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Prosperity: The Choice Is Yours
July 15, 2002

The Greatest Networker
By: John Milton Fogg

Do you use e-mail...? (Come on. That was

   Well I've just found a marvelous little trick
   that's helping me shift into Abundance
   THINKING, Passionate Good FEELING
   Vibrations and Positive EXPECTATION....

   Sound like fun...? Would doing that interest
   you...? Here:

   Answer this question, please and thank you:

   Where do you make money in your business?

   At the mailbox when you get your check...?
   At the home office when they do your
   print out...? When someone places an order
   or signs your Partnership application...?

   Right: d) none of the above.

   The FACT is, you make money IN YOUR
   MIND-- yes?

   (And if you answer "No," this letter is useless
   to you, so hit DELETE now...:-)

   Every dollar (gold coin, pearl, bead or piece of shell)
   that's ever been earned in the history of humans
   started as an IDEA, a THOUGHT in somebody's

   Where did Edison's light bulb come from...?
   Ford's Model T...? Bill Gates' monopolistic
   MicroSoftware? (Sorry, got carried away:-)

   Add the Fuel of Passionate, Positive FEELING
   to that money-making THOUGHT and you have
   a veritable Bonfire of Creative Energy that makes
   You into a Manifesting Machine.

   (And again, if you disagree with this an' that,
   hit DELETE, Now!)

   You KNOW that's true. You already always ARE
   and already always Have Been a Master Maker of
   Things Happening. Look at Your Life. You Did All

   And there (ala Shakespeare) is the rub....

   You got things in your Life YOU DON'T WANT.

   The Good News (and this may strike you as very
   strange good news) is You Created That, Too! All
   of that. All that "junk" you Don't Want-- not enough
   time or money... unpaid bills... pains in the butt...
   no golf.... health hazards.... rocky relationships...
   stupid "superiors" at work... what ever.

   You Did That! I've Done That! Everybody's Doin'
   it, Doin' it, Doin' it....

   Thing is, what You and I really WANT is the Good
   stuff. Not the Bad.

   (And if you're So Enlightened as to want to tell me
   it's ALL good stuff and you accept it all with style
   and grace and thank G-d for the great lesson you
   just learned by cutting your leg off with a chain saw,
   you hit DELETE, Too...:-)

   Okay, if you're still with me, here's the long waited
   for Tip 'n' Trick. But first...:-)

   1. You got Things (events, circumstances, stuff...) in
   Your Life and Work You DON'T WANT.

   2. You Know you've got these things because of
   THOUGHTS in your mind that didn't SERVE you
   and you FOCUSED on them way too much and
   with way too much Bad FEELING and you are such
   a good Creator they (like poop) happened.

   3. So, You make the Decision to Shift all that and
   you know the thing to do is to CHANGE YOUR
   Cool. How...?

   Replace the Old Negative Don't Want Thought with
   a New and Improved Do WANT Thought and Fuel
   it with Positive, Passionate Good Feelings.

   Simple-- yes...?

   Yeah, but....

   Look. All we're doing here is getting rid of a "Habit
   of Mind"-- a recurring Don't Want Thought we've
   Focused on WITHOUT Paying Attention.

   So, make up a New Empowering Want Thought
   and plop it into your mind IN PLACE OF that old
   negit's disempowering Thought. Reprogramming
   some call it. Conditioning others say.

   I don't care what they name it, I'm doin' it! Just
   like I learned my A B Cs and how to tie my sneakers
   as a kid, I am making a Habit of Mind by repeating
   over and over a positive WANT, THOUGHT,

   AND, I've created my E-MAIL COACH to help me
   do just that. (Finally, the Tip 'n' Trick....)

   My e-mail program is set to automatically receive
   and send messages every 15 minutes. You know:
   "Bee Boop. You've Got Mail!" And no matter what
   I'm working on, I usually stop as soon as I can and
   check and see if something Important just came in.
   And IT DID!!!
   Subject: I AM

   I Really, Really, Really, REALLY! WANT, INTEND
   and EXPECT more than $50,000 coming into my
   bank account each and every month starting RIGHT
   NOW. ALL my bills are paid Effortlessly. I am debt
   Free! Fear FREE! And, I am THRILLED!

   I read that and I SMILE. I Feel THRILLED! (Cause
   having that Thrills me to tears of JOY!)

   And the "Really, Really, Really, REALLY" bit
   reminds me of what Bob O'Connor told me Wayne
   Dyer said, "I use four reallys because each one
   symbolizes these four ingredients in the mind-set of
   spiritual problem solvers and hence highly
   functioning successful people. The four reallys in
   summation are: Desire, Asking, Intention and

   And since I Know INTENTION is a Key, I have that in there, which stirs my Commitment. And since I've had trouble in the past "Believing" and having "Faith," I put the EXPECT bit in there.

   And I put in "Debt Free!' 'cause what the heck, as long as I'm at it why not? And the "Fear FREE!" is HUGE for me, so Prego.

   And the "I am THRILLED!" is in there 'cause I KNOW the Power Of FEELING and frankly, "Happy" didn't really get my Passionate Attention....

