Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Today I want to get a vision in your mind. Have you ever watched a skyscraper or other large building being constructed?

Pittsburgh is in the process of building new football and baseball stadiums. When you drive by, you get to see the internal steel and cement structures that will soon support the finished product.

This construction project is employing thousands of workers and costing millions of dollars to erect. It is neat to see the scattered and seemingly un-organized array of materials and partially built structure, that will in over a years time become one of the finest football and baseball parks in the United States.

To look at all that disorganized mess laying around everywhere, you would never be able to see the finished product in your mind. But by following to a detail the exact blueprints drawn up by the engineers, the workers will methodically place all the tons of steel beams in their right place and a beautiful new stadium will be the result.

Both of these ball parks started out as only a vision in a group of owners and investors minds. Now, by diligently doing whatever it takes to see their plans through, these people are accomplishing their dreams and goals of having two separate stadiums in Pittsburgh.

These stadiums will be physically built in about a years time. But the planning and promoting stages have extended back to 5 or more years.

So you see, these owners didn't just one day go out, buy a piece of property, and a month or two later PNC Park was built.

Quite the contrary, this group of people wanting to do this encountered an awful lot of adversity and opposition from the present stadium owners, the City of Pittsburgh, the press, and many, many other officials and townsfolk.

There were thousands and thousands of problems and questions to be answered. And thousands of more possible solutions had to be weeded through before viable answers could be found.

Now, lets equate this story to our own personal experiences with network marketing.

First you must have a dream, goal, or vision of what it is you want to accomplish. A goal is like a destination map, without a goal, you will never know where you are going.

Then you must also develop a set of blueprints, a business plan. As you run your business you will find thousands of scattered thoughts and other distractions which will constantly try to get you to look at all the other things you should be doing.

You must have a plan, and then Stick to it! Don't allow yourself to start putting beams in places they don't belong. The finished product will not come out like you want it to if you just go out and do any old thing that comes to your mind.

The owners groups had to not only rely on their own visions of the future, but they had enough intelligence to Seek out expert counsel and advice. If it wasn't for the expertise of the engineers, financiers, construction workers, etc., this would never become a reality.

If you are new to online marketing, Get someone to help you that knows what they are doing!

This is one of the reasons why we built the Prosperity course for you, it gives you a detailed business plan to follow, and provides you with expert help to see you through to the end of your vision.

You will also start your marketing career as a vision or dream in your mind. But then you will have to physically “do something” or stay a mouse potato. If the owner of the Pittsburgh Pirates continually walked around just dreaming or wishing it to come true, how many ball games do you think will ever be played in PNC Park?

But he went into action, gathered together his group of investors and engineers, and saw to it that everything got accomplished that was necessary for the park to be built. Every opposition he encountered along the way, he met and overcame.

It would have been easy for him to quit in the face of the tremendous opposition he encountered. You too will meet with a lot of opposition and adversity as you begin and continue on with your marketing career.

It happens to everybody!

Everything will not go right for you. You will not make a thousand dollars your first month. You might not make anything your first month or two. My first month and a half as a marketer brought me a check for $24.00 for all that work.

Was it discouraging? Sure it was, but you can't give up, you've got to be determined to make it work!

There are NO quick get rich schemes that work. Period! If you are going to become financially independent, it will take time and overcoming a lot of adversity along the way. But it can happen!

It takes time, holding to that finished vision in your mind, and it takes incredible perseverance and tenacity.

The bottom line is, how bad do you want it? The owners of the Pirates and Steelers wanted it more than anything and were willing to do anything to make these stadiums become a reality.

Are you waiting for something to happen?

Simply start RIGHT NOW by getting a vision of your future!

Then follow your dreams.

Dave Cole


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