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June 27, 2003

How Much Is That Doggie In The Window
By: Dave Cole

Augusta Delisi is a girl that has a Passion.

A Passion for helping save dogs and puppies from a
sure, fatal death by euthansia.

A little over a year ago, this 13 year old Pittsburgh area
teenager, began bugging her dad about something that is rapidly turning in to a full time business.

Augusta Delisi wanted to help dogs.

Her passion for canines began at an early age where she would sit for hours drawing pictures of dogs and dreaming about them. Her favorite thing to do was stop by the local pet store and gaze at those "doggies in the window."

Early last year she happened to be online at Petfinder
and noticed several dogs that needed homes located
in Philipi, West Virginia.

Her heart went out to these furry friends and with a
passion in her heart, Augusta embarked on a career
that has so far rescued over 25 dogs & puppies!

When she saw those dogs, Augusta went to work. She called the ladies up in Philipi that had the dogs, made
arrangements for the dogs to be taken to a shelter in
Washington County Pa., printed out a map on how to
make the 2 1/2 hour trip from Pittsburgh, and then
convinced her dad to do the driving.

On the Saturday they made the trip everything went
smoothly until they arrived at the Washington County
shelter. Something had gone wrong.

No one there knew anything about taking in 8 puppies.
Augusta was sure she had called ahead and received
permission, but the ladies at the shelter did not
get the call. Here, Augusta had actually called
the Washington Conty Commissioner's office. When
the ladies at the shelter found out who she had called
and verified the info, the puppies were then well

Her mom and dad were so proud of their young lady.
Taking all this on her own, arranging all the details,
and even calling commissioners to get her mission

For her 13th birthday, instead of presents for herself,