   AND, After I read this I smile BIG and close my
   eyes and en-vision BEing, DOing and HAVEing all
   of that, I click Send Again (you can use Forward,
   Resend, whatever you have that works) and I get
   this message AGAIN in 15 minutes.... All day long.

   That's my Tip 'n' Trick.

   Neat, huh....

   Now, I gotta' tell ya' that I'm the kind of "worker"
   who doesn't like being interrupted, and since I am
   every time I go get this "I AM" message of mine, I'm
   telling myself Nothing, NOTHING is more Important
   to me! (Little extra power tool there:-)

   And, this isn't all I'm doing. I'm pulling one of those
   "Total Immersion" deals like you'd do if you wanted
   to learn to speak Chinese in 21 days. I'm reading Joe
   Vitale's *Spiritual Marketing* (Soon to be up in the
   TGN Library. Thanks, Joe!) Reading Bob Proctor's
   *You Were BORN RICH* (Already up in the TGN
   Library). Listening to tapes. Watching videos.
   Getting Coaching from Teresa Romain. Signing up
   for more Coaching with Terri Levine (of Explode
   Your Business and Income fame):

   And re-reading *As A Man Thinketh* by James
   Allen (Yup, in the TGN Library, too). And ordering
   Darel Rutherford's book *So, Why Aren't You Rich?*
   'cause Joe told me to, too. And working on My
   Vision on My Face Page: reading and Feeling it
   every day.

   And I didn't check my bank balance this morning
   (for the first time in a thousand years) 'cause I
   KNOW the Money and Freedom I want is literally
   Flying towards me Right Now. And I don't Know
   or Care where it's coming from.... Heck, YOU can
   even send me a check if ya' Want, please and thank

   Make Your E-Mail Your Prosperity Coach....

   Thanks. I Appreciate You!

   Love and Best-- John Milton Fogg


     "I will not give up no matter how many obstacles I
     encounter or how much pain I endure because these
     things are nothing compared to my desire to      succeed."

                            ~ Giselle Lopez ~


Make Friends With Fear
(Extracted from an editorial in Investor's Business Daily)

It makes sense to assume that those bold enough to take big chances must be un-usually self-confident. But it isn't always so. Many of the towering figures we look
up to are no less afraid than anyone else.

They just don't let fear immobolize or distract them.

Plenty of prominent people have carried on despite near crippling anxieties. Legendary football coach Bear Bryant often gave up the contents of his stomach before big games.

So did Sir Laurence Olivier before his many stage
performances. Winston Churchill, on of history's
greatest orators, suffered such stage fright that he'd  rehearse his speeches obsessively.

Even former President Ronald Reagan never conquered
his speech making nerves. According to Reagan speech writer, Peggy Noonan, the real reason he told so many jokes at the outset of his speeches wasn't so much to humor the audience, but to ease his own anxiety.

We're too quick to assume that fear leads to failure, says Richard Farson, who has studied the topic at length. Actually, when fear doesn't paralyze if can be a motivator. High achievers se fear as a necessary evil at worst, and at best a valuable ally.

"Those who are paralyzed by the thought of taking a chance see only peril in fear's crackling flames," he said in "Whoever Makes the Most Mistakes Wins."

"They imagine themselves being burned at the stake and
back off. Thos who see energy in terror's heat convert fear into fuel. To them, it looks like an exciting bonfire."

"It isn't fear's intensity that determines our ability to act.
Rather, it's the approach we take towards feeling afraid.

When faced with danger, everyone recoils. That's natural. But don't fall into the trap of waiting for fear to subside before acting."

Arctic explorer Peter Fruechen said, "I do what I can
to get away from those fellows who never get scared. They are very dangerous men. They get you into all kinds of trouble - those fellows who are scared of nothing. They die soon. I am always scared."


Hotmail Links Go Dead

When a Hotmail subscriber takes 5 minutes or longer to read a newsletter, any active links in the newsletter go dead.
It's like this: A reader opens his Hotmail account, sees
the newsletter and clicks on it to open it. It sits open in
the Hotmail frame for at least 5 minutes, whether he takes 5 minutes to read the whole thing or lets it sit on the desktop. When he goes back to click a link - to any
site - he gets this message:

"Your email message has been idle and this link has become inactive. To access the link, close this window and return to your MSN Hotmail Message. Then click the browser's Refresh button or close your message and reopen it."


 "The man with new ideas is a crank until the idea succeeds."

                            ~ Mark Twain ~


My Life Was Given To Me

I can't take time to debate "by whom," but you and I
can agree on three things today:

1)  Your life was given to you.
2)  Your life here on earth has an expiration date.

And, thirdly:

3)  You get to choose how you live your life while
you're here.

I choose to live it in the MLM industry.

I choose to teach and preach health, nutrition, good
business practices and making money along the way.

I choose to teach people that you can do both--have a
life and "DO" MLM at the same time.

Robert Blackman


Reader's Comments


Thanks so much for the following email.  I was getting
very discouraged - but your email gave me new hope.

Keep the emails coming and I will share with others.

Delores H.


      "The republic is a dream. Nothing happens unless
                             first a dream."
                          ~ Carl Sandburg ~


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