Act I Scene 9.
Aspects of Abundance and Wealth

It's about vibration, never about any sort of reality.
Animals don't worry, they don't stress, they don't fret.
They don't hold negative emotion, they don't focus on
negative things and hold themselves chronically in vibe
places that make their lives unpleasant.

Feel good when you don't have a reason. Find the good
feeling and practice that chronically. Practice your own

You can't get over to where it is you want to be, until you
achieve alignment with whatever it is that you think is over

An outrageous abundance is pervasive and is ready to flow.
Enormous finances are there right now waiting for me to get
in alignment with it.

How am I going to pay for it takes you right out of
alignment. You must feel the vibration of abundance and

If you think: I have to work hard for my money, then you
will have to work hard for it because by believing that, you
are linking up with the vibration of having to work hard for
your money.

If you believe: Money comes quickly and easily to me and I'm
just having fun with this and allowing it to flow; then that
is how money will come, quickly and easily while you're just
hanging around having a grand old time.

If you're doing something, like going to work for your
money, then you're in a place of having to justify a reason
for money to come, only do something like going to work, for
the pure experience of it and the contrasts that it can

The only reason you should ever do something is that:

1. You think you will feel better, or you want the feeling
it provides.

2. You want the contrast and if this experience doesn't make
you feel good, then you can use it to catapult you into a
new desire of what you do want.

Everything you live is a replication of how you've been
feeling. Nothing is separate from the way you feel.
Everything happens in correlation with how you've been and
are feeling.

Thinking about or trying to figure out how we're going to
get it is petty. Thinking we are unworthy is a blasphemy.

This is a wonderful ride I'm on. When I say I have to do
something about this thing I don't want in my life, I slow
down the manifestation of what I do want in coming.

Another rampage for abundance and wealth:

Things are coming easier and easier, I'm lining up more and
more, if I feel bad I know I'm getting out of alignment.
Things are going fantastic for me. Everyone likes me and in
fact I'm discovering that the entire world is really out to
bless me and to prosper me with wealth and abundance.

I love what I have, I love having so much money I can never
spend it all, I'm getting what I'm feeling. And, I'm feeling
GREAT. It's all so cool and neat that lots of money just
shows up for me in my life and I don't have to bother
thinking about how it's going to come, I just know my work
is to get in a vibrational alignment with the good I want
and then it has to happen - it's a law and the law works all
the time no exceptions.

I am a powerful creator and I will extract from everyone
else the experience I create. I will look at all others as
expressions of the God Being.

I know that I deserve to be rich and wealthy and have
complete abundance in everything I say and do. I give myself
permission to continue being rich and wealthy and abundant.

I'm sitting on top of the world, I'm on top of my game, I
always win. Things always work out for me in ways that amaze
me. I'm tuned in to the vibration of wealth and tuned in to
the vibration of abundance and tuned in to the vibration of

I'm TURNED ON to abundance and I'm TURNED ON to wealth and
I'm TURNED ON to having more and more financial abundance
and I love It! What a Feeling!

And it feels GREAT knowing that I am total abundance and no
matter what I will Prosper and live an amazing life filled
with abundance and wealth. Abundance of money, abundance of
health, abundance of relationships. I'm living in and
rejoicing in and appreciating the wealth of money I have and
the wealth of health and the wealth of prosperity and the
wealth of relationships.

I can just sit here and enjoy with no need of justification
for me to exist. And now I'm lifted up into the clouds of
fun, frivolous, fanciful ideas.

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