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January 10, 2002


What You Can Do About Spam

If you're like me, you are getting swamped with spam
messages. Everyday I get somewhere between 200 to 300 messages, all saying I opted in to receive these offers.

What's funny is that a bunch of the offers come to some
of my autoresponder addresses, so you know I never
requested information from any of these.

For those who are fairly new to the Internet, what happens is that spammers use software that runs over the Internet harvesting email addresses from sites.

Then the addresses are sold to third party companies who claim these addresses are opt-in. Opt-in meaning that a person has specifically requested information or to be put on a mailing list.

Folks, the spam problem is not going to get any better
in any quick time frame. It's just so hard to regulate the
transmission of messages, especially when so many of
them come from so many different countries.

Below, we've provided you with a few letters that will
show you what others are doing to successfully combat
the spam messages.

Couple of tips I might add. If you get spam from a
porn site, I don't suggest clicking on the removal link.
That only lets the sender know that is a good address.
Use your filters and dump them into the trash upon arrival.

Sending delete messages to emails originating from Yahoo, Hotmail, or the other free services will generally be another waste of your time.

Here's what we have found to be very effective and time saving. Every single message we get first runs through a messaging service called Postini.

We can set various filters and also it runs every message though a virus filter. Believe me, this stops every single virus from coming in to our computer.

We can read our messages online or simply click and have them sent to our inbox. It's a very good system to have and we highly recommend your getting it. It's only a couple of bucks a month and well worth it.



Here's how I have significantly cut down on the amount of spam email I receive.

What I did is really very simple, and everyone can do it,
although it does take a little time.

Instead of immediately deleting the spam I get, I have started using the unsubscribe link that is included in a lot of the UCE that I receive.  If the message contains a link for unsubscribing I click it. About 90% of them really have removed me from their mailing list. I will also reply to messages and ask them to remove me if the message appears to be sent by someone who may be responsible and reputable. Of course those that ask you to reply to a Hotmail, Excite or Yahoo email address to be removed are just a waste of time.

Another way I have cut down on the amount of mail I
receive is by unsubscribing to a lot of the ezines that I
received and never read. It helps the publisher get a more accurate idea of who is actually reading their publication, it cuts down on used bandwidth, and it helps keep my inbox from getting so cluttered.

Actually, sometimes I get so few messages that I start
to feel lonely. :-)

Sharon Bray-McPherson
Gallant Marketing Group... Providing Innovative Tools, Resources and Training for the Serious Network Marketer.


I have one spam-preventing tactic most people don't think about it, but is much too important to overlook.

The philosophy behind the tactic is simple.  If a spammer doesn't have your email, he can't spam you. 

Of the thousands of pieces of spam I get via my multiple
email aliases, less than 5% are sent to my personal email. In other words, all business emails readily available on my web sites are being harvested by scummy spambots and are eventually spammed.

For those who aren't fully aware, a spambot is a piece of software that starts out on a web page and scans the page for two things: hyperlinks and email addresses. A spambot should not be confused with regular robots, also known as spiders or web-crawlers. It stores the email addresses to use as targets for spam, and follows each hyperlink to a new page, starting the process all over.

Anyway, I now encrypt all emails that are posted on any of my web sites.  My emails are invisible to spambots, but my site visitors can still send email with no problems whatsoever.

If you want to prevent spambots from stripping emails from your website, I have a free, simple utility on my site that allows you to encrypt your emails instantly.

In the same amount of time it takes to type in your email
address, the spam prevention utility will create a tiny
snippet of code for you to place on your website.

Once you upload your web page, your emails will be
invisible to spambots, and still fully functional for your
site visitors.

The best part... it's free. Just visit the link below and
encrypt as many emails as you want.

Good luck.
Jason Hale


Just thought I'd give you a heads up on the best pop-up killer I've  ever found and I've tried many.

Make it a great day!

M. Tom Eagar
Professional Global Marketing
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