Act I Scene 6.
Escaping the Trap of our Errant Belief Systems

Violence in our society equates to an absence of the knowing
of who we really are. The further we get out of proximity to
our eternal source, the more feelings of anger and rage that
will become.

Children growing up are fed a steady stream of violence and
killing. Over and over and over they are exposed to acts of
violence via television, movies, music and video games.

"When I was young, it seemed that life was so wonderful a
miracle, oh it was beautiful, magical. And all the birds in
the tress well they'd be singing so happily, joyfully,
playfully watching me."

"But then they send me away, to teach me how to be sensible,
logical, responsible, practical. And then they showed me a
world where I could be so dependable, clinical,
intellectual, cynical."

~ Supertramp, The Logical Song ~

Everyone knows that our brains are like computers and need
to be programmed. We all did this. Our parents, teachers,
friends, family and environmental influences all had their
input out of which what we learned or were exposed to, we
formed beliefs and opinions about ourselves, others,
religion and basically the entire world around us. We have a
belief system in place for every aspect of our conscious

Yes, we all do have choices and thankfully the greater
majority of our society makes higher quality decisions and
choices and we are able to live peacefully, for the most
part, with each other.

The problem with a lot of "negative" exposure or exposure
that I prefer to say is not empowering to us, is that our
minds think on lower levels of vibration, thus giving rise
to acts of violence and criminality.

What the real problem is that we are not being "fed" a
higher level of vibrational consciousness, (all thought is
vibration energy that vibrates or resonates on a certain
frequency). I very much like the teachings of Jesus when he
said to love one another and love your enemies. We need to
have out children "programmed" more and more of, (or exposed
to) feelings and experiences of joy, peace, adoration,
appreciation, harmony, happiness, and love as opposed to
elements depicting violence.

We would much rather see a ban on violent video games than a
ban on guns.

Football, hockey, boxing is allowed violence.

Each participant agrees before the game starts to beat up on
the other person and have the other person beat their brains
out as best they can. We call that sport and watch it and
like when our team beats the beetle juice out of the other
team and even secretly hope the other team's star player
gets injured and taken out of the game.

Yet, we like the violence in that....(as long as we aren't
the ones getting our brains bashed in.... ha ha)

We consider the killings to be a terrible tragedy as they
happen from time to time in society. Like the school
children being massacred. From a spiritual perspective they
are celebrating the arrival of those children back into
oneness with the celestial consciousness of Light.

These children who have just been slain on planet Earth have
no conscious awareness of the events that preceded their
physical death. Just as a new born baby has no conscious
recollectance of it's time in the womb and the birthing

These children are now experiencing a total joy and ecstasy
as they interact in their new found surroundings.

When we dwell on any human tragedy, we take our own
experience out of alignment with. No one is discounting the
significance of any human tragedy, but the best way to react
to it is for us to use it as a propelling point to get our
own selves back into vibrational alignment with the higher
self. Only when we are in that place can we then get any
sense of composure to human events.

Feeling bad about any human event or anger at a particular
person for a deed they did, only makes us feel sorrow and
causes negative emotions, although by God, we certainly do
seem to believe we are justified in feeling anger towards
another. But isn't that anger we experience just there
because they send us away and they teach us how to be

What if they were wrong?

Negative, sorrowful emotions, thoughts of revenge and anger
towards another person or event, outrage over a killing all
put us on an emotional vibration which disagrees with our
alignment with higher spiritual energy.

We can't control others - all we can do is control our
responses to them.

The energy of oneness, of wholeness, of completeness, of
appreciation and of love is what ultimately and only will
bring about healing and a shifting of the consciousness of
this planet and those on it to again have us be in a place
of seeing life as wonderful, a miracle, beautiful, magical.

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