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Prosperity: The Choice Is Yours
February 20, 2004

"If people have a vision, NOTHING gets in their way.
  If people don't have a vision, EVERYTHING gets
                         in their way."

                     ~ Tom Paredes ~


      "Where there is no vision, the people perish."

                     ~ Proverbs 29:18 ~


Little Things To Improve Your Life

Count your blessings. Never take anything for granted, however small you may think it to be.

Realize that you are truly happy and stop creating, recognizing, and manifesting problems.

If it is appropriate, adopt a pet as a friend to love, share, nurture, and vice versa.

Practice making positive affirmations and statements about your life every day to reinforce your happiness.

Take up self-hypnosis, meditation and/or chanting to balance your Spirit.

Recognize addictive behavior and use behavioral modification to correct it.

Make your priority of life your spiritual self; nothing more or less.

Recognize your time on earth as limited, fleeting, passing, and de-stress materialistic obsessions. Take life as participation in a romantic comedy, with yourself as the lead character.

Try to create harmony in your life with all people, and
avoid those who would prevent harmonious vibrations
until they are ready for them.

Process negative vibrations out of your life, and create love, and happiness, by using affirmations, and mind manifestations.

Give yourself permission to have what you feel you deserve in life.

Recognize the power of God and the oneness with God that you share by recognizing that you are one with all people, animals, and the Universe.

Practice manifesting a strong aura filled with white light and love and imagine a healthy body, mind and Spirit on a regular basis.

Teach others what you have learned and share philosophies of open minded thinking and harmonic convergence of all philosophies of God.

Use behavioral modification to catch yourself worrying or being negative, by using your affirmations, meditation,
and chanting at these times.

Recognize that you and all people are growing and on a
path of evolution that may not happen or develop overnight, and exercise patience for yourself and the world.

Learn to breathe regularly and deeply to increase your life force, personal energy, happiness, and healing abilities.

Let go of the harmful past and embrace a bright new future for yourself and the world as you decide to permit yourself to be happy, free, loving, sharing, caring, and at peace.


      Hard things are put in our way, not to stop us,
          but to call out our courage and strength.


  "Never look at that which you do not wish to experience."

                           ~ Ernest Holmes ~


Did You Know That:

Radio took 38 years to reach 50 million people, television took 13 years, but the Internet did it in 5 years.

More than 100 million U.S. consumers have Internet access.

While 70% of homes in the United States have Internet access, it's predicted that more than 90% will be online by 2006!

Each day, more than 160,000 people log on to the Internet for the very first time.

About 8 people in 10 are already using a computer for the work they do at home, and about 6 in 10 make use of the Internet and e-mail.

People spend more time on the Internet than watching the television or listening to the radio.

More than $20 billion in business was done online last year, with more than $3 trillion predicted by 2005.


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great gift to you,

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