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Prosperity: The Choice Is Yours
January 02, 2004

Life is much like writing in ink. All you can do is read
over your past and look forward to a blank page for your future, that will soon be filled with words that can neverbe erased.
-Gabe Suico


The Power of Expectation
By: Remez Sasson

Each one of us has some expectations. We may expect health, success and happiness and we may expect the opposite. What we expect, and whether we expect positive or negative results depends on many factors.

Parents, friends and teachers affect and influence the way we expect things to happen, as well as other people's experiences. The way we have been taught to expect things to happen becomes a habit, but habits can be changed.

What is expectation? It a mental belief that something is
going to happen in a particular manner. It has much to do with feelings. A sour, unhappy person will usually expect negative results and failure, while a happy, optimistic or ambitious person will expect positive results.

The mood of the moment also affects the way people expect things to happen. This means that expectations may change according to passing moods and feelings.

Expecting something to happen in a certain manner makes a person talk, behave and act in a certain manner. This causes the people around him to react in a certain manner, and treat him accordingly.

Expectations involve both thoughts and feelings, which are radiated to the people around, through body language and through telepathy. They also evoke the creative power of the mind, which starts working according to the expectations

All this means that it is important to be conscious of what you expect and how you expect it. As expectations involve feelings and habits, it might not so easy to change the expectations, but by constant inner work it is possible.

1) You need to be aware of what you are expecting and whether you expect positive or negative results. When you expect negative results, such as not getting a job, losing money or getting sick, stop for a moment and analyze your thoughts. Do you really want that to happen? Are you happy thinking, feeling and expecting that event? Of course you are not happy with it.

2) What would happen if you try to change your expectations? Why not make the effort? Feelings of self-pity, of being a victim or that you do not deserve anything good may arise in you, but why accept them? Why let them rule your life? Refuse to have
anything to do with them.

Don't fight your negative thoughts; just try to look at them with disinterest.

3) Sometimes during the day think how would your life look if you expect good things to happen to you. Think about the creative power of expectation. Think how this power can change your life.

4) Expecting something to happen is hope. There is positive and there is negative hope. Why not choose positive hope? No matter what the circumstances are, there is always the chance that good things will happen. So why not hope?

5) Expecting a positive outcome whole-heartedly ignites desire and ambition, which move you to do things.

6) Whole-hearted positive expectation fills you with happiness, and makes you see life in a more bright light.

7) Positively hoping and expecting something to happen in a certain way make people feel your desire and help you accomplish it.

8) This power works in every area. When you work towards gaining something, and hope and expect the best, things happen easier and faster. Even if you encounter obstacles you will have the strength and inner power to overcome them.

It is so easy to lose faith and hope in the face of difficulties and then expect the worst. It is up to you to let the outside world mold your decisions or not to let anything change the way you think. You can choose to keep expecting that things will turn up favorably.

Remember, expectation is a great power, but it is not enough just to expect and do nothing. You need to use common sense, ambition, desire and faith in yourself, and work towards turning your expectations into reality.

(c)2003 copyright Remez Sasson. All rights reserved.


Marketing 101

Suppose you have the exclusive rights to sell the
finest cigar ever produced.

Question: Who is your target market to sell your cigars?

Answer: Cigar smokers.

Only a moron would try to sell cigars to people
who don't smoke cigars. Because in order to sell
cigars to non-smokers, those non-smokers would
first have to be converted into becoming smokers,
and that's a near-impossible task.

Even if your cigars only cost 10¢ each, your
target market would still be cigar smokers.

End of lesson
Tracy Biller


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