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May 1, 2001

A Meaningful Graduation Present

We recently attended the graduation of our daughter from Pitt University. She worked very hard in the difficult major of social work, graduating with an excellent 3.5 grade point average.

We are very proud of her accomplishments and exceptionally pleased because she was willing to do whatever it took to obtain that goal despite many, many obstacles and problems that were presented to her along the way.

But, our article today is about the keynote speaker for the event, Dr. Al Condeluci. A man who also knows what overcoming difficulties and obstacles to obtain goals is all about.

Dr. Condeluci, also a Pitt graduate, is the author of several award winning books, a national leader and consultant on human services, associated in the roles of teaching and advisor with Pitt and Duquesne University, and has been CEO of the United Cerebral Palsy organization of Pittsburgh since 1973.

In his address to the students, Dr. Condeluci outlined what he called, “planks to the bridge from present to future.” He gave 8 success principles that he believes are vital to any person's ability to go from where they are currently in life to becoming the success they dream about.

I would like to briefly go over these 8 points. They apply equally as well to us as marketers, or, in any endeavor we may undertake in life.

The first plank is passion... Without a passion for what a person is doing, whatever work they are in will have no real meaning for a person. The most successful people in any area or field displays a passion for their work.

Get your position in life. Understand what it is you want to accomplish, learn your strengths and weaknesses and then set your path to accomplishment utilizing what you have.

Choose people around you carefully. Your associates and friends play a large role in determining your attitudes and the belief you have in your confidence to do things. Being around negative people will not be a blessing in your drive to success.

Dr. Condeluci's fourth plank was called politics. His words outlining this were very simple. In life, you've got to give in order to receive. No one becomes a success in life by doing nothing. You must give of yourself first before you can rightfully expect to receive anything back.

Go out and make it happen. Expecting success in life to come while you are doing nothing to accomplish it, is just not a reality.

Understand the situation around you. Become a student of your chosen field. Learn everything you can about what you love to do, then people will seek you out for advice.

Perseverance - Everyone meets with difficulties and hardships no matter what field they choose. The game is won by those who never give up on their dreams and never give in to those adversities.

Become rich by helping others. Dr. Condeluci made it very clear that riches did not entail having a lot of money. True riches in life are about how you give of yourself to help others less fortunate, not about your ability to go out and make dollars.

Dr. Condeluci went from being a virtual nobody to becoming one of the most respected men in his field using the above principles. Perhaps we too should take advantage of his wisdom on each of our unique roads to what we are wanting to accomplish in this life.

Dave Cole


“If you take risks you may fail. But if you don't take risks, you will surely fail. The greatest risk of all is to do nothing.”
~ Robert Goizveta ~



The 1.7 GHz chip is Intel's fastest ever -- Pentium 4. Very soon Intel is expected to cut prices on their slower Pentium 4 processors which will mean cheaper prices for those wanting to buy new PC's using those chips.

Last year at this time, 1 GHz chips alone cost $1,299. The 1.7 chip will sell for only $352. Intel is expected to announce the bargain basement prices within the next week or so.

Intel is also planning on spending 500 million to promote their new chip. This move will force rival Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), to lower their prices in order to stay competitive.

By early summer we should have a real buyers market for new PC's.


“Every exit is an entry somewhere.”
~ Tom Stoppard ~


I Love Spam

Spam is considered any unsolicited and often un-wanted e-mail. The term seems to have originated from a Monty Python sketch set in a cafe that serves nothing but the canned, processed meat, called Spam.

In the skit there is a table of Vikings singing, spam, spam, spam, spam, lovely spam. While the skit does arouse laughter, the receiving of spam e-mail usually does not do the same for our demeanor.

It is the rare inbox which hasn't been visited by some sort of un-wanted message containing anything from get-rich-quick schemes to Cyber-Porn.

Most e-mail browsers or accounts allow a person to use blocking or filtering mechanisms which send junk mail directly to the trash bin.

Professional spammers use sophisticated software that actually spiders the Internet gleaning e-mail addresses from Web sites.

If you have ever filled out an online survey, your e-mail address has most likely ended up on a for sale list of targeted buyers.

While most spam and postal junk mail is annoying, it can have some benefits. Running an online business requires us at times to be effective ad writers. Immediately deleting all this junk mail means you are throwing away an opportunity to learn ad strategies.

Next time spam shows up, why not take a few minutes to read through these ads and see how they are written. See if the headline or body attracts your attention, or what is effective about the ad and what turns you off.

I actually love it when those card decks come in the postal mail. Flipping through the cards, I'll put those that have attractive headlines in one pile, trash the ones that aren't appealing, then go back later and really read the one's in the first pile.

I'm always on the lookout for new ideas on what works in ad writing, new tactics ad writers employ, and seeing what is working and not working for them.

Successful online marketers are constantly studying not only their own ads, but what others are doing. So instead of getting upset the next time you receive your daily dose of spam, why not look at it as an opportunity to help you become a better marketer?

If you would like your name removed from many of the bulk mailing lists, this Web site will be a blessing. Simply give them your e-mail address and they will scan their bulk mailing lists and remove you. It is a unique concept they have. You can read more about what they do at their Web site.


“We should not let our fears hold us back from pursuing our hopes.”
~ President John F. Kennedy ~


Are You Ready?

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As always, enjoy your life and your day, it's God's great gift to you.



“The blessing of the Lord maketh rich and He adds no sorrow with it.”
~ Proverbs 10:22 ~


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