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Prosperity: The Choice Is Yours
February 28, 2003

8 Steps to Escape Money Madness & Create a Rich Life
By: Lori Hamann

Are there times in your life, when you feel you’ve
just about gone “mad” over money? It consumes you. Not only are you living in scarcity by stating in your  mind, “I will never have enough” – you obsess about it.

It consumes you. You look for ways to make more, get more, or win more.

You lose sleep. It rocks your relationships with your partners. It’s the thing that is responsible for most of the divorces in the world, and the source of much unhappiness.

Money – not only is the source of a great deal of comfort, but a great deal of pain.

What’s this money madness all about? Having it, makes
us feel worthy. It makes us feel safe, significant, powerful, and happy.

We are “mad” about the  FEELING that wealth brings us – and who doesn’t want these things? Everyone – myself included.

Did you know the word “money” alone was searched
183,046 times in July 2002 – and this doesn’t include other search strings like “free money” (66601 times) or “make money” (72137 times). Pretty astounding! We
want money, and we keep running after it.

Do you think that being stricken with any form of
money madness is going to help you get to “where you want to be? Probably not.

That state of mind is not conducive to having prosperity flow in ones life. Here is the argument, and some solutions.

When we are “mad about money” – we usually find
ourselves running on adrenaline, starting and stopping several different projects.

We find ourselves looking outward vs. inward to what will make us happy, rich and prosperous.

We find ourselves focusing on dollar amount, versus
value that we can contribute in the wold. We find ourselves easily irritated with the ups and down of abundance – and in turn drive ourselves further into that chasm of scarcity.

We lose sight of our priorities. We feel out of control
We feel hopeless.

These things can add up pretty quickly, You will either
end up feeling completely out of balance, or you will find yourself not being able to manifest a cent. Been there?

If money is what you seek, then let’s take a look at what you need to do to turn that money madness around. Here is how you can begin to reap money in your life, without having to even think about it.

8 Steps to Escape Money Madness and Create a Rich Life

1. Give up being “mad about money”. You need to release the obsessing, the scarcity, and the hopelessness. Make a decision today that your primary focus will not be on the money itself,
but on your attitudes, beliefs, values, and  peace of mind and heart.

2. Become totally responsible about your money. Come from a place in which you do not tolerate “money problems”. Get your finances in order. Pay your bills or make arrangements.

Know that money is merely energy, and energy flows.

Understand and believe that you can indeed handle
your money, and your money issues. Make a plan to clean up your “money space” in your life – remembering that when you clean up ANY space, it makes room for more.

Understand that keeping your money space cluttered
jams the energy flow of money to you. Send the universe a message that you can handle your money now, and are ready for more. Please keep in mind that your primary focus in this process is still you – and that it is NOT about the money.

3. Intention. What is your intention for yourself and your family in terms of money? What do you want to consciously create in your life?

You need to think about what kind of intention you want to send out to your universal space.

Send these messages out consciously with strong “intention”. Impress, as Wallace Wattles says, what you desire on your universal space. How do you do  this? Prayer daily. Meditation. Affirmation. Visualization.

Ask for what you need, and be specific.

4. The door through which you give and receive is the same door. If you make a decision to close your door in terms of giving, it is also closed in terms of receiving. As you begin to receive, give thanks and have gratitude for all that you have, and all that you are learning.

Gratitude is a key in receiving more.

5. Do not be attached to the results of what you are
creating in your life. You are exactly where you are supposed to be.

Here is a distinction – be focused on your ever evolving goals, but not attached to the results of working to achieve those goals. When you fail to get what YOU want, know that God does things in his own time in accordance of what he wants you to learn in your life.

What do you need to learn today? This moment? Every
single moment in your life is spiritual. Be attached to your spirituality, not to results.

6. Money is just energy, and its just a form of exchange.

Do not give it power.

Money serves a purpose in this world but it is not
YOUR master. Being in a state of money madness gives money power, and therefore can have power over you. Remember when something has power over you, you are not in true control of it.

Are you OK with money having control over you? Make a decision to let money be of service in your life, and let go it of at the same time.

7. Examine your money beliefs. What you believe about
money internally will be  reflected in your outer circumstances. If you want to be a “good person” but  believe that only bad or evil people have money, then your inner values are conflicting with your beliefs.

You will subconsciously align your actions with what you believe to be true about the world. Your ability to manifest your money desires will be stunted due to your beliefs. You need to clear and change the core beliefs that you have about money and success.

8. Action. You may have experienced that action in itself can leave your pocket book empty, and so can having a focus only on the spiritual aspect of  manifesting wealth in your life.

I recently read a post by a man who could not  figure out “ what he had done wrong”. He had spiritually primed himself to receive money – and yet it wasn’t coming. He asked for advice from the board.

One wise person simply replied, “what action did you take?” Intention or philosophical knowledge alone does not create wealth.

It’s the combination of an inner and outer approach that
will have you manifesting what you desire in your life.

Best wishes,
Lori Hamann

Your richest life is our only mission!
 If you would like to learn more about attracting
riches, abundance, opportunity, and joy into your life, go to


Stop Kidding Yourself

Either.......Invest time to:

1.  Decide what you want

2.  Come up with a reasonable plan to get what you want,  and

3.  Go to work on the action steps + the acquisition of knowledge to get what you want...


Just be honest with yourself and acknowledge the fact  that you really don't want it that bad.

Because it really is as simply as Either - OR!

Michael Clouse


  "The next time someone says "This sounds great, but I just don't have the TIME…" Look them straight in the eye, smile warmly,  and ask, "Would you like to change that?"

                           ~   Jeff Olson ~


   "My doctor gave me six months to live, but when I
     couldn't pay the bill, he gave me six months more."

                      ~  Walter Matthau  ~


    "Set S.M.A.R.T. goals: Ones that are Specific,
    Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Tangible."

                       ~ Paul J. Meyer ~


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