Pictures of Dave Cole, his family and friends

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Our 2001 Greene County Pony All Star Team

Karl and myself are side by side

GreeneCountyPonyAllStar.jpg (187535 bytes)


Karl batting against the Japanese All Star Team

P1000152.jpg (83518 bytes)


Karl pitching against the Japanese All Star Team

P1000156.jpg (77436 bytes)


Washington Host All Star & Japanese All Star Teams

Karl is in the middle with the green uniform and green hat  

 P1000164.jpg (85552 bytes)


Shadow and Smokey

ShadowSmokeyTogethor.jpg (75808 bytes)


Tippy, Alfred, and Little Cat A

TipAlf.jpg (82658 bytes)


Tippy & T.C. Kitty

Tippy_TC.jpg (85090 bytes)


My Mom and Dad, Janet is under the umbrella

Picture at the Japanese All Star Game

Mom and Dad.jpg (84126 bytes)


Annie, Daisy and the Rookies

Annie_Daisy.jpg (85126 bytes)


One of my earlier restoration projects, John Deere 50


50 Before 1.JPG (43679 bytes)                  50 Before 2.JPG (44648 bytes)



50 done.JPG (48208 bytes)


Karl with his new tractor on his second birthday

Karl 2 years old.JPG (27530 bytes)


14 years later, Karl and Jessica on Senior Night

Karl_Jessica_SeniorNite.jpg (150812 bytes)


 My best friend Franz, Dave, Linda, and Franz's wife Helen

Franz.jpg (86294 bytes)



Dave hard at work at his desk getting another copy of Prosperity ready




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