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Prosperity: The Choice Is Yours
January 17, 2003


Thanks to all of you who wrote and informed me I hadn't changed the 2002 date yet on the last two previous issues..... glad you guys are so observant!

It's a cold, chilly week here in southwestern Pa. We've been really lucky these past winters with mild temperatures, this year is making up for it. We got up yesterday morning to a very cold 5 degrees.

It's nice not to have to go out and break up ice for the
cows this winter, I surely don't miss that part of farming.
A whole lot nicer working in this nice warm office with
a heater going full blast at my feet!

I've got a really good article for you to read today. It's
by one of my favorite writers, Malcom Harvey. It makes a lot of sense.

Sometimes we try so hard, yet find we seem to take one step forward and two steps back. It happens to all of us, but don't give up and don't ever give in.

Your future is what you will make it to be.

Always believe in yourself.



Are You Trying Too Hard?
By: Malcolm Harvey

We all know that any intended achievement requires effort, and at times a great deal of sustained effort. There might be mountains to climb and rapids to negotiate which without the strength of conviction and the will to succeed would render many to fall by
the wayside. If you don't have a commitment to doing what is required it is unlikely that the desired result will be obtained.

Yes it's a tough journey to undertake if you are looking to change your life for the better, or at least we are told that it is so!!

Say, for example, you had the vision of owning your own company and working for yourself (the same principles can be applied whatever your goal is), we are told to imagine all the long hours, frustrations, hard negotiations, risk, etc that we would have to endure. We might even think twice before even setting out
on such a venture given the statistics of failure that everyone warns us about!

These guides and warnings that the corporate world would have us believe are important to be aware of, however there is another set of guidelines that most people miss.

These guidelines are seemingly a bit radical but if you examine the true leaders in successful business and abundant living you will find that they are adhered to in the majority of cases.

1.      Identify precisely what it is that you are trying to achieve.

Discover your true passion and learn to live the life you want. Go on, dare to believe that you can achieve your hearts desire.

The law of attraction will bring to you that thing that you think about whether it's what you want or not. Be clear about your goals and concentrate on the positive things otherwise you might end up with the negatives that you keep thinking you don't want!

2.      Get in touch with what you feel about the goal

Feel the emotion! If you live life with passion, the universe will bring you the things you want faster, just remember that some people passionately think about the bad things that could happen. I don't need to tell you what they get!!!!

3.      You always get what you expect

As you start to do the things that will bring you to your goal (Yes, work is involved, you didn't seriously think that success was going to be handed to you on a plate did you?!!), you will find that doors will open that will guide you in the best direction for you to go. Make sure that you maintain a positive expectancy otherwise you may miss the turning and have to make an
unintended detour!!

4.      Give service worthy of your market

Whatever you do in all of your undertakings, give value worthy of devotion. In other words always strive to do more than your customers/clients expect.

5.      Step back occasionally

Regularly stop what you are doing and focus on something completely different. Allow the universe to help you achieve your goals. Learn to accept what the universe offers to you.

6.      Trust in the process

Don't become a control freak, how do you know what's best for you? Do the actions required to achieve the goal and then allow things to happen. Start immediately and do whatever is necessary
when it becomes necessary. Sustainable action is the key.

Don't set time deadlines. This may be contrary to most current schools of thought, but if you put an intention into motion you are not necessary the best party to know what other factors have to be moved before that intention becomes a reality. It is far more effective to allow the universe to do its work in its infinite understanding than to restrict it though impatience!

7.      Be grateful for the experience

Maintain gratitude in your heart at all times, try saying thank you for every event good or bad, and remember that the reality is in the moment, everything else is your interpretation of that reality.

Malcolm Harvey

Success is a journey not a destination.
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