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The Man Behind Prosperity

As editor and publisher of the Prosperity: The Choice Is Yours E-zine, I wanted to introduce myself to our readers. . .

For your information there is a real person behind this Web site. A person who actually cares about his readers and about their concerns and interests.

So please feel free to write me about yourself, your interests, your online business concerns. We've been in business online since November 1999. I know what I'm doing online and would love to help your online business prosper.

For 8 years I home schooled my son, Karl. What a wonderful and challenging experience that was! When he decided to enter into public school in grade 7, I needed something to fill my time, so started in network marketing.

Knowing absolutely nothing about it, I learned the hard way. But learn I did and now feel I am in a position to help you become as successful as you desire.

With the help of some great people I've met online, our e-zine and e-business at Choose To Prosper has become a very successful adventure.

Karl is an excellent baseball player, a good student in school, despite his father's home schooling efforts :-). He loves dirt bike racing, which scares me! In our recent All Star tournaments he had a batting average of .385 and was the team's leading pitcher with a very low ERA (earned run average) of 1.63.

I love baseball too. I love coaching young players. I've managed Little League and Pony League teams, (13 and 14 year olds). My expertise is pitching coach.

My philosophy I teach young players and network marketers is to always do your best. Life is a lot like baseball. A person may not always hit a home run or strike out the best hitter on the other team, but every time at bat, every pitch is an adventure.

Every experience in life is an adventure. Baseball throws you some curves now and then and you get bad hops, as does life. It's not so much the circumstances, but more how you react to them, and what you do with them, that really matters.

I teach my players fundamental skills of the game, baseball or online marketing. I teach them no matter what, baseball is only a game, a game like checkers of chess. It's not the end of the world if the final score reflects a loss of a win.

What matters is, did the player learn from their experience, did they enjoy their experience, did they leave when the game was over knowing it was only a game to be played to have fun?

Baseball at this youth level is about building young boys up to become young men. It's about helping kids develop skills and self-esteem.

Network marketing is the same. I am an encourager. A man who tries his honest best at bringing out the best in other people. I believe in my players, I believe in my subscribers and in those who join our e-business.

I thank God that He has given me the opportunity and privilege of being able to share the blessings He has given me with others.

Actually I lead a simply incredible life. It's only because of one reason. I have a God who loves me. A very real person who is with me every day. If you ever find anything good in me, it's only because of Him, despite me.

This picture was taken after our recent All Star tournament in Washington Pa. Can you believe at age 14 he is taller than dad.....

Ain't he one cool dude with the sunglasses?

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