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November 15, 2001

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Happy Birthday.....4004

Today, November 15, marks the birthday of an invention that has almost completely revolutionized modern technology.

Our story begins back when a brilliant young man named Robert Noyce became vastly interested in a "newfangled" device called a transistor. In college at the time, Noyce began to get a vision for the future.

After earning his doctorate, he was offered prestigious positions at IBM, RCA, and General Electric. Noyce chose instead to work at Philco, the company that offered the lowest salary, but Noyce felt they needed him the most.

After that he partnered with William Shockley who had managed the Bell Lab project that invented the transistor.

Then in 1968 Noyce and a few of his fellow scientists made a landmark decision. They left the company, each put up $250,000 in seed money and started a new company called Intel (short for Integrated Electronics).

That same year Noyce invited a young man to an interview in Noyce's living room. Ted Hoff was a rookie engineer, fresh out of college and for the past 4 years had been doing research on neural networks.

Hoff was nervous about the interview, but managed to keep his focus on what he knew best - technology. The answers he gave that day have forever changed the course of history.

Hoff got the job because he had stayed focused during the interview. It was a trait that would take him to the top of his profession. Ted Hoff became employee #12 of the soon to be billion dollar Intel Corporation.

In 1969 a now defunct Japanese company named Busicom approached Intel to make a chip set for a new calculator. Busicom's chief engineer figured it would take 12 chips to do the job.

But Ted Hoff had other ideas. He was always looking for ways he could do a better job, and never gave up on an idea until it was accomplished.

With Noyce's encouragement and the help of 2 other co-inventors, Federico Faggin and Stanley Mazor, the team set to work.

These men came up with a design for a single chip that would do the job Busicom wanted. Unlike single purpose chips of the time, this chip could do a variety of jobs. It included not only the ability to perform logic (the ability to compute), but also had some memory.

Thus the Intel 4004 microprocessor was born. It has been called one of the most important inventions of the 20th century. Microprocessors (the "brains" of your computer), are found in cell phones, video cassette recorders, PC's, and thousands of other products.

The design team got the job done because they saw a vision for the future, had a passion for what they were doing, and a .....never give up - never give in.....tenacity that carried them through to complete the job.



“Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.”

~ John Wooden, basketball coach ~


How To Be Tough In The Face of Adversity

The Arizona Diamondbacks are the 2001 baseball World Series champions. But for rookie manager Bob Brenly, it sure didn't come easy.

Brenly has long desired to be the best he could. Bob was an All-American baseball player at Ohio University in 1976; but despite that distinction, no Major League team drafted him.

It was a major disappointment.

He could have given up, thrown in the towel and gone out and found a job.....but Bob Brenly knew what he wanted and never took no for an answer.

He continued to believe in himself and his dream.

Everyday he would go to the ball park and have his girlfriend hit him ground balls. He kept his skills sharp and focused on overcoming his weaknesses.

His persistence and never say die attitude attracted the attention of the Giants, who then signed him to a Major League contract.

Bob Brenly went on to play 9 years in the Major Leagues. In 1984 he even made the prestigious All Star team.

During the recent World Series the media critics grilled him up one side and down the other for some of his decisions. Brenly made it through the Series by not panicking, staying tough, and focusing on his job at hand.


“It's not what if; it's what now. You make your decision and say, what now, what's next?..... not, what happened.”

~ Bob Brenly ~


An E-zine Is Born

We certainly want to thank all our readers who spent so much time in thinking up names for our new pet lovers e-zine. We received so many wonderful names, it was really a big challenge for us to choose just one.

Reader Vera Cartier was the lucky person who submitted the winning name. Besides becoming our very first subscriber, for her idea she won $80 worth of top ads in our popular Market Bulletin. Way to go Vera!

The Happy & Healthy Pets e-zine is now open for new subscriptions. Our expert designer, Diana Ward has completed the site and you are welcome to take a look-see and enter your subscription.

We know as a caring pet owner you will find this new e-zine to be not only informative, fun to read, but also have the same high quality and standards of excellence we maintain for Prosperity: The Choice Is Yours.

We have also provided a place for you to send in a short story of your favorite pet, which may get published in a future edition.

Be sure to check out the "Meet The Editors" page where you can personally meet our editors....Tippy, Alfred, Little Cat A, Little Cat B, and Little Cat C.

PS: As a subscriber to the Prosperity e-zine, you will Not be automatically subscribed to Happy & Healthy Pets. If you want a subscription we need a record of your intention.


“Think you've got it bad? Business Week reports the average monthly wage in Russia is....$115.”


The Data Base

More on 4004

The Intel 4004 introduced in 1971 had 2,900 transistors. By comparision, the Pentium 4 introduced in 2000 has 42 million transistors.

A great majority of personal computers are called "Wintel machines" because they're powered by Microsoft's Windows and Intel chips.

DOS is Dead

On October 25, Bill Gates introduced Windows XP, Microsoft's latest operating system. In 1981 Microsoft came out with DOS (disc operating system) which became the "engine" operating behind the scenes for all subsequent Windows products.

DOS has taken the blame for the frequent crashes the Windows systems too often encountered. With the advent of XP, DOS is no longer a part.

In 1980 Microsoft bought DOS for a mere $50,000. While DOS may have caused Windows users numerous problems, it was the main ingredient to taking Microsoft to become a company now valued at $341 billion.

The Money's on The Net

Results from a recent Yahoo/AC Nielson poll show that Consumer confidence online has Not dropped because of the events of Sept. 11. In fact consumers say they will spend $1 billion More online in the 4th quarter than they'd planned before the attack.

60% of those polled said they would shop online this year and spend $12.4 billion on holiday gifts alone. Retail Sales offline for October were reported as being "mostly weak."

Everybody Loves Pop-Unders :-)

NextCard is the largest issuer of online credit cards, they are also one of the most active direct marketers on the Net. They have now issued over 1 million cards because they place over 1 billion ad impressions every month.

Their most effective ad, which gives the best return on their investement is.....pop-unders.

A New Twist on Advertising.....

In a recent championship bout at Madison Square Garden, boxer Bernard Hopkins came into the ring with an advertisement for (casino) tattooed on his back!

For being a walking billboard, Hopkins was paid a cool $100,000. He said he'd love to do it again.....wonder why :-)


“Motivation will almost always beat mere talent.”

~ Norman Augustine, executive ~


A Christmas Gift Makes One Man A Millionaire

One Christmas morning, Victor Kiam opened a gift from his wife. It was a Remington Razor. Kiam tried it, loved it, and using his entreprenuerial mind, bought the company.

According to Kiam these are the 7 most important questions you need to answer to become a success.

  1. Do you have confidence in yourself?
  2. Do you have confidence in your venture?
  3. Are you willing to make sacrifices?
  4. Can you recognize opportunity?
  5. Do you have high levels of energy and stamina?
  6. Are you a decision maker?
  7. Are you willing to lead by example?

Is That Person You?

I'm looking for 1 person this month who has a vision for their future and can answer yes to at least 5 of the above questions.

To Qualify you must also:

  1. Live in the US.
  2. Care about the health of pets.
  3. Have $200 expendable cash.
  4. Have a true desire to be all that you can.

If you are that person I will work closely with you and make sure you get off on the right foot, and make sure this becomes a highly successful venture for you.

Listen to this recording: 918 - 222 - 7585

Then read about the Opportunity here:

Then call me ASAP: 724 - 966 - 5374

Here's a letter I received from one of my downline members the other night about the HealthyPetNet business.

This is EXCITING.....& we are Going Places!!!



Do you know how long it's been since somebody called ME about MLM?

The same thing happened with Mary last night. She sent me an email twice to get me to call her. Unbelievable.

He's pumped!! Thinks this is a great business!! His wife wants to do this even more than him!!

Personally, I'm excited. I haven't felt this way about a business for a long time. Really looking forward to the growth of this company and the ride that goes with it!!

Hang on buddy... we're going to the top!



Gary has been involved with various Network Marketing opportunities for a number of years and is the Editor of a really fine e-zine called The Red Rooster.


“Go for it and become the success that you were meant to be.”

~ Robert Imbriale ~


Marketing Tools You Can Use

We have a lot of great Free reports that can be a tremendous help in building your business and increasing your sales.

If you're on a low budget, here's one we just completed that will be a big help to you. It is a series of reports on how you can Effectively use Free advertising.

You Deserve The Best

Frank Garon, webmaster of InternetCashPlanet, & a person who went from being bankrupt to making over $130,000 a year online, has some Mighty Important things to say.

Here's one of his Gems of Wisdom we ought to pay close attention to.

"The SECOND I stopped listening to people who were totally unqualified to give me ANY advice on life in general, the money and the time freedom showed up."

You know friends, Frank is right. If you're really interested and really sincere in building a better life for yourself with an online or home business.....then you owe it to yourself to listen to people who are at the top of their profession.

Becoming financially independent is a dream that many of us share. There are 2 parts to doing that:

  1. Building your business
  2. Managing your finances

Both parts are a must!!!


You can if you think you can.


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“He who gives heed to the word will prosper.”

~ Proverbs 16:20 ~


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