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Prosperity: The Choice Is Yours
February 06, 2004

Have a couple of things today I thought you might enjoy
reading. The first article by Judy Irving, is just exceptional, I'm sure everyone will get something good out of it.

One of the best things I've ever ran across that has done
more to help me make money than just about anything,
is a 4 tape series by Jack Zufelt. Believe me, I listen to
these tapes all the time. Not only are they exceptionally
motivating, they also have basic nuts and bolts info on
exactly how you can build a huge business.

Jack is a master and will give you info I know you've never heard before.

So, would you like to increase that monthly check of yours?

If so, would you take a few minutes to look over this stuff.

Another thing, I got a copy of Art Williams book, "All You Can Do Is All You Can Do but all you can do is enough."

Fantastic reading! Surf on over to Amazon and get yourself a copy. The book is under ten bucks. I honestly can't believe I never read this one before now.  Art was a high school football coach and went on to found A.L. Williams. His company started out with nothing and ended up being bigger than most of the big name insurance companies like Prudential.

The book is his story of the struggles, and what it really takes to make a success story come true. Good useful info for anyone trying to build a business. No BS, no hype, just solid business building ideas, plus Art writes like an average guy you can understand and really like.

Have a great day,


The Magic of Attraction
by: Judy Irving

Ten Steps To Attract Great People, Ideas, and
Opportunities Your Way

1) Tell the Truth
This means more than not lying. There is a level of telling the truth that will truly set you free and attract others to you. And, there is a way to tell the truth from a place of love vs. power or fear.

2) Be Yourself
Be authentic. Accept where you are. We are where we are because of the choices we have made. Accepting this empowers us to choose again. By being authentic, you may fail to attract some people
but you will still influence them.

3) Stay in the Present
If you stay in the present, you can move with the flow. Pay attention to what is happening to and around you RIGHT NOW.

Attraction happens in the moment, not in the problems of the past or the anticipation of the future. Gotta start here where attraction can find you.

4) Eliminate the loss of energy.
You can have it all -if you are open to the possibilities. But first you must plug the holes by extending boundaries, raising standards, resolving past issues, healing. Attraction won't find you until you're ready. GET READY.

5) Win/Win
The Higher Alternative. Most of us were raised to believe that if we win , the world loses or if the world wins, we lose. This is NOT true. Look for the way that is a win for all parties concerned. If you can't find one - walk away from the deal.

6) Giving is Receiving
The joy is in the giving, its true! We all have something to give, something to add. Add it. If you don't have enough to add, learn a new skill. When you add "you" and your gifts to other people's lives. YOU become more attractive!

7) Be Selfish
Take extremely good care of yourself. Get your needs met first. If you need something, usually it will run away or escape you. Build reserves in areas of money, love, space, opportunities, ideas, friends, you'll become a strong magnet for what you want--because you won't need it.

8) Increase Your Awareness
Attraction is a subtle phenomenon. You won't feel it or get it until you've increased your awareness of yourself, those around you, how you think, your life assumptions...

9) Take Responsibility
We attract what we are ready for. Get ready for the best - by doing the work! The responsibility for making one's self and one's organization attractive is NOT effortless, but the result is truly incredible!

10) Shift From Doing to Being
Notice who you are Being as you go about doing what it is you do. Where are you "coming from" - love or fear? How will you know - by the result.

So, the question is...

What would you do to enjoy a life of ease, simplicity, peace, abundance, wealth, vitality, and success? Would you be willing to do WHATEVER it takes to create the life you want, EVEN if it meant doing things differently than you're doing now?


Protect Yourself

Heres an excellent resource for info on scams, mlm scams, and pyramid schemes and companies that are involved in them.


Thought You Might Enjoy This


BUYAGRA (for women):
Stimulant to be taken prior to shopping. Increases potency and duration of spending spree.

BUYAGRA (for men):
Married and otherwise attached men reported a sudden urge to buy their sweeties expensive jewellery and gifts after taking this drug for only two days. Still to be seen: whether the drug can be continued for a period longer than your favourite store's return limit.

Plant extract that treats mom's depression by rendering
preschoolers unconscious for up to six hours.

Highly effective supplement that eliminates melancholy by enhancing the memory of how awful they were as teenagers and how you couldn't wait till they moved out.

In clinical trials, 82 percent of middle-aged men administered this drug noticed that their wives had a new hairstyle.Currently being tested to see if its effects extend to noticing new clothing.

Increases life expectancy of commuters by controlling road rage and the urge to make hand gestures at other drivers.

DIRECTRA (for men):
A dose of this drug given to men before leaving on car trips caused 72 percent of them to stop and ask directions when they got lost, compared to a control group of 0.2 percent.

A spray carried in a purse or wallet to be used on anyone too eager to share their life stories with total strangers.

PROJECTRA (for men):
Men given this experimental new drug were far more likely to actually finish a household repair project before starting a new one..

Take two and the rest of the world can 'take a hike' for 8 hours!


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