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Prosperity: The Choice Is Yours
June 20, 2003

The One Percent Solution
By: Philip E. Humbert, PhD

Many years ago, someone told me that the key to
success is not doing something big or spectacular,
but doing the little things extraordinarily well.

When we think of Olympic athletes, it's tempting to
pretend that they are somehow "different". We tell
ourselves they were born with incredible strength or
unusual talent, or had training that we could never
get for ourselves. We look at Michael Jordon in sports,
or we compare ourselves to Barbra Streisand as an
entertainer, and say, "I could never do that."

While there is truth in acknowledging their incredible
talent, there is also a lie in pretending that because we
don't have their genetic gifts, we are somehow excused
from the necessity of doing our best. That is simply not

The vast majority of highly successful people, in any area of life, are simply those who worked a bit harder, stayed a bit longer, and did a bit more.

The highest paid people in any industry earn many times
more than the average income. Is that because they are
100 times smarter? Are they 50 times more ambitious?
Do they work 20 times harder or do they have more
hours in a day? Of course not!

The highest paid, most successful people do the little
things extremely well. They remember the details,
acknowledge their friends, and they keep their promises.

They return phone calls on time. They remember to say
"Please" and "Thank You!", and they smile. They get to
work just a bit earlier, make one or two more calls or stay just a bit later at the end of the day. The simple truth is this:
They go the extra mile, and it makes a difference.

They take care of the "little things", and the difference
is reflected in their paychecks!

What opportunities do you have to improve your
performance by just 1 percent this week?
It's called the "1 Percent Solution", and over time,
it makes all the difference!


Now Is The Only Time You Have


    1) What are you tolerating in your life that no longer serves you?

    2) What are you clinging to or holding on to?

    3) How does that make you feel?

    4) How much longer are you willing to tolerate it?

    5) What decision must you make?

Ask yourself, what do I really want to accomplish, in
your life and in your business.

Then, ask yourself, what am I willing to do to make
it happen.

Are you then going to make whatever changes it requires to get what you really want in life......Prosperity is a Choice.

That choice is always your choice.


If a genie magically popped out of a lamp and gave you
three magic wishes......Is what you are doing now what
you would wish for?


"Ordinary people believe only in the possible.
Extraordinary people visualize  not what is possible or probable, but rather what is impossible. And by visualizing the impossible, they begin to see it as possible."

Cherie Carter-Scott


Tips For Making Phone Calls

When you go to make your first phone call, the phone will weigh 100lbs and you might be a nervous wreck as you read through your script.  This will devastate your confidence and may even refuse to call you.

Here are some tips that I have picked up over the years.

Practice your speech 100 times MINIMUM when you are new.
Tape yourself and listen to the way you sound.  If you were the prospect, how would you react?  Bored or "wow, this guy/gal is excited - I WANT to hear what they have to say"

Before each call session, practice it 5 - 10 times again.

Before each call session, pump yourself up, get motivated.
Tell yourself why this is a great business and why you're
going to do well on the phone.  Anything else you can do to boost your confidence.  Read a personal affirmation.

Stand up while talking on the phone, if physically possible.

Smile :-)

Print out your 2 minute script and pin it to the wall in front of you at eye level or a little above.  Print in large font so the complete 2 minute script takes up the whole sheet of paper.

Purchase a telephone hands-free headset if you can afford it. This frees up your arms so you can gesture with them if needed. Plantronics have some good models, even a wireless version.

If funds permit, get a quality cordless phone that you can plug the headset into.  This frees up your entire body so you can move around.  Make sure it comes over loud and clear.  Some of them
can buzz and pick up interference.

You need to project energy.  You can't do that if you're sitting down and your head is looking down at a piece of paper on the table.  When you stand up and move, you will immediately become more assertive on the phone.

Give yourself a "high five" everytime you complete a call. "YEAH, that was a great call.  FANTASTIC JOB !"

Making one or two calls is not going to cut it.  You need to build up momentum.  Schedule at least one hour where you will make as many calls as possible back-to-back.

Have a glass of water close by - nothing worse than a croaky, dry throat.

Consider this also.  If you are dressed in business attire making phone calls, do you think you might project a different image compared to if you are dressed down, with bed-head hair, unshaven, no makeup etc?  Try it and see for yourself.

Lastly, HAVE FUN   :-)


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