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Prosperity: The Choice Is Yours
January 15, 2002

She's Not Just Another Pretty Face

One day Annette Gantz saw a lady driving a big
pink car. Seeing that pink car eventually became
the beginning of a tremendously satisfying career
for this Wheeling, West Virginia resident.

After finishing high school, Annette spent 11
months as a missionary in Thailand. The experiences
she encountered there led her to come back to the
states and get her college degree in nursing.
She became a successful nurse and worked hard at
her job while her husband finished his schooling.

When her husband graduated and got a good job as a
computer programmer, along with the addition of
Annette's first of 4 children, she was able to finally
quit the nursing job to be a full time mom and
home maker.

But in 1996 her husband lost his job and Annette was
faced with a tough decision. Either go back to work
or find some means of providing an income.

Although she had been a successful nurse, the work was very stressful. Going back to work would also mean she would be away from her family and too, she
never really had a passion for nursing to begin with.

Thinking about going back to work actually gave
Annette nightmares, until the day she saw that big
pink car. The lady driving that car was a very
successful independent business woman for
Mary Kay Cosmetics.

The lady driving that car began to show
Annette the tremendous benefits that Mary Kay
and direct selling offered. Annette's interest
was sparked, but still she was very skeptical and
cynical about being a owning her own business.

And, Annette was afraid .......afraid of having people
run the other way. Plus too, Annette had always been
a quitter. She just didn't think she had what it took to
do this with any degree of success.

Finally her husband said to her, "Annette, why don't you
try this, what do you have to lose?"

Annette found real encouragement in her husband's
support, in her independent sales directors support
and in the company. After only a short year and
a half, Annette Gantz had earned her first car
through sale and team building. She became an
independent sales director within three years
and is driving her second company car.

This time, with a big grin on his face, her husband
asked, "Annette, when are you going to quit?" But
Annette had finally found out she really wasn't
a quitter, she only had been seeking her real
life's work.

Besides the money, she was attracted to Mary Kay
because of their high standards and founding
principles of putting your faith first, family
second, and career third.

She also loves the flexibility to home school
her children, and spend time with her husband,
and be actively involved in her church.

As successful in direct selling as Annette is, still
those old nagging thoughts of being a quitter creep back
now and then. When she gets discouraged, Annette finds great comfort in listening to motivational tapes and
reading motivational stories.

She also finds great comfort in her faith and knows
that what she is doing is God's will by helping
other women feel and look better. The companies
mission of enriching womens lives can be shared
with others offering an unlimited opportunity
for personal and financial success.

Annette says there are a few things she's learned
in the past 6 years about being a successful
independent beauty consultant. "Treat people with
respect, believe in people and believe in your
product. If it's worthwhile, it's not always
easy, but have persistence and patience."

Mary Kay Ash, the founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics
taught her, success is made up of three things:
1. A plan of action
2. Persistance
3. Working hard to build your business.

The Mary Kay product line includes more than 200
premium products. There are more than 850,000
Mary Kay independent beauty consultants serving
customers in 37 markets world wide. For more
information please call 1-800-MARYKAY or visit
the web site at



            "Like planting seeds, you just do it and go."

                           ~ Annette Gantz ~


Folks, Annette is a personal friend of mine. She happily
agreed to share her story taking time out of her busy
schedule as a personal favor for myself and our readers.

I will tell you this, May Kay is a top quality, first-class
company and Annette is a first-class representative of
that company. If you are at all interested in the
opportunity, Annette is very pleasant to work with and
will do her best to assist you in having a successful
career of your own with Mary Kay.


            "Don't spend time beating on a wall,
             hoping to transform it into a door."

                   ~ Dr. Laura Schlessinger ~


The Corn Is As High As An Elephant's Eye

If I wanted to grow a wheat crop and then plant
corn seeds, is there going to be a harvest of wheat?

Of course not. Plant corn and you'll get corn, plant
wheat and you'll get wheat. Plant an inferior quality
seed and you'll grow a crop of wheat or corn that
just doesn't produce like it should.

If I start out with a high quality seed, haven't I
greatly increased my chances that I will reap a
bumper crop come harvest time?

Having your own online business is not much different.

Start out with a poor quality business, and the chances
are not really in your favor that the business will do
a whole lot of good for you.

However, start with a high quality and proven business
that carries quality and superior products and you will
automatically increase your chances of success greatly.

That's just good common sense.

Here's some good advice that will save you a whole
lot of money, time, and wasted effort.

1. Educate yourself on marketing. If you're going to buy
a pre-written course, buy only from top names, from
those who are highly respected in the marketing field.

2. Search diligently for the best business that you think
you will have fun doing and that you will be proud to
be a representative of.


It Just Doesn't Get Any Better Than This

Is it time you started doing something that will give
you a Real sense of Satisfaction and Enjoyment?

If you would like to be an Important part of a team
of professionals...... having a lot of fun in a Quality
and Proven home business, then click here:

We are going places.....and going there fast!
Join us today.


      "He who sows sparingly will also reap sparingly,
and he who sows bountifully, will also reap bountifully."   

                                ~ St. Paul ~
                                 2 Cor. 9:6


I Love Lucy

"I Love Lucy" (1951-57) became one of the most
popular TV shows of all time. At one point, on
a typical Monday evening, almost two thirds of all
homes with televisions were tuned to the show.

Lucille Ball, the star of the show, went on to star in
two other famous series, "The Lucy Show,"
(1962 - 74), and "Life With Lucy" (1986).

Growing up Ball loved to perform, but her teachers said
she had no talent. Later studying at a prestigious school
of drama, the director told her she was wasting her money as she would never become a performer.

She got a break when a small part for an acting job
became available in Los Angeles. Ball took it, but
the job only lasted 6 weeks. She would do anything
the directors asked, even doing sometimes humiliating
scenes, but Lucille took it all as learning experiences.

She set long term goals for herself and realized that
the shortest distance between two points in a career is
not always a straight line. She was willing to do
anything to attain those goals, always willing to play
any part and always willing to learn more.

Ball moved up slowly from 'B' movies to supporting
roles, but by the late 40's it seemed her movie career
was over. Her husband Desi, urged her to try TV.

She decided to do a comedy using her real husband
but network directors wouldn't hear of it. To prove
they could entertain an audience, Desi and Lucy made
up a vaudeville act and went on tour. People loved
it and finally the CBS directors recognized their appeal.

Eventually Desi and Lucy formed their own studio,
Desilu, which was successful, but fell on hard times
in the 1960's. Desilu was about to produce two new
very expensive shows "Mission Impossible" and
"Star Trek."

Facing financial ruin if the shows collapsed, Lucy
gathered all the facts, listened carefully to those who
knew the business, took a risk and went ahead with
the shows. She stuck to her guns instead of giving
up, and the shows went on to become major money
makers for Desilu.


      "Luck? I don't know anything about luck. I've
   never banked on it and I'm afraid of people who do.
      Luck to me is something else: Hard Work - and
         realizing what is opportunity and what isn't."

                           ~ Lucille Ball ~


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