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Prosperity: The Choice Is Yours
January 1, 2002

If I Only Had A Brain.....

In the 1939 classic movie, The Wizard of Oz,
we pick up the story as Dorothy Gale comes
to a cross roads in the Yellow Brick Road.

Hanging upon a pole is a scarecrow, and a
talking scarecrow nonetheless.

As the Scarecrow and Dorothy get to know each
other, the Scarecrow goes into a song titled,
"If I Only Had A Brain."

Oh, what wonderful things the Scarecrow could
do......If He Only Had........

Now let's think about this for a minute. Here
we have a talking scarecrow, and if you will
notice, throughout the movie, the Scarecrow
seems to be the one making a good many of the
wise decisions for Dorothy and her band of

But sometime in his past, he had been "programmed"
by the Munchkin farmer to believe the Scarecrow
was so dumb, he couldn't even scare crows away.

Near the movies end, the Wizard of Oz presents
the Scarecrow with a diploma. Immediately the
Scarecrow spouts off some incredible mathematical
formula proving to Dorothy and his friends,
that he now has a brain.

While we know that a piece of paper with
some fancy writing on it does not automatically
give us any kind of intelligence, what really
did happen was that the Scarecrow now
- BELIEVED - he had a brain.

He had a voice of authority tell him so!

All the old programming from the Munchkin farmer
was no longer effective.

The Scarecrow had now transcended his
and discovered what was already there. He just
hadn't realized how very intelligent he really......
really was to begin with.

Now on the first day of this new year, I'm asking
you to discover something about yourself. What
Image have you painted for yourself?

Who are you really?

Is what you have become......who you really want
yourself to be?

Do you go around singing, "If I Only"........

Had the money
Had the time
Was younger
Was older
Knew more people
Had more experience
Was smarter
Had more people to like me
Didn't have obligations

You fill in the blanks.

What have you programmed yourself to believe about

You see, the Scarecrow  - Wanted So Badly - to have
a brain, but  - All Along -  he had the intelligence
- In Him -  to begin with.

He finally became intelligent, when he stopped
       Wanting.....and Started Believing
             He Was Intelligent!

The secret is not in Want-ing!
The secret is in BE-ing!!

One of the great commercials on TV says it all,
        "BE All That You Can Be."

Is it time in your life to stop want-ing and
start BE-ing the person you really want to be?

Just as the Scarecrow, You already have whatever
you need to become that person inside yourself.
Have you been Programmed sometime in your past
to believe you are not worthy of being that
new person?

Are you, like the Scarecrow, operating under
false assumptions?

If so, simply re-program yourself and like the
Scarecrow quit singing "If I Only"..... and start
SEEING yourself as the person you want to BE!

The solution to all the Scarecrow's wants was
there all the time, but wanting it didn't make
it happen, and wanting it will not make it
happen for you either.

Upon presentation of a piece of paper, the
Scarecrow  - Chose To Be -  intelligent. All
the old programming was washed from his
consciousness and he now went from want-ing BE-ing.

               Prosperity Is A Choice!

Choose prosperity for yourself
Release those old images of yourself
BE the kind of person you want to be

The hidden success secret is discovered by each
of us in that moment when we realize that .......
We already have the power within us to choose
                    a different reality.



               "I have came that you may have life,
                    and have it more abundantly."

                    ~ Jesus Christ of Nazareth ~
                                John 10:10


Marketing 101,
How Much Simpler Do You Want It

There are only four things you must do to
make money in network marketing. Do these with
the right self-paradigm and do them consistently
and you will make all the money you want.

So when you hear anything other than this,
please understand that what you are being taught
by these well meaning upline and gurus is their
way to try to motivate you to do these four
things consistently.

1)      Believe in and use the product(s)
            (This is the easy part)
2)      Prospect - i.e. look for interested customers
            and business builders
3)      Recruit those who are interested - make the
            rest customers where possible
4)      Teach the new recruit what you know


Repeat, Repeat, Repeat..... forever.

Training over.

Jack Zufelt
You can subscribe to Jack's free newsletter, The
DNA of MLM Success at his Web site:


The above is an excerpt from the Z Report for Networkers.
Jack's paid yearly newsletter. If you order it with the
tape set it is only $29 for one full year - that's
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            "With the thoughts I'd be a-thinkin'
                   I could be another Lincoln
                       If I only had a brain."

                       ~ The Scarecrow ~


Confidence Money

If you could buy confidence, would you take a
small daily dose?   Confidence is a flexible abstract
commodity.  Like a sour dough starter it grows and
takes on a life of its own.  It is infectious but requires
no medication. It has all kinds of side effects, none of
them harmful to you or the environment.

If you have confidence in yourself and your product,
things happen.   You are in control.  You decide if you
want success.  If you have dreams you actively persue
them.  You create an income to pay for that trip, a
new car, house renovations, treat a friend to dinner.
Whatever you want.

