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September 1, 2001

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How To Be An All Star Marketer

As many of you know, my son Karl, was recently selected as 1 of only 15 boys to play in a very special All Star baseball game.

This game featured a team of the best players from south - western Pennsylvania to play against a team of the best players from Japan. The game kicked off the 2001 Pony League World Series.

Our team had so many pitchers that each boy was allowed to throw 1 inning. Karl pitched the 6th inning for us and was the only pitcher the team from Japan didn't score on.

Of course our boys lost the game to an almost professional team, but it was a wonderful experience for all. Quite an honor just to be chosen and it was a day they will remember for the rest of their lives.

There was a reason why Karl was chosen. He had proven himself to be a very good ball player in our previous All Star tournament play. At the plate he had a batting average of .400 and he was our team's leading pitcher giving up only 2 earned runs with an Earned Run Average of 1.08.

Pitching in the regular season he gave up a grand total of 2 hits the entire season and allowed zero earned runs to cross the plate. For the last 3 years almost 75% of the batters he has gotten out have come from strikeouts.

But, this article is not about his accomplishments, it is about the struggles and hard work he went through to get there.

Friends, as a baseball coach I want you to know this: Baseball players are made - not born.

As an online marketer, I want you to know this: Online marketers are made - not born.

Back when Karl was 9, he had a great desire to become a pitcher. We set up a special area in our barn where we could practice. Every night we would be out there working for endless hours on his throwing mechanics. He threw me thousands upon thousands of pitches and we learned from every pitch.

During the day we would go to the local batting cage where I would throw him pitches until my arm was about to fall off. Then back home to the barn where we would hit the ball off a batting tee.

Many times after Little League games we would go home and practice till midnight. We got his batting mechanics perfect, we got his pitching mechanics perfect. He can now throw strikes blindfolded.

It sure didn't start out that way. We worked through failure after failure and a lot of discouragement. But as you can see, our persistence has paid off big time for him.

We constantly worked on the mental aspect of the game. He knows how to set up hitters, pitch to their weaknesses and most importantly forget the bad events that happen during a game and go on with what he wants to get done.

Becoming a successful online marketer is really no different than what I've just outlined.

If you want to be an All Star marketer, you simply need to have the desire, practice your art, get your marketing mechanics down pat, learn from your failures, and never give in to those discouraging events that we all face.


The local paper ran an article on the game with Japan, you can read it online at:


“The only difference between I can and I can't is a T.”


Read This: if you have a listing on a pay per click search engine

Many of the smaller Pay-Per-Click search engines don't filter JavaScript commands from descriptions and titles.

What that means is, instead of putting in a line of text for the heading of your listing, by substituting a special line of code; a pop-up window will appear every time a user searches for one of your keywords.

In other words, if I have a keyword "advertising" and spend the money to get a first place listing, any unsavory person who knows how to use this code can bid on the lowest position on the page, yet when "advertising" is searched, that person's listing will become the first site seen.

Here's what happens:
When the PPC search engine script goes to print their Web site "description" - just like it does everyone else's - it instead prints their JavaScript command to open a new window. Printing a JavaScript command to a browser is the same as executing that command, so it essentially "tricks" the script into opening his Web site in a new window.

If you have a listing on a PPC engine, go do a search and make sure this event isn't happening and taking traffic away from your listing. If you find this occurring, immediately write support at the engine and complain as loudly as you can!

There are currently 130 PPC engines. If you have a listing on GoTo, it is not affected by this coding trick.

Check your listings every few days, the code will soon become common knowledge. Even though I have a few PPC listings, I refuse to use this unethical tactic and strongly suggest you follow suit.

As it becomes more well known the PPC engines will ban any person found to be using this, so keep your listings clean.


“The difference between bitter and better is an I.”


All That Glitters....Is Gold

The U.S. dollar is losing strength. That's good news for anyone invested in a gold mutual fund. Gold usually moves in the opposite direction to dollar strength.

As the stock markets continue their downward ride, investor's like to buy gold as a traditional "hedge" against it.

Although there has been a shortage of gold mined in the past several years, central banks have been selling their stock piles moving assets from gold to dollars. Now as interest rates are coming down, the banks will have less incentive to sell gold.

Demand for gold is very high and supply is drying up rapidly. There has been little incentive for mining companies to further exploration and profits have been low on mining. India, Greece, and Japan are currently the world's major buyers of gold.

Buying into the right gold fund now could mean a very nice return on your investment if the dollar continues to show weakness.

The September gold futures on the New York Commodities Exchange Center closed at 274.40 Friday. Speculators believe the price of gold will rise to 300 and possibly 400 over the next 3 years.

If you would like an experienced investor to help you in choosing a gold or stock fund to suit your investment strategies, please write me for a free consultation.

We are currently getting returns of 15 to 32% on several of the funds we are invested in. Why put your money in a bank returning less than 3 % interest when you can invest in a high return vehicle.

We have a special Web site for anyone interested in learning more about how Mutual Funds can benefit you.


“You cannot play symphonies until you have first mastered the notes.”

~ Dr. Edward L. Kramer ~


The Good Guys Wear White Hats

Last Monday closed it's Web site for good and filed for bankruptcy. Two weeks ago's site shut down for good. There were 21 dot-com failures in August.

Since January 1, 2001, there have been 248 dot-com firms that have closed and 87,795 jobs have been eliminated in the process.

First, as an online marketer, that's 87,795 people out there looking for what you have to offer!

One of the highest trafficked sites on the Net, has yet to show a profit. Every single month, their expenses are more than their income.

We are exceptionally pleased to announce that in August, went out of the red and into the black, revenues exceeded expenses. Hurray!

While we are not ready to offer stock options, , we are able to show a profit. has zero debt and returns 20% of all revenues into the furthering of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Without our loyal readers, good friends, and excellent tech team, this would not have been possible, so we extend a very warm and hearty Thank You to each and every one.


Marketing Tools You Can Use

Yahoo recently went on a rampage and eliminated quite a few groups at Our advertising group was wiped out in the process. We received no prior notification, nor even a mail saying it was gone.

One of our faithful readers, Gene, informed me of the event. This was a popular place for folks to advertise their business, spam free, and send their ads once a day.

E-zine Advertising

Your ad has to get out there to make money. E-zine advertising is one of the proven ways to get it. Free e-zine advertising fits into every one's budget!

But where do you find all these e-zines that accept free advertising?

Right Here!

We have available a list of every e-zine that accepts free advertising. And we offer it to you, free, just because we appreciate you and thank you for being a loyal reader.

Classified Ad Advertising

We also have available for you a big list of all the best places on the Web to post your classified ad. Using this list will save you hundreds of hours of work in searching, and will allow you to easily click through to these sites.


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As always, enjoy your life, enjoy your day, it's God's great gift to you.


Business Phone: 724 - 966 - 5374


“He who tills his land will have plenty of bread." ”

~ Proverbs 12: 11 ~

Prosperity! Prosperity!

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