yourself behind the wheel of a shiny new jet black Jaguar, or Mercedes? How would a big sparkling diamond ring look on your finger right down from that solid gold Rolex watch? Think you'd look pretty snazzy decked out in clothes by Armani's?

Your dream home.....what's it look like? How many rooms? Will you have an indoor pool and a gym, or perhaps a solarium? A 4 person jacuzzi would be a great addition to that outside patio surrounded by beautiful flowers. Would you like your home to overlook a crystal blue pond with weeping willow trees around it?

Where do you want to live? In a townhouse, or perhaps in a quiet, peaceful setting out in the country? Do you want to commute to work, work from home, or have enough money that you will never have to work a day in your life again?

Just think what it would be like to order a brand new Dell 1 Gig computer with all the bells and whistles and then pay cash for it on the spot. And while you're ordering, that $2000.00 Laser Jet printer would look good on the $1500.00 solid cherry desk you just bought.

Then you'll want to add to your order a top of the line $900.00 Digital Camera and a $3,000.00 Digital Camcorder. Ahh, almost forgot, you'd better throw in that $3000.00 laptop for those vacation trips to the Bahamas you will be taking.

Wouldn't that be fun? Pay cash on the spot for it all.

Got a job? Do you like it or is it a drudgery to get up every morning? Think it would be pretty cool to walk in and tell the boss to shove it? Then walk out of there with the confidence that you could survive financially?

Would you like to spend your time giving to and helping others attain a better life, actually do something with your time that benefits others and gives you a deep sense of satisfaction?

It's a lot of fun to dream isn't it. Doesn't hurt anybody and it kind of gets you excited about what your life really could be like.

Well I've got some wonderful news for you my friend, because Dreams Really Do Come True. I'm living proof that a nobody without any skills to begin with, who started out dipping ice cream cones for $1.20 an hour can live a life of amazement and true wealth.

I'm not the only one having their dreams come true either. A recent article in Business Week magazine detailed the amazing rise of a new class of phenomena on the Internet. This is a group of people, just like you and me.

Many of these folks have no prior experience in running an e-business, yet are now turning anywhere from thousands of dollars a year to over a million dollars a year in profits.

Business Week magazine has named this class, the MiniDots. E-commerce businesses that start out small and very often from a bedroom or kitchen table. Business Week found that a very high percentage of these e-businesses are actually profitable.

Listen to what Small Business Administration chief economist Robert Berney says. “Small businesses overall currently produce 40% of GDP (gross domestic product). Small businesses online are going to be a significant economic force. The Web is just going to be the way to do business.”

Now, how about you?

Would you really like for those dreams of yours to come true?

It can happen.

In 2 to 3 years from now you can be well on your way to achieving that financial freedom and the fulfillment of those desires.

Or, you can be in the same place you are now, struggling along, just making ends meet, living from paycheck to paycheck, always wishing and hoping but never attaining. Living a nowhere life on a nowhere island.

Now is your “Golden Opportune Time” to start your own MiniDot business. I know it can work! I know it can work for you. But you have to get started and the sooner you start, the closer those dreams are of coming true.

What are you waiting for? Now is the time for you to take action and get started on your road to what you really want in life.


“Above all, try something.”
~ Franklin D. Roosevelt ~


The Future Of The PC

IBM, Motorola, and Infineon Technologies are developing a memory chip that will be likely to replace todays most commonly used memories.

Computers now use a combination of the big three. DRAM (dynamic random access memory), SRAM (synchronous random access memory), and flash. DRAMs are cheap and can store large amounts of data. SRAMs are fast and reliable, but expensive. Flash chips hold data in memory even when the power is turned off.

Get ready for the new kid on the block, MRAM (magnetic random access memory). MRAMs use magnets to store data rather than electrical charges.

MRAMs will be able to hold data while the power is off, store large amounts of data, operate at high speed, and be very reliable; plus they will allow a PC to boot up almost instantly.

Motorola currently holds 45 patents on MRAM technology but doesn't expect the chip to be available for at least a year.


“You would be surprised how many people quit when faced with obstacles. As every good salesman knows, everything may not be possible today, but sooner or later, it is possible.”
~ Publisher Earl Graves ~


Just For Your Information

The Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating stock sales by Amazon's CEO, Jeff Bezos.

This was prompted by the sale of 800,000 shares just before a negative report on the company was released to the press.

The brokerage firm, Lehman Bros, has compiled a research report questioning the company's ability to continue operating through 2001. The report bases it's opinion on's deteriorating financial situation.

Amazon executives contend they will finish the year with $900 million in cash. Amazon has yet to turn a profit.

Second item: If you've spent much time online most likely you've noticed the yellow banner ads from In December of last year, that banner was the most displayed banner on the Internet and ranked as the third largest advertiser behind and Barnes and began their intensive ad campaign in October. In the 5 months since, they have attracted over 5 million new sign ups.The site claims it brings in over $100,000 a day and spends less than that to do it.

Industry rates are $10 or lower per 1000 impressions for banner ads. In January, purchased 2.2 billion impressions.


“Abundance comes from following your dreams.”
~ Richard Carlson, PhD ~


As always, enjoy your life and your day, it's God's great gift to you.



“The blessing of the Lord maketh rich and He adds no sorrow with it.”
~ Proverbs 10:22 ~


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