Welcome to our rendition of a Subterranean Circus

Thank you for coming and allowing us to share with you a most
wonderful unfolding of knowledge which we hope will lead you into
a higher awareness.

Imagine, if you will, your journey here as if you and we were
sitting across a round patio table with glass top and big green
umbrella overhead.

We are on a most pleasant of patios, the warm sun going down in
the evening sky, birds pleasantly chirping good night to each
other as they dine on seeds of nyjer and sunflower. A refreshing
background sound of water gently caressing a waterfall of rocks
all coming from the joyous rock garden of which it is in the
center surrounded by a multitude of wealthy flowers and
blossoming shrubs.

We are enjoying ourselves as we begin to partake of a delicious
meal of barbequed steak smothered in red and green peppers,
zucchini squash, mushrooms, onions and potatoes with sprinkles of
fresh picked parsley, all complete with a wholesome ear of the
most savory bread and butter sweet corn.

As we take in the aromas of the moment the tantalizing tastes of
our meal pull us further and further into the present moment of
deliciousness. A moment of peace and tranquility and appreciation
for the night stars beginning to shine brightly as we watch the
significant glory of the evening sunset encapture our
imaginations which ever lull us into a state of rhapsodic bliss.

Our conversation is pleasant. You recognize that we are neither
your superior, nor your inferior. But as we smile and seem to be
able to read each other's minds before we speak, we become
encapsulated by the harmonious sequence of events suggesting ever
so subtly that we are both equals to and with each other.

As the night unfolds with the warm glow of the lanterns basking
in the symphonies provided by our array of crickets and other
night creatures, the fireflies are popping their luminous
phospheressence in flashes throughout the surrounding fields.

Pleasant inebriations of our beverages and the moon overhead now
basking in it's utter glory entice in us an exploration of a most
intriguing conversational journey leading us into deeper and
deeper realms of mysteriousness which is found universally. We
give rise to the subtle complexities about a God which we neither
understand but somehow at some fundamental level of truth within
our deep structures we view as being us, seem to just know
somehow is behind all of this.

And so dear friend and welcome guest, with this somewhat
convoluted greeting, we invite you to enjoy your journey here
with us.

If you should choose to provide us with a donation, we would
greatly appreciate that and thank you. If not, nothing you will
be encountering on this journey will be of any cost to you dollar
wise. But everything you encounter will cost you, if you choose
to accept the mission, an entire different way of looking at
life. A way of life that has proved phenomenal to us. Provided us
with the most excellent of health, finances, and relationships.
The donation request will be used mostly to help pets and is
mostly for your benefit - that being of you feeling better about
yourself and about helping our furry little friends.

Please Donate One Dollar to Help Pets

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This site is about assisting people on their own path of
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"Life is like an amusement park and we're all on a ride. And the
ride goes up and down and around and around. It has thrills and
chills and a lot of people have been on this ride for a long
time. A few have gotten off and have come back to tell us. But
remember, it's all just a ride."

~ Comedian, Bill Hicks ~

"It's your life and you can buy a ticket to any ride in this
circus you want. You can be on a merry-go-round and ride that all
your life. But it gets kinda mediocre after awhile. Or, you can
go on Space Mountain. It's all your choice and you get to choose
and you can choose to go on a different ride anytime you like. If
you don't like the ride you're on, get off and get on another

~ W. D. Cole ~

Everything you read here is for entertainment purposes only. The
disclaimer has been spoken.

Remember, it's all an amusement park and the Subterranean Circus
is in one corner of that park, although it's not a well known
part of the park.

This is just a different ride for you to experience.

When you came here the gate ticket to get in was given to you,
perhaps you didn't land here by accident, but rather by design.

So now you've stepped onto the ride and it's about to start. So
hold onto your hat and enjoy, and remember, it's only a ride.

You're about to discover the Subterranean Circus complete with
never ending possibilities and illusions you might find hard to
comprehend at first.

One last note as this conductor boards with you on the train that
encircles our circus today. We are just messengers.

Most of the message has been provided to us by friends of a
higher level of consciousness apart from the normal realm of
human exposure.

We are in awe and appreciation for what is transpiring here and
for the pleasure to dine with you this evening. You are our most
welcome and accepted guest. Again we thank you as you share our
vibrations. Our biggest hope for all of this is not that you will
accept any of this or that you become a disciple, but rather that
you will find that something within you has been inspired and
from that spark, that seed, you will turn yourself on to an
incredible life of never ending, constant total amazement.

Now it's time for you to take the step required to enter into
the unknown. Enjoy the enfoldment of this parchment into enlightenment.


Act I
A Hodgepodge of this, that and the other,
exclusively for your reading enjoyment.

1. The Subterranean Circus

2.  There is no limit to our ability to expand.

3.  A Rampage of Appreciation and Abundance

4.  A Rampage of Money

5.  God and Consciousness

6.  Escaping the Trap of our Errant Belief Systems

7.  Law of Attraction, A Primer

8.  A Healthy way of Focusing

9.  Aspects of Abundance and Wealth

10. Talking about the Vortex

11. Please just send me One Million Dollars

12. Relationships with other People

13. Death from a Different Viewpoint

14. A Message on the Creation of Reality

15. Information is just Information

16. A Better Way to Enjoy the Journey

17. I Am That, I Am

18. The Field of Possibilities

19. We were Taught to Color within the Lines

20. Focusing on things of Wellbeing

21. And God Said, Have Dominion Over ....

22. Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Life is but a Dream

23. Superman's Meditation Experience

24. The Meaning of Life

25. Meet my Good Friend, Mr. Marvin K. Money

26. Then they Teach Me be Logical

27. The Me I See, is the Me I'll Be

28. We are the Imagination of Ourselves

29. Tinkering about with the Human Experience

30. Understanding how the Law of Attraction Operates

31. It's about Time we Played the Game of Life

32. Trying to Control the Uncontrollable

33. Oz The Great and Powerful


Act II
Starseeds, Light Workers, Pleaidian

1. Humans are not the only Game in Town

2. Are Light Workers here to Save the World?

3. The Path of a Light Worker

4. We are some of the Beautiful People

5. The Saga of a Pleaidian King

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