Act I Scene 13.
Death from a Different Viewpoint

When someone dies we have the option of experiencing it in
pain or in joy. When someone dies we never have any part in
it or control over it not happening. That matter is
exclusively between that soul and it's higher being.

It's very much like when Obi Wan Kenobi told Darth Vadar as
they were dueling in Star Wars, "If you strike me down, I
shall become more powerful than you ever imagined."

Once a soul passes over into a non-physical perspective, it
then becomes so much more available and is able to interact
on a much purer and frequent basis with these in the physical.

But we choose to see death as a painful experience and we
choose to see death of the physical as meaning they are gone
from our lives until we too pass.

Should we choose to view the experience in a different
light, then we would have access to the powerfulness
of the spirit being and allow them to interact with us.

Death is only a curtain that we choose to shroud ourselves
behind as being a point of separation.

So when Jesus died he made himself infinitely more powerful
and infinitely more available to us.

Many times in Star Wars Obi Wan came back to help Luke and
had interactions with Princess Lei, Yoda and even Vadar.

Non physical loved ones desire to once again interact with
us, it is our "certain" belief however that they are gone from us.

Having this belief creates a resistance vibration which
prevents us from seeing and experiencing the real truth.

When we think someone is "dead" and thus different from that
which we are, we by doing so cause a separation of energies.

There is no separation, but humans have experienced it and
taught it and believed it so much that we now feel there is
indeed a separation. Jesus taught there was no separation
and for the most part lived that belief.


The message from me to my friends and family when I pass:

How blessed I am to have had you to share your life
experience with me. Thank you, you have made all the

When I pass from this physical body and re-emerge into the
next way of life, I shall become more powerful than you can

I will always be with you, I will always be seeking and
yearning for fellowship with you. Please don't see me as
being "dead" or apart from you. On the contrary, I am so
much more alive now, I am so much closer to you now.

Don't ever think of me as being dead for I am not. The only
difference now is in what your physical perceptions of what
physical is telling you and it is erroneous information. It
is only that way so you can make some kind of semblance of
sense in the physical world you reside in. But it is not a
reality based point of view from a spiritual perspective.
What you are seeing on Earth is an illusion, a smoke screen
so that people do not become aware they can interact with
those in the spiritual side of the illusion, it is only
because of your false training that you believe I'm apart
from you and gone somewhere else.

Get in the vibration of me being alive as you remember me
and you can connect. Any resistance to this or belief you
can't or that I'm dead will take you to a different

Those here do not as a general rule interfere with events in
the physical, it for the most part is by vibrational match
that you initiate and maintain then we can meet. There are a
few who do come and go on the planet Earth from non
physical, but they are on special assignment, so don't have
one worry about your planet, all is well and all is going
according to a much higher plan of unfoldment than you are
currently capable of comprehending.

I am in a most wonderful of experiences. It is not so much a
geographical or 3 dimensional place as it is much more
likened to a dream state, a state of experiences where no
one gets hurt and no one gets killed and where you don't
feel pain as a human would. The physical senses as you know
them are not at all like you sense them, just try to
remember your dreams, and you can remember them if you
desire to, and then liken this to that dream state where
there was an observer (you) of that dream experiencing the
dream as a part of your experience but at the same time
being not so much apart from it, but as an observer of it
and playing a role in it.

It is very beautiful. I am in a most wonderful of events and
totally filled with eager anticipation and with a non stop
joy, please don't ever shed a tear of remorse, I am
marvelous beyond what you can imagine.

I love you and that is the one single constant that always
will be and always will remain. You've given me joy and
delight and a wealth of experiences for which I am in so
much appreciation of.

Thank You for allowing me to be a part of your existence.

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