Living A Life of Freedom

Living A Life of Freedom

Everybody experiences fear of failure, uncertainty, insecurity, indecision, and low self-esteem at some time in their lives. These emotions seem to be even worse when beginning something one has never done or tried before.

Even successful people get these emotions at various times. How successful people master these temporary conditions is by taking positive action, by sticking to their plan, by maintaining that vision of their future, and by learning from setbacks and never giving in to those negative thoughts.

No one becomes a success by accident. It requires making a plan and then doing what it takes to see that plan through.

Go take a look in the mirror.

The person you saw there is the only one responsible for your success.

Mike Ditka, (former head coach of the Chicago Bears), said, “You are NEVER a loser until you quit trying.”

If it's to be - then, it's entirely up to me.

There is a spiritual law called “The Law of Cause and Effect”. This law operates in our lives whether we understand it or not and whether we believe in it or not.

In effect what part of this law states is that what we believe, or whatever dominates our thinking, will result in external experiences which reflect our thought patterns.

Wrong thought patterns, dwelling on negativities, holding on to the above-mentioned emotions, thinking we can't do it, thinking about all our troubles and misfortunes, seeing only the bills due and lack in our lives - by dwelling on these - we are only attracting more of the same to us.

Where we are in life is the direct result of our past dominating thoughts.

Begin the habit of watching yourself think. Be aware of and watch for those flashes of anger, doubt, resistance, frustration, anxiety, or fear. Our usual reaction to these emotions is to avoid that condition, circumstance, or person we think is responsible for that feeling.

It's easier to quit or never even try than it is to face that fear and see it as being the source of our present conditions. Then you end up creating reasons why the plan wouldn't work, or why it wouldn't work for you, to justify your not trying or giving up.

And what about your dreams for the future? Well, you'll end up making excuses why “you wouldn't have gotten it anyway”, or you'll go on and try every other “hot new program”, always ending up with the same results, continually believing that “it just wasn't the right opportunity for me.”

Successful people have these same fears too - but they have learned to recognize them for what they are - and then face them and not let them control their decisions.

What they are is a smoke screen, where our accumulated past negative thoughts actually try to cause us to fail. Our resentments and fears are what destroy us and our future. Not the external condition or person we fear or resent.

Holding on to fears and negative emotions and consciously recalling them back into our minds from our memories makes us a slave to those emotions.

Consciously thinking about past failures or un-pleasant circumstances animates and gives new life to them, which only adds reinforcement to these emotions and feelings, that surely we will lose again if we try.

Watch those thoughts as they come into your mind and then watch yourself as you dwell on them and replay them over and over. If we refuse to give attention to them, we will no longer be a slave to them or to our losing and fear patterns of our past.

Refuse to re-live these old thoughts and we give birth to a newer, happier life.

To succeed, we need only understand how failure is created.

Guy Finley wrote, “Blaming conflict-filled feelings on any condition or person outside of yourself, is like getting angry at your shoes for being laced too tight.”

When we try and deal with these myriad negative emotional patterns, it becomes almost impossible to succeed. Our attention to these renegade thoughts gives them a life they wouldn't be able to have without tricking us into giving them one.

Absolutely nothing or anybody or any thought can have any power over us, unless we permit it to.

It's not enough just to think positively. We must recognize those old patterns and then have the awareness not to give them new life.

90% of our mental suffering occurs when we have a strong need for the present reality to be different than it actually is.

We are what we repeatedly think and do. Excellence then, is not an act, but rather a habit.

Our thoughts create what happens to us in life. Recognize that the beliefs that have held us back were formed during moments of emotional turmoil and then became automatic thoughts and responses when similar events reoccurred.

We must forgive ourselves for those thoughts, become free of guilt, then no longer allow them to control our minds and our destiny.

Donald Trump said, “As long as you're going to think, you might as well think big.”

Dave Cole


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