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Prosperity: The Choice Is Yours
July 01, 2002

You Can Write The Ticket To Your Success
By: Dave Cole

What is the greatest Job in the world?

Working for yourself, setting your own hours, going to bed and getting up when you want, living where you want, no boss barking on your back, no time clock to punch in, no rush hour traffic, doing something satisfying and rewarding with your life, helping others attain their dreams, and knowing you are creating a financial security for your family and your children.

Does all that sound like the details of your dream job?

Well there are thousands upon thousands of "lucky"
folks out there doing that right now. Those people understand there's no "real" security in working for someone else.

They prefer to create their own future and then do
something about it.

Those people aren't any luckier, or smarter, or work
harder than you - they just know more about and then
utilize the power of duplication in creating financial
security and the life they dream of.

And you know one of the neatest things about network

You don't need to have any experience to start!

In fact theres a lot of "super salesmen" that have tried
it and failed.   Reason why ==> They're not teachable.

They "already" know it all and end up failing.

My brother coaches Junior High football. Rob would much rather take a kid that doesn't know anything about football and coach him than some kid who played Midget Football and learned the wrong way to do the fundamentals.

Couple of years ago my son Karl went out for Rob's team. Karl had never played football, in fact he never even played in a sandlot pick up game. He knew almost nothing about playing football.....but he had a desire to play and he was teachable.

Rob taught him how to play with the correct fundmentals. They played 7 games that year and Karl was a starter on offense and defense, played great ball, and in fact even caught 3 touchdown passes.

It's the same in network marketing. I would much rather have a person with a true desire, a passion, and someone who knows nothing but wants to learn than some hotshot who already knows it all.

Can you SHARE a story?

Network marketing is about sharing - Not selling.

Use the product you're promoting, get enthusiastic about it, then simply SHARE with others the positive impact it's made in your life. SHARE with others the positive impact the opporutnity is making in your life.

Can you do that?

Of course you can!

That doesn't take superior intelligence, it doesn't take a degree or prior experience in selling -  it does take your enthusiasm about the product and the opportunity.

The main opportunity I'm doing; we tried the product on our pets, saw what an Incredible difference in their energy levels, their overall health, and in how much nicer their coats became and in how much lower our vet bills became!

It's really easy to SHARE that with other pet owners. People ask me how does this business work?

Basically I talk with people about their pets. Then I SHARE what the product has done for our pets and for others. I offer them info on the products and ask if they are ready to try the products for their pets?

Just how hard can that be?

Could you do that?

Of course you could!

It doesn't matter what the product is or what opportunity you're involved with - the secret to creating that dream life and that 10 or 15 or 20 thousand dollar income a month is to have fun and be enthusiastic about SHARING your product story with others.

You want that dream job, that lifestyle you've always
dreamed of, that level of financial security?

Find a product you love and SHARE your story.

Now - You Can Do That -
I Know It......and you know it.

So good friend, that lifestyle is there, that perfect job is
there, it's waiting for you...It Can Be Yours.

Dreams Really Do come True.

Don't let those fears of thinking you have to be a "super
salesman" or you have to have some degree or high level of intelligence stop you.

Believe me, I couldn't "SELL" Mr. Noah a lifeboat if the Ark was sinking.    But....I can SHARE with him how my lifeboat saved me when my ship was sinking.....then show him where he can get the same lifeboat......and

You Can Do That Too.



     "Stories will SELL, while facts only TELL."

                         ~ Jim Flint ~


Question Of The Day.....

Just exactly what will you do with your first Thousand
Dollar check?

What will you do with your first Ten Thousand Dollar


An Excellent Lesson In Creativity

(below is a letter sent in by one of our faithful readers,
Kristen Hall)

"I think I just didn't really believe we could do this. I knew OTHER people could, but I couldn't see us there, could not develop a vision past just a little better off than where we are right now. It was a big step for me to even consider looking at a new car, the Chrysler Sebring, but now I'm looking at that car thinking, okay, it's nice, but it's not a silver Porchse Targa.

Where we live is nice, but it needs a lot of work and it is not in South Carolina near the beach. What would it be like to breed championship poodles, but have kennel help to do their grooming, health car  & maintenance - what if all we had to do with them was play with them and love them because we could afford to have someone else do the day-to-day grind?

What if we lived in a house with a huge master bedroom, with wall-size windows overlooking  the ocean?  A Jacuzzi in the master bath, a weight room in the greenhouse, filled with lush plants and made of nothing but cedar and glass? A beautiful modern kitchen done in wood and black granite counter-tops? A cathedral ceiling in the great room
off the kitchen with a floor to ceiling stone fireplace, shelves and shelves of good books, a great stereo system, a large screen TV and everything in rich, luscious hardwood floors?

Could we manage somehow to live with that?

I think about all the "reasons" I had for why we couldn't do it, what was holding us back. I didn't want to relocate the kids, mostly, but I am sure I could have thought of a few other  "good" reasons not to succeed. Then, I thought about it a little more clearly.

If we had a chance to live in a wonderful house, near the ocean, have a really cushy income and put Becca in a school where she could get a really quality education,
have lots of academic opportunities, have lots of extra-
curricular options (band, year-round soccer, etc) - how
hard would she have to think about leaving here?

How fast can you blink? :<)

 And Will - how traumatic would it be for him to live in a great house, very close to where he could ocean-fish any time he wanted? Not! Could Cliff somehow manage not to run his tractor 6 days a week in the "good" weather, trying to make the house payments?"

Friends, Kristen is a lady with a dream.

Kristen is a lady who is in the process of "making that
dream happen."

What is your dream today?

What are you doing to make that dream happen?

It's happening for Kristen and thousands of others,
It Can happen For You Too.


  "The future depends on what we do in the present."

                        ~ Mahatma Gandhi ~


Today....I'm NOT Looking

Today, I'm NOT looking for someone who I can convince that HealthyPetNet is a great opportunity - or someone who is already a "super salesman."

I AM looking for someone who is searching for a great
opportunity......NOW......and who wants to create that
level of financial security and lifestyle they've always
wanted ....and then will do something about it.

If you're that person, go here:



"Check this of my new clients just
gave her dog some of the food sample....she mixed
it in with the Science Diet...her dog took every
piece of the Science Diet out of the bowl and spit
it on the floor...then proceeded to inhale the
Life's Abundance....I am so pumped!"

Dustin Judd
Lincoln, Nebraska


Reader's Comments

"Dave, Just one of those outstanding "Dave" letters!
You are doing exactly what it takes to hit your target and communicating it to your people, leadership! What a great plan. List of objectives with measured results.
Obviously we need to find more people who understand what you just wrote. They are out there, we just have to find them. Great Job!! "

Steve Bilenky


        "It's better to be a lion for a day
               than a sheep for a life."

                ~ Elizabeth Kenny ~




L = Labor
U = Under
C = Correct
K = Knowledge

Kim Klaver, who runs mlm911, says that when you talk to a prospect the question you should form in your mind is "Can this person help me NOW?".


      "Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue.
       And the dreams that you dare to dream really
                               do come true."

                   ~ From "The Wizard of Oz" ~


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