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Prosperity: The Choice Is Yours
January 02, 2002


You know, we're really lucky.

One of the things I'm constantly mentioning to you guys is in order for you to have the best chance possible of  running a successful business online or offline or a combination of the two,  is to get expert advice.

We're lucky because there are so many good experts out there that will provide us with the information we need, and do it at a very reasonable cost.

Just imagine if you were to start a business on main street your town. Lets say the business was a bakery, but you had no idea how to cook or bake or how to run a business or how to advertise your business.

Just how long do you think you'd really stay in business or how much money do you reasonably think you'd make.

There's no difference in running an online business. A lot of really good folks start an online business cause they heard "you can make a ton of money on the Internet."

Well, you can, but honestly, just not everyone can do it.

The big reason why not is simply because folks don't know what they're doing. They get started and do all the wrong things, then when they don't make any money, they give up.


       "Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter
        of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it
                     is a thing to be achieved."

                         ~ Jeremy Kitson ~


A Freebie For You

Here's a really good free gift coming to you from Paul
Hartunian. It's a book written by Joe Vitale.

Joe has been kind enough to give each of you a copy of his truly remarkable book "Spiritual Marketing".  If that title seems unusual to you, wait until you read the book!
It's a marketing book the likes of which you've never read before.  It was also an #1 best-seller.

The book is absolutely free - no strings attached.  To
download your copy go to:

Here's Paul Hartunian's site. He never pays for publicity, he just gets rich, rich, rich. You'll really like his newsletter.


   "The only place in which your dream becomes
             impossible is in your own thinking."
                 ~ Rev. Robert Schuller ~



Do You Need to Lose a Few Extra Pounds
Without Getting Hungry!

Help reduce excess body fat without hunger, cravings
or fatigue throughout the day!

If you would like:

*  Effortless fat loss

*  No hunger or fatigue

*  No constant cravings for sugars and sweets

*  Greater energy

*  Peak performance


Here is some interesting information about this huge group.

1. Baby Boomers control the vast majority of consumer
buying power.
2. Baby Boomers are more concerned about their appearance than any previous generation.

3. More attention is being give to the health issues
of Women age 40 plus, than any other demographic group.
4. More consumer products companies selling health
and beauty products are marketing directly and
exclusively to women age 40 plus than to any
other demographic group.

Consider the above when you're looking for a good company to repressent.


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As always, enjoy your life, enjoy your day, it's God's
great gift to you,

Our great blessing is:  YOU!



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