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Prosperity: The Choice Is Yours
February 07, 2003


Walking In A Winter Wonder Land

I love this winter, it's a blustery, snow covered day.
The trees and shrubs and pastures all look so really nice
with their white covering on.

Every time the snow falls, it reminds me of all the blessings that fall our way.

Got some good stuff for you here.

1.   Ever heard of Jack Zufelt? If not, you're gonna.

Jack is only a guy that built his network marketing business from zero income to ....wanna guess?

$70,000 a month.

Think you could live on that?

I'd like to try.  Anyway Jack's got an Awesome tape set out called "Learn to Earn."  I bought a set of the tapes way back in July and have listened to them over and over and over and over.

When someone comes in my HealthyPetNet business, I highly, strongly urge them, if they are serious about making moolah, then get these tapes.

I'll promise you this, these tapes are not your average stuff you've heard before. Jack is one powerful speaker, and he doesn't mamby pamby around.

I'll promise you another thing, these tapes will help you more than anything else I've ever found or read on how to significantly increase your network marketing business.

I really like David Ledoux's book too, "How to Build A
Massive MLM Downline", but of the two, Jack 's
"Learn to Earn tapes are the best.

Of course, if you're not interested in making tons of money and being an effective marketer, then don't go take a look.

2.  Got a really good article I wrote on how you can be a more effective ad writer. It too is an aspect of ad writing, you've probably never heard before.

3.  Really good freebie below, and also a top tip on how to get ranked high in the search engines.....quicky tip here for that:  if you're submitting to the SE''s not doing you a bit of good.

4.  I'm looking for two folks who really want to make
a difference in their lives by helping pets and people and
really want to make a big difference in their financial life.
See below

Have a great week and enjoy today's read,


How You Can Be A Creative Ad Writer
By: Dave Cole

Network marketing is an art as much as it is an applied
science. To take a blank sheet of paper or canvas
and draw or paint an interesting picture, you've
got to have an imagination and creativity.

The other day, I was watching some video tapes I had
made of my son when he was between 2 and 6 years old. One thing that impressed me was the total freedom he had to express his imagination and creativity.

He was always coming off with some unique or interesting new way of looking at things, or saying something. It was actually a refreshing experience for me to watch and remember the fun and zest he had for life at that age.

Life was so very new and interesting at that age. Every
day was a new adventure and presented new opportunities to learn new things. Getting up every morning was something he looked forward to.

He hadn't yet learned or developed some basic fears,
like the fear of being criticized or of what others
might think of him. His actions and words were not
hampered by thoughts of "what will others think if
I say or do this".

There was no fear that blocked or stifled his imagination
and creativity. He was never concerned that mom or
dad might think less of him because of his actions
or words.

One of the areas we need to be creative in is our ad
writing. Ad writing is an applied skill, it is an art,
and it is a science. It doesn't happen over night,
ad writing takes a lot of practice, and a lot of
learning to do before you get good at it.

Why do we need to be creative?  Consider this: if
a lot of people are selling or pushing the same product
as you are, and using the same ad as you are, then
there are going to be an awful lot of ads out
there all looking the same. If a thousand other ads
look just like yours, just how many clicks do you
reasonably expect to come to you?

Creativity in your ad writing allows you to "break
out of the pack" and sparkle your ad with dynamic and
imaginative ideas. Something that will capture your
reader's attention and get them to want to click
on your ad.

Your ad has to stand out and be noticed above all

It's said that you have 3 seconds to attract your
reader's attention before they click on to greener

The human mind constantly seeks for new and more
exciting ideas and words to stimulate it. A person
viewing the same boring headline or ad over and over
again, will become numb to it and will simply ignore
it's presence.

It's your job as an ad writer to capture that attention
and give the reader's mind a new and refreshing experience.

Using your creativity and imagination to accomplish
these objectives is a must do. Writing an ad is a
challenging, exciting, and stimulating adventure
for the ad writer. If you get that "charge" out of
writing an ad, then most likely it will stimulate
the reader also.

If ad writing is a "chore" for you, and it's something
that you just feel you "have to do", then don't expect
really good results either.

It's actually fun to think up new ways to say the
same old thing.

It's a challenge to see what new headline will
attract another's attention. It's always exciting to
see that a lot of people have been attracted to a
headline and clicked through on it.

There are 2 things that will destroy your creativity.
Distractions and Fear.

A mind that is filled with thoughts telling it all
the other things it must or should be doing will be a
mind that is not capable of being expressive.
That mind is worried, disturbed, and  is unproductive.
Go do what ever else you have to do first, then when
you can be free, write your ads.

The great painters and artists of our world history
had the unique ability to totally block out the world
and focus only on what they were doing at the time.

The second thing that you must do is get over any
fears of criticism. If you are concerned about what
others will think when they view your ad,
you're in big trouble.

If you are going to be creating a masterpiece of
literature in your ad writing, you cannot allow those
thoughts to belong in your head!

I'm going to let you in on a little secret I've never
told anybody.

When I write an ad I pretend. I pretend I'm one of
the world's great writers who is creating one of
his great works of literature.

And I pretend  that no one will ever see what I write.

It's easy to write to a computer screen that has no
feelings or emotions or words that spit back at me,
"This is no good,  no one will ever read this garbage".
I pretend that as soon as I write this stuff, it
will get deleted.

There's no fear when I write! I can be like a little
kid again and be free to express my creativity. After
all, the only thing that will ever see this is my trash
bin, right?

I can type whatever I want with no fear of being
criticized or condemned by what comes off the

I can be 4 years old again and say what I want. I can
be free to be creative and let the creative-imaginative
juices flow.

Just remember: Write with your heart...and not your head.

If I can do it...So Can You.


Some Good Freebies

If you do any amount of keyword bidding, or set up your own web pages and need keyword relevancy, then you absolutely have to have this unique little tool called, Good Keywords.

I've had a copy now for a couple of years and use it a lot, really helps out. Get your fre'e copy here compliments of one of our loyal readers, Tammy Blake.

While you're there on her site, take a good hard look at a product called Zeus.

If you're still submitting your site to search engines in hope of rank, STOP.

I'ts not doing you a bit of good and can even cause you to lose favor with the engines. Engines have auto-bots that crawl over the web searching via links. They are looking for the amount of links to your site from other high quality sites of similar interest.

They are Not looking for links from garbage pages like FFA's, they want a theme related web site that has other people linking to it....thus showing that the site is a content filled site that people want to go to.

The Zeus is a tool that automatically helps you out in the
link department, read more about it there. I will be purchasing a copy for myself as soon as we get our
site completed. The fre.e version there is a 14 day one and really won't do you any good.

So quit spending your time submitting to search engines and get Zeus and start getting your site linked to other "right" sites. You link to known spammer sites and you'll be labeled by the engines as a spammer too.

Zeus can help you determine all of this and just as importantly keep you from linking to the wrong sites.

Go to


     " First comes thought... Then organization of that
     thought into ideas and plans. Then transformation of
             those plans into reality. The beginning as
               you'll observe, is in your imagination."

                          ~  Napoleon Hill  ~


I'm Looking For Two Folks

I've got time to work with two folks this month who really would like to make a difference in their lives, financially and in helping our precious pets live longer and healthier lives.

To Qualify you must:

1. Be ready to start this month

2. Have a minimum $250 to invest in startup.

3. Be a person able to follow simple directions, and be willing to follow what you're shown.

4. Be a U.S. resident

5. Have a true desire to help pets and people

If you're that person go here and fill in the form and I'll be in touch next week with you.


   "It is better to light a candle than to curse                            the darkness."

                       ~  Chinese Folk Saying  ~

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