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Prosperity: The Choice Is Yours
February 14, 2003


I was very encouraged to see so many folks purchasing the " Learn to Earn" tapes I told you about last week from Jack Zufelt.

Without a doubt, these are the most powerful tapes you've ever heard, and ones that will enable you to make more money than you thought possible.

It's good to know that so many of you really want to make a good amount of money and live that lifestyle you dream of.

I ask you this question: "What is it you truly and deeply
desire for your life?"

One things for certain, these tapes will help you live that
lifestyle and achieve those dreams you really want. One
other small thing, you'll find out exactly why goal
setting...does Not work for the majority of people.

And, in case you're wondering if you can really make it
and become all you want to, I've got a little story about
Jack below.

Here's the link to the tapes:

Hey, today's Valentine's day, so do me a favor and be sure you hug your spouse, your kids, and...your pets!



       "A champion is one who gets up when he can't"

                          ~ Jack Dempsey ~


You Can Have...What You Really Want
By: Dave Cole

Growing up on a Navajo Indian reservation, he was
the only Caucasian boy in his high school senior class.

Most of his peers and fellow classmates didn't like
him because of the color of his skin. They held an
inherent anger towards this young white boy, mostly
because of what his ancestors had done to thiers.

The young man found himself bullied every single day.

Each day, his school was let out at four in the afternoon,
at three-fifty every day his heart would start pounding
and he knew what would happen next.

As soon as school let out, his classmates would chase
him, and if caught, he got beat up.

Recess and gym classes were dangerous times for this
young man. From the time he was eight to sixteen, he
lived in constant fear. At the end of every day, he
would ask permission to leave early and get a head start before the bullies would start to chase after him.

One day, while in tenth grade, a boy his own age put
gum in his hair and slugged him in the mouth. He
went home with a fat lip, bleeding, and crying.

When his father found out, the boy's father believed
that if he fought back the bullies would leave
him alone, so he put the young man in the car and
set out to find the kid who had slugged him.

When they finally found the boy, he ran away, but
the father ran after him, caught him and presented
him to his son.

His dad tried to make the boy hit the bully, but he
refused to fight and only stood there crying.

Disgusted, the father put the boy in the car and
with remorse, told the boy, "I can't believe I have
a son who is a coward."

He had said those words with such disgust and discouragement,
that the boy never forgot that day and he became sure
his father no longer liked him.

Jack Zufelt was a coward and he knew it.

His father knew it too. Everyone knew it.

Jack was teased, taunted, and mercilessly ridiculed.
For years Jack lived in fear and shame.

Of course, school was not a good experience and he did poorly. His teachers said such things to him as: "You're such a loser," "You'll never amount to anything," & "How can you be so dumb?"

When Jack left high school, he was convinced that he
was dumb and a loser.

At age nineteen he took a job as a milkman, and quickly found out he hated it, but his boss took a liking to Jack and offered him the chance to work at his
karate studio as the manager. Jack immediately
jumped on the offer.

For years Jack had lived in fear of being beaten up
and had suffered the shame of being a coward. For
the next 8 years, he threw his heart and soul in to
learning karate.

He was driven by a desire.

He had an intense desire to defend himself and regain
his self-esteem. No one was ever going to hurt Jack
Zufelt again.

He was driven from within to never again be afraid
of any person, to get back at those bullies, and
to win his father's respect.

That desire was so powerful it drove him to achieve
many of the fighting skills of a black belt.

It wasn't easy, as Jack suffered many injuries along
the way. One time he had a broken wrist, yet entered
a tournament. He came out of the tournament without
a win, but more importantly, he had earned the reputation of being "one tough guy."

Jack started out with no talent, no self-esteem, and
no athletic ability to suggest he could do what he
did or become what he became, but never the less, he
did it.


Because he had a deep desire, a passion if you will,
.....he had what Jack calls, a "Core Desire."

It was no ordinary want or wish, that deep desire was what caused Jack Zufelt to overcome all odds and obstacles to obtain what he did.

He had tapped into the energy and passion of his Core
Desire, and had refused to let his past determine his

Jack Zufelt is now one of the top professional speakers
in America, a highly acclaimed trainer, winner of a
Presidential Medal of Merit, a $70,000 a month plus
network marketer, and author of many books and tapes.


The 'Learn To Earn' series of tapes are the ones I
mentioned to you above. In those tapes, Jack will
help you find your own true Core Desire, then show
you how you can make that desire happen.

If you are struggling to make your desires come true;
if you want to learn from one of the best in the business,
and truly want to know how You Can Overcome any
obstacle to your success, then I really suggest you
give some consideration to getting a copy of these

Click here to see what they're all about:


Do You Believe

Do you believe, honestly believe that you are successful?

Or do you see yourself as being defeated or maybe just
not up to par, or thinking that maybe others have all these talents that you don't have.

Let me say this, "You were born with every single asset
you ever needed to become tremendously successful in
whatever endeavor you choose to follow.

You were born a winner.

You are a champion.

You can do whatever you want, if you really, really
want to do it.

Believe in yourself, because if you don't, then no one
else will either.

I believe in you believe in you.

Your friend, Dave


   "It's better to be a lion for a day, than a sheep all your life."

                    ~ Sister Elizabeth Kenny ~


Do You Have a Deep Desire?

I'm looking for two folks this month who really would
like to make a difference in their lives, financially and
in helping our precious pets live longer and healthier lives.

To Qualify you must:

1. Be ready to start this month

2. Have a minimum $250 to invest in startup.

3. Be a person able to follow simple directions, and be willing to follow what you're shown.

4. Be a U.S. resident

5. Have a true desire to help pets and people

If you're that person go here and fill in the form and I'll be in touch next week with you.


   "I want this team to win. I'm obsessed with winning,
     with discipline, with achieving. That's what this
                       countrys all about."


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