Confidence means you will make that phone call
and volunteer your time.  You will attend a workshop.
You will step out of your comfort zone.  You will
put things in perspective and accept that you are
responsible for your actions and how life treats you.

You will look at an opportunity and decide
for yourself if you are going to jump in feet first and
make your dreams come true.  You will be determined
and not be discouraged by family or friends who
do not see what you do.

Your attitude will determine your altitude.

You might think  "Easy for her to say"  but I have
been there  and I didn't like it. That was the first step.
To  recognized that lack of confidence was holding
me back.  It was keeping me in a rut   Rut is another
name for grave with the ends pushed out.  Not
somewhere I wanted to stay.

The second step was to figure out how to change the
things I could and accept the things I had no control
over.  I believe that if you write things down they
don't just wander off as your thoughts do.  SO I made
a list. Mine will not be the same as yours, but as an
example here's my list in the order that came to mind.

1.   I don't want to be doing this job in three years time.
2.   I want to spend more time at home.
3.   Enjoy the company of my children.
4.   Be with my husband, not passing like ships in the     night.
5.   I want to travel.
6.   I want to help other people have a better standard of life.
7.   I want to read more books.
8.   I want to make more quilts.
9.   Be in touch with friends.
10. Put smiles on the faces of people I know now and
      those I am going to meet.
11. I want to learn Spanish.

You get the idea.   Step four was to figure out what
was stopping me from doing what I wanted.  That
was easy.  Too many hours out of the day making
an income that did not even come close to what I
needed.  Unless I was to shorten my list and just
stay in the rut.  I have set the wheels in motion and
I am on my way.

Your attitude determines your alltitude.  Keep a smile
on your face.  It keeps people guessing.

Evelyn Underwood
Going for Financial Freedom

Evelyn is one of our faithful readers from Vancouver
British Columbia, Canada. Check out her Web site,
where you can learn more about Evelyn and what she


      "Truly He taught us to love one another,
       His law is love and His gospel is peace."

           ~ Excerpt From, O Holy Night ~


Water, Water Everywhere,
And Nary A Drop To Drink

Several years ago we experienced a very dry spell in
our area. One day we came home and our well pump
was continuously running, but pumping no water.

As hundreds of other wells in our area, our well had
finally gone dry also. We made arrangements for a
water tank to be plumbed into the house, which also
required me hauling water from the local water
company to fill the tank.

This usually meant at least 2 trips to town every week
hauling water. For over two and a half years I made
these bi-weekly water runs, it was a real pain,
specially in winter.

One day I got totally fed up with taking all that time,
and constantly having to worry about whether there
was enough water in the holding tank for the wife to
wash clothes.

We decided to drill a new well. What that meant
was we also had to dig a ditch from where the old
water line went into the house to the new well.

When I originally purchased our farm, the owner
had told me where the well was. Since that time we
had built a big porch across the front of the house,
which also happened to be right over where the owner
had told us the well was.

Since I had always "Assumed" the well was under
the porch, I had never bothered to dig it up when
it went dry.

So putting number 1 son to work digging the ditch for
the new well; lo and behold, he ran into where the old
well really was! It wasn't under the porch as I had
assumed for all those years.

Upon removal of the well cap, we found water just
about 10 feet down from the surface. We put a new
pump in and discovered the well we thought was
dry, was making over 22 gallons a minute! And if you
know anything about water wells, that is a whole
lot of water!!!

For over 2 years I had been hauling water because:
I was operating under a false assumption of where
our well really was.

For over 2 years, I was sitting on top of a well that
had enough water to provide half our town with service.

That water was there all the time, all I would have
needed to do was put forth a little effort and find it.

If I only had.......

* Put forth the effort
* Done something about my situation immediately
* Looked instead of taking someone else's word for it

Well, you get the point. Is it time for you to put forth
the effort, do something about your situation, and
look for a better way of life?

If so, and you would like to BE:

* Part of an Exciting and growing team of Professionals.

* On your road to financial Independence.

* Someone who is Honestly providing a Quality service.

* Involved in a business that is a whole lot of Fun.

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We spoke with Jack W. a couple of weeks ago. Jack
is self-employed. If he misses more than 1 week from
his work, he has a hard time paying the bills.

What Jack is looking for is an Internet business that will
provide him with a Residual Income. As he says, "It
would be nice to take a couple of weeks off for a
vacation and have that residual income pay my bills."

My good friend Linda has an excellent job, makes good money, and really likes what she does....but has zero security.

Any day, at a moments notice, her boss can walk in
and say, "Linda, today is your last day." Linda is like most people and has little in savings. She will be forced to sell at a major loss many of her treasured possessions just to eat if this happens.

Linda wants to start an Internet business that will provide her with a residual income....just in case, that "pink slip day" arrives. A year from now, she's Not going to be singing, If Only I Had..... Linda will be financially ready if the pink slip falls on her desk.

What about you?


      "Every man dies. Not every man lives."

                  ~ Tim Robbins ~


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