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June 15, 2002

Marketing Is A Game
By: Dave Cole

Marketing is a game, very similar to the game of baseball.

As most of our readers know, I manage the local Pony
baseball team. This past weekend we played in an 8 team tournament, and managed to get to the final game, only to settle for a second place trophy.

The first game we played in the tournament, we lost. It
was early Saturday morning when my boys took the field.

We were the first place team in our league, but that day
we would be facing teams from various leagues around
the area.

When the other team started arriving and as each of their players walked onto the field, it seemed like each boy got bigger and bigger. Soon I started to hear my kids saying things like, "Boy, look at those guys....look how big they are!"

As my team was sitting there watching the other team warm up they were all saying, "We can't beat these guys, they're too big and they hit the ball too good."

Well guess what happened?

Yep, first game we lost. We had 11 of our batters strike out, many of them missing the ball by 2 feet or more! And my team came into this game averaging 10 runs a game! We only got 3 hits and 1 run in the game.

We lost that game before the first pitch was even thrown!

Now, here we have my team, in first place in our league, we've beat almost everyone by 10 runs or more this season, we're playing great ball and we fall flat on our face.

Reason why ===> My boys "knew" they couldn't win that game because the opposition "looked" bigger and stronger and better than they did. They talked themselves right into being losers.......they looked at the adversity and saw a giant......instead of looking at who they were and what they had already accomplished....and what they could accomplish.

Well we came back from that loss and fortunately played a team of "small" kids the next game. That got the boys heads back on track. And we went on to have a really big win on Sunday against a team of boys that were even bigger than the first team!

Sunday I managed to get the boys to look at who "they
were...instead of who they were playing" and they came
through with a very big upset victory over the team that
everyone thought was going to win the entire tournament.

The only difference between the first game and the game on Sunday was the boys mental attitude. On Sunday they were somebody. They were the ones who were in control of themselves and the game. They were in charge of their thoughts.

When they walked out on that field Sunday they went there with a purpose to be the best they could be. And they knew they could play a good game against anybody.

They didn't look at the adversity, they didn't look at the
opposition, they didn't see the giants in the other dugout.....they saw the giant within themselves instead.

And so I'm asking you today, when you go to do your daily tasks with your marketing business, what are you looking at?

Are you looking at all the past failures you've had, or at
all the adversity out there, or thinking about all the reasons why you "can't make money" or "can't seem to get sales" or "can't seem to get your ads clicked on".........and all the hundred and one other reasons why it's not happening for you.

Or are you looking at the "giant" within you and who you really are, and what past victories you've already accomplished, and what future victories you will accomplish.

The game of baseball is 90% mental.

The game of marketing is 90% mental.

As Napoleon Hill said, "You can if you think you can...... if you think you can't, you won't."



     "Change your thoughts, and you change your world."

                     ~ Norman Vincent Peale ~


Qualities of A Leader
By: Coni Cecil
© 2002

Are you a Leader or a Follower?

If you would like to be a Leader, then you might want to know
some of the basics of being a good Leader.

        *       Take action.  Leaders don't sit back and watch it happen, they make it happen.

        *       Treat others with respect.  This will not only
                 earn their trust, but also get them to listen.

        *       Know whom you are dealing with.  Take an interest in who they are, and what they believe in.

        *       Be decisive.  People admire others who have the ability to make decisions.

        *       Practice being approachable, in order to make people feel comfortable coming to you with an issue.

        *       Listen, and really hear what the other person is saying.

        *       Never talk down to another.  This is a sure way  of destroying any trust and respect that you have
                 built in the relationship.

        *       Always attempt to see things from someone else's  perspective.  This results in objectivity.

        *       Above all, continue to display a positive
                 attitude, even in the face of adversity.

        There are Leaders in the world and there are Followers in the world, and we need both.

        Coni Cecil
        Internet Marketer
        Sometimes a Leader; sometimes a Follower

Editors Note:  Coni is one of our faithful readers, we've
spoken on the phone and emailed each other quite a bit.
If you're interested in any of the opportunities she is
involved with, send her an email. She's a really nice lady
and I know you'll enjoy working with her.


   "Strength does not come from physical capacity.
             It comes from an indomitable will."

                ~ Mohandas K. Gandhi ~


Another good friend of mine, John Colanzi sent me an
article the other day which I thought said a whole lot in just a few words. I think you'll find that what John is saying here pretty much says it all.

How To Make More Money In Network Marketing
By: John Colanzi

Network marketing and the internet were made for each other.

The world is your oyster. It's as easy to send an email
around the globe as it is to talk to your next door neighbor.

If that's true how can we explain the fact that 95% still fail in network marketing?

What are the traits of the top earners?

1. They have a solid bullet proof marketing system.

2. They have the patience of Job.

3. They have the persistence of a bull dog.

4. They set goals.

 Short term goals

 Intermediate term goals

 Long term goals

5. They market daily.

6. They believe in what they're selling, beyond a shadow of a doubt.

7. They sell themselves first.

8. They understand what motivates people.

9. They train their first level down line members to duplicate their efforts.

10. They praise their down lines accomplishments.

11. They learn from others.

13. They never become complacent. They are always recruiting.

14. They keep it simple.

15. They stay in contact with their down line and their prospects.

16. They go the extra mile. They give more.

17. They follow up on leads at least seven times.

18. They accomplish tasks in order of importance.

19. They concentrate on benefits.

20. They automate their efforts.

21. They have a daily study plan.




22. They are global thinkers.

23. They only spend money when it will earn them a profit.

24. They reinvest their profits in their business.

25. They are willing to step out of their comfort zone.

26. They reward themselves when they reach a goal.

27. They enjoy what they are doing.

28. They are organized.

29. They don't waste:




30. They reach decisions quickly. And act on them.

Now that you know the basics, it's up to you to follow  through.

Wishing You Success,
John Colanzi
Street Smart Marketing -

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          "You can't lead a calvary charge if you think
                     you look funny on a horse."

                              ~ John Peers ~


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