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Privacy Statement

Our Commitment to Your Privacy:

We have created this statement dear reader, because we desire to not only gain your trust, but also to let you know that the “Choose To Prosper! Marketing Course” team believes that you have the utmost right to be guaranteed every amount of privacy that we can create for you.

You have left us your name and email address in good faith on your part and we now wish to confirm that your trust in us is warranted.

We give you our promise that any information you leave with us, (name or email address, or any future conversations or correspondence with us), will remain in our strictest confidence.

We give you our promise that your name, email address or any other future private information that you give us will never be sold, given away, rented, loaned, or otherwise given out to any person or party, public or private without your expressed written consent.

Nor is our database of email addresses available to any person other than the publisher of the Prosperity: The Choice Is Yours e-zine.

We take this matter seriously, and if at any time you may feel we may have violated your trust, please write the publisher immediately so that we may clear this matter up.

We also provide you in every issue a means to un-subscribe if at any time in the future you may so desire. Obviously we will be sorry to see you leave, but we also promise you that your email address will be deleted from our database ASAP. And should you decide for any reason to un-subscribe we will not "bug you" about it.

All email addresses that we receive un-subscribe letters from will also fall under the exact same guidelines as above, meaning that they will never be sold or used in any other way, and will be deleted permanently from our records and thus unavailable to any person, including the publisher.

We do allow any and all subscribers to forward any publication of the Prosperity: The Choice Is Yours e-zine to any party they know would be interested in reading it. We absolutely forbid the sending of the e-zine to any person who would consider it to be spamming them.

You are asked to only send this e-zine to people you know personally or are of a business association with you. The sending out of this e-zine unsolicited to any person will result in the immediate removal of your address from our database and any further sending of the e-zine after that removal will result in contact with your Internet Service Provider informing them of your actions. We are not mean, but we say this to protect you and the rights of other people who do not desire unsolicited mail.

The only condition we put otherwise on the sending out of the e-zine is that the material, wording, content, and format be in no way changed or altered. You may include at the top or bottom of the e-zine your own personal name and a short note saying why you are sending this to the person. All credits for any articles or information found in the e-zine at any time must remain and be left untouched or not altered in any manner.

The e-zine may be printed out or transferred to an electronic carrying medium, (floppy, zip disc, etc.), and be given to interested parties in that manner as long as the above stated conditions on not changing the content or wording is met.

We now wish you the most prosperous and happy future, and look forward to our adventure together.

Dave Cole
Publisher and Editor

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Privacy Statement

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Our committment to your privacy.

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