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July 17, 2001

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An Apple A Day......

John Chapman was a man who saw opportunity when everyone else saw garbage.

Chapman had a vision, a tremendous vision for his future and the future of his country. That vision destined him to become an American folk hero.

He developed a business plan for his vision which included learning everything he could about his business, paying attention to details, asking the local markets about their opinions, and making adjustments along the way.

In the early 1800's, John "Appleseed" Chapman would visit cider mills and spend entire days running his hands through the garbage picking out tiny apple seeds one by one.

It was dirty, dull work. But to Johnny Appleseed, those tiny seeds were as precious as rubies. His idea was to take those seeds, plant them, then sell the apple trees to settlers as they moved westward.

Chapman made himself a student of nature. He learned where the best soil was for planting. He learned his market by becoming friends with the local folks and taking the time to have them develop a trust in him.

At the time the law required each settler to plant 50 apple trees on their plot of ground. As the settlers moved further West, Appleseed kept ahead of them planting more and more seeds.

His business thrived as settlers were more than happy to pay Johnny for his pre-started seedlings. By the end of his life, Chapman had planted hundreds of orchards on thousands of acres across the American Northwest territory.

In 1949 he was declared an American "culture hero" by the "Journal of American Folklore." In 1966 the US Postal Service issued a commemorative stamp to honor him.

John Appleseed Chapman became a success in his life and in his business because he had a passion for what he did. He was a religious man and saw his work as being an integral part of his faith.

Once Chapman was asked to describe what he would do in Heaven. He said, "I would follow the same occupation as I do here."

Every orchard he planted, Johnny remembered. He cared deeply about his trees, kept track of them and would go back every year to prune and repair them.

Besides his business, he loved his customers. As he became more successful, he realized that serving and caring for his customers was the best way to grow his business.

Even though life on the frontier was often difficult and hard, Appleseed didn't look at the hardships. His words were, "Love what you do and work becomes effortless."

Johnny Appleseed believed his life's mission was to plant apple trees. He never retired, for him tending apple trees was a labor of love.

Dave Cole


“If you take risks you may fail. But if you don't take risks, you will surely fail.”

~ Robert Goizueta ~


Think Like An Entrepreneur

The dictionary definition of entrepreneur is: one who manages or directs; an organizer; one who organizes the enterprise and assumes the risks.

Writing in his book, "The Little Book of Business Wisdom," Victor Kiam asks some questions to see if you have the right qualities to become an entrepreneur.

  1. Can you move the Himalayas if that's what it takes to succeed?

  2. Do you have confidence in your venture?

  3. Are you willing to make sacrifices?

  4. Are you a decision maker?

  5. Do you recognize opportunity?

  6. Can you keep your cool?

  7. Do you have the energy and stamina required?

  8. Are you willing to lead by example?

If you can answer yes to a good many of these questions, Kiam believes you are well on your way to having what it takes for that entrepreneurial spirit.

Prosperity! Prosperity!

“Every exit is an entry somewhere.”

~ Tom Stoppard ~


A Good Opportunity For You

Many people would love to have their own online business if for no other reason than to just pull in a couple of hundred extra dollars a month.

Too many online businesses are way too complicated and require a person to almost have a Ph.D. in marketing to become a success at them.


“Mistakes are a fact of life. It is the response to error that counts.”

~ Poet Nikki Giovanni ~


As always, enjoy your life, enjoy your day, it's God's great gift to you.



“Life is now in session. Are you present?”

~ Bernard Copeland ~

Prosperity! Prosperity!

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