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December 1, 2001

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It Can Happen To You

If there is one person who epitomizes that dream we all share of making over six figures on the Internet..... Frank Garon is that man.

We are very privileged to have Frank take the time and grant us an exclusive interview, for the benefit of our readers.

When I approached Frank with the idea, he graciously gave his consent, because simply put, Frank is the kind of guy who has a sincere desire to help others be all they can.

Even though Frank was a gifted student, school actually bored him. He found no challenges and nothing to really help prepare him for a business career. His father had always managed to provide for the family, but there just wasn't enough money for Frank to go to college.

After high school he started out at the bottom of the ladder, a minimum wage job as a stock boy for the local grocery store.

For the next 15 years of his life, Frank mainly remained as a delivery truck driver, then graduated to the big 18 wheel semi-trucks. He liked the work, but it was hard and he didn't want to be away from his family making overnight runs.

His lovely wife Marie, had always wanted to have her own business. She began to take courses as a medical transcriptionist and soon became so good at it, she bought the company she had worked for.

The money was good, but the problems were greater. Marie tried over and over to talk with Frank about getting involved with a network marketing opportunity.....but Frank wouldn't hear it!

All he would say was, "All MLM's are scams and pyramid schemes." But still, down in his heart he knew there had to be a better life than driving that big truck was providing.

Over the course of the next several years, things gradually began to fall in place. Even though he was a staunch opponent to network marketing; one day a woman explained it to him as no one else ever had. Light bulbs began going off in his head.

So it was full speed ahead as Frank finally began to realize the tremendous potential network marketing provided. Then reality appeared and put the brakes on Frank's fast moving train.

Marie became sick and eventually they decided to sell the transcriptionist company. Frank got real impatient and when one opportunity didn't make him money in a weeks time, he jumped ship and boarded another opportunity. When that one didn't immediately produce results, off he went and got into more.

The bills began to pile up, the money wasn't coming in and Frank had to keep driving truck just to make ends meet. Finally, to keep the creditors at bay, they ended up filing bankruptcy.

Despite the jeers and negative comments by all the boys down at the truck terminal, Frank now knew in his heart that network marketing worked and was the way to go. But still something had to change with his approach.

Frank Garon bit the bullet and finally admitted, he simply couldn't go on doing it, "his way."

Humbling himself, he got under the tutelage of a man who had made the money and knew what he was doing.

In fact, that man told him, "Frank, either you follow my instructions to the letter, or I'll dump you like a hot potato." That bold statement woke Frank up, but it was also just the catalyst he needed that finally made the difference.

Frank says it like this, "When I quit going from a know it all to leaving myself open to possibilities, the opportunities just started appearing."

It was a gradual process, like each link of the chain connecting to the next link, but within a few short years, Frank went from the humiliation of bankruptcy to being one of the most successful and respected marketers on the Internet.

Frank says, "You can't get rich overnight, you must pay your dues for a year or 2." By learning to follow instructions and simply duplicating the same techniques that other successful people had used, Frank is now coming up on making $150,000 a year online, and will in a few more short years be a self-made millionaire.

Frank Garon does not consider himself a phenomenon and has certainly learned the value of hard work. He loves Internet marketing, it is an exciting adventure, and he also has a real passion for what he is doing and for helping those who truly have a desire to make a better life for themselves.

For the future - he plans to spend a good bit of his time helping others less fortunate and in true need.



“If I can do it, anybody else can, if they really want to. But you gotta want to!”

~ Frank Garon ~


Friends, a long time ago I became a subscriber to Frank's newsletter. Never really paid much attention to it, but gradually I began reading what this guy had to say. The more I read, the more I realized that Frank Garon was a man who definitely knew what he was talking about.

Over the past year or so, Frank and I have come to be very close friends. We talk often, he's not only been a real pal, but a definite major influence on my online career.

Like Frank, the exact day I decided to quit doing things, "my way" and started listening and doing the things that Frank was teaching, was the day my business quit being a hobby and began to be a real business.

Frank is a wonderful man, a great teacher, compassionate and sincere, sometimes very bold, sometimes very meek. He rants and raves, and then apologizes and cries if he hurt someone's feelings. He's as honest as the day is long.

I owe a great part of my success to the man who proved that it can happen, and it can happen to you.

