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Prosperity: The Choice Is Yours
February 1, 2002

Top 10 Steps to Success in Network Marketing
by: Usa Johnson

Although network marketing is one of the simplest
and quickest roads to personal and financial success,
only 5 percent of those who make the journey reach their goals. What sets them apart? The same thing
that will set you apart if you follow these key steps:

1) Know what you want.

What do you want in life? Wealth? Health? Happiness?

Any and all can be yours-if you create a compelling
enough vision of your future. This vision works like a
magnet, moving you forward and keeping you going,
even when you hit occasional walls.

Walls are part of any business, network marketing
included. It's what you do to get up, over, around, and
through them that matters. Really knowing what you
want will move you beyond them each and every time.

2) Make a firm committment.

Network marketing may be a unique business model,
but like all businesses, it works only if you do. No matter what product or service you sell or what company you join, you need to be the engine that drives your success.

Don't be content to be a passenger. Remember: Action is commitment set in motion; motion builds momentum;
momentum, over time, leads to success.

3) Follow the system.

Network marketing companies don't just offer a
product-they offer a system for delivering it to the
public. In short, they've worked out all "policies and
procedures" to a science, so you don't have to reinvent
the wheel or waste precious time and energy on the
countless details that plague most business start-ups.

The result? You (and everyone you bring into the
organization) hit the ground running. Therefore, follow
your company's system EXACTLY. There's no
quicker way to success.

4) Love and use your product.

Enthusiasm sells products and begins with familiarity.
That means knowing your company's products
(or services) inside and out. Use each over an extended
period of time to gain firsthand experience of its benefits.

Talk to others to learn how each bettered their
lives as well. This deeper understanding enables you
to talk more comfortably, authoritatively, and
enthusiastically about your products and services
with all you meet.

5) Work your upline

Your sponsor is part teacher, part guide, part cheerleader, part friend. That's a whole lot of parts! And when you put them together, you get an energetic, knowledgeable, and caring person who can get you where you want to go as directly as possible.

Know, however, that your upline includes more than
just your sponsor. Your sponsors sponsor (or even
your sponsor's sponsor's sponsor) is someone with
helpful tools and tips. Don't be shy about giving him
or her a quick phone call or dropping either an e-mail.
Use them to expand your knowledge and reach.

6) Cultivate winners.

Build strong relationships with a significant number
of the individuals you sponsor. Exactly how many
is a significant number? It could be 10 to 20, or just
two to three.

The key is this: You don't have to have a downline
of thousands all giving 100 percent. All you need is a
handful of folks who have "heard the calling" and
respond body and soul.

These are the distributors worth cultivating; they're the
true winners who will help you grow your business, so
support them any way you can. As to the rest, if they're
reluctant to begin with, no amount of pushing or
pulling will get them to change their minds or the
way they do business.

7) Avoid cold calls.

When prospecting, always start with "familiar faces"
-family, friends, acquaintances, etc. Because they
know and respect you, the trust is there. Too, they
often listen more intently and politely, allowing
you the opportunity to fine-tune your approach. That's
invaluable experience, and it can help you quickly build
the confidence you need to extend your circle.

8) Reject rejection.

Rejection may not be fun, but it's not personal. That's
why it's critical that you commit to not letting your
fear of rejection stand in the way of your goals.

One way to work through your fear is to literally list
the reasons some folks wouldn't be interested in
network marketing in general and your company/
product/service in particular.

Next, prepare responses to each and every one of the
objections. This act alone will bolster your confidence;
too, your responses will help prospects move beyond
their own limited beliefs.

9) Diversify.

Thanks to the Internet, teleconferencing, new and
inexpensive printing processes, and the like, you can
communicate with prospects not just across the street
but around the world.

Scary and overwhelming as this may be, it's critical
that you embrace these new ways of doing business
and make them work for you. That said, never lose
sight of the old standbys-home meetings and one-on
-one contacts.

Human contact is critical in network marketing, no
matter what the product. There's simply no substitution,
so create a balance between old and new
approaches to achieve maximum results.

10) Take care of yourself.

If you want to succeed in network marketing, you've
got to give it your all. But that doesn't mean you have
to live and breathe the business 24 hours a day. You'll
quickly burn out, plus, you won't enjoy the finer things
in life-the very things you went into the business to
experience. In short then, don't put off to tomorrow
what you can begin to enjoy today.

Usa B. Johnson is the author of "Success Is Yours
with Network Marketing: 10 Key Steps to Build
Your Business," which can be ordered through Johnson, an independent distributor
for a leading network marketing company, can be
reached at
visit her at


            "Use your time and energy wisely."

                        ~ Usa Johnson ~


A Dream Come True

Usa Johnson moved to the United States from
Thailand in 1989—a single mom, with no job, no
money, no prospects. She did, however, have a
dream: to make a better life for herself and her
young son.

Her first years in America were a struggle. Usa
had to learn a new language and culture, plus she
had trouble making ends meet. Usa worked one
dead-end job after another, at minimum wage at best.
She was going nowhere fast and often thought of
going back to Thailand in defeat.

In 1991, she met her husband who happened to be
a big believer in the network marketing model. He
convinced her to try a network marketing business.

Usa tried a product called Tahitian Noni Juice and
saw such an incredible difference in the way she felt,
she decided to become a distributor with Morinda, Inc.

Today Usa has a downline of over 55,000 and an
annual salary that most people only dream about.


     "The secret of getting ahead is getting started.
      The secret of getting started is breaking your
          complex overwhelming tasks into small
  manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one."

                       ~ Mark Twain ~


That Motivation Stuff

"Motivation doesn't last, but neither does taking a bath.
That's why we recommend it DAILY."

"The process of getting and staying motivated is just
that—a process. You are never done. Just as you
feed your body every day, you need to feed your
mind every day."

"The problem is that most people's mental diet is
negative. It serves to de-motivate rather than motivate.
Certainly one seminar or limited exposure to good
information cannot be expected to overcome a lifetime
of mental malnutrition."

"Many people are realizing they need constant reminders and regular infusions of positive, stimulating and inspiring ideas."

"To operate at our best we need support. There's no need to try and go it alone. Anyone who has achieved great success did so with the help of many others."

"By maintaining our exposure to the good, the clean, the
powerful, the inspiring and the uplifting, we're nourishing
our minds and positively affecting our attitudes. It's all
about what we think about. And by creating the right
environment and feeding our minds healthy things, our
thinking will be the kind of thinking that keeps us
motivated and inspired."

Excerpted from "That Motivation Stuff Doesn't Work!"
By Michael Angier


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Barbara's Wisdom

Taking a new step, uttering a new word, is what people
fear most. If you wait to overcome all of your possible
objections, before you start something, nothing will
ever be attempted.

The great thing in any new venture is the start.  To
see an opportunity and to pursue it, even though in
the beginning, you're not totally sure of all the answers
to your questions.

If you want to be successful you can start at anytime.
The only true failure lies in your failure to start.  The
reason why so little is ever done, is generally because
so little is attempted.

If you can get up the courage to begin, you have
the courage to succeed....

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      "A dream is just a dream. A goal is a dream with
       a plan and a deadline. "

    ~ Harvey Mackay ~


         "Through your deliberate chosen actions, you
          will turn your life into a self-fulfilling prophecy.
           You will get what you actively expect to get."

                             ~ Denis Waitley ~

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