If you're an online marketer and find yourself needing expert help, scoot on over and see what Frank has to offer:


“Great people are just ordinary people with an extraordinary amount of determination.”

~ Garner Dunkerly Sr., founder, Enn's Business Forms ~


What's It All About?

Studies show that at age 65:

56% will retire financially destitute, with a medium income of less than $7,200
85% will have a net worth of less than $250

Where are you today? Where will you be in 5 years from now? The definition of insanity is to continue doing what you always do and expect change.

Just as Frank Garon found out...... when he finally decided to open his mind to the true wealth creating possibilities of Network Marketing, it was then that the money and time freedom began to flow to him, instead of away from him.

Network Marketing Is The Perfect Vehicle For Success

It can provide you with:
  • Unlimited Income Potential
  • Ability to Leverage Your Time
  • Earn a Residual Income
  • Work From Home
  • Utilize a Business System
  • Provides Training & Support
  • Enable You To Live Your Dreams
  • Can Create Unlimited Wealth With A Minimal Investment

Robert T. Kiyosaki, author of the popular "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" series of books says this:

“My rich dad said, the richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for work.”


“I don't think anything is unrealistic if you believe you can do it.”

~ Mike Ditka, football coach ~


Rudy Garcia-Tolson

One of our faithful readers sent me this letter a few days ago.

Dear Dave,

Hi, I just watched a tv show about this boy, he is full of the love of life, and considers himself "challenged", not handicapped.....

Just watching the tv show brought tears to my eyes of gratitude, I did a search and found his page on the web, it doesn't really do him justice, I wish I could show you the tv show with him running, swimming, skateboarding, and doing everything a young boy wants to do.

Talk with you later,


“People need to realize that if I can do all kinds of sports with no legs, they can do it too. People just need to remember that a brave heart is a powerful weapon. Don’t just sit there; get out and do something special. Believe in yourself.”

~ Rudy Garcia-Tolson ~


Your Odds of Making 1 Million Dollars

This short article appeared some time ago in USA Today:

Inheriting $1 million: 12 million to 1

Winning the lottery: 12 million to 1

Playing the slots in a casino: 6 million to 1

Winning a game show: 4 million to 1

Saving $800 a month for 30 years: 1.5 million to 1

Working for a dot-com that goes public: 10,000 to 1

Owning a small business: 1,000 to 1

If you haven't started your own home business yet, then just what are you waiting for?

Check this one out ASAP!

Then, like young Rudy Garcia, don't just sit there, go out and do something special for yourself.


“Go for it and become the success that you were meant to be.”

~ Robert Imbriale ~


The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

The holiday season is upon us, and that means it's time to buy gifts for those special people in our lives. Now here's a really cool idea!

This year, why not do something extra special for your friends and family members who have pets.

Giving their pet a gift is not only a Great Way to show people you really care, but is also Unique and something they will remember after all the other presents are forgotten.

Pick up a bottle of Herbal Shampoo or Herbal Shed Less for those sometimes forgotten little friends we have and watch how people will simply "light up" when you give their pet a gift wrapped with a nice red bow.

Check out these special gifts for our "special friends" here:


On The Web


Be careful when downloading free software. "Spyware" or "ad bots" may be imbedded in the code of some of these programs.

While they are harmless, what they do is "watch" your online habits and collect that info for advertisers. The spyware tracks info such as which banner ads you may click on and what Web sites you visit, then sends the reports back to the advertisers.

Unless you read the find print on free software, you may never realize these programs are there. If you're concerned, the next time you want to download free software.

Ad Info Facts

Here's some info recently released by Interactive Advertising bureau giving the percent of Internet ads by format.

Slotting Fees 8%
Keyword Search3%
Rich Media2%

Last year banner ads accounted for 51% of advertising venues. The shift for this year has been away from banners and more towards larger format ads, pop-up ads, and rich media ads.

There has been an increase in using e-mail, content sponsorships and affiliate marketing all of which are giving advertisers greater response rates than banners. E-mail marketing is expected to nearly triple this year.


You can if you think you can.


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As always, enjoy your life, enjoy your day, it's God's great gift to you,



“He who gives heed to the word will prosper.”

~ Proverbs 16:20 ~


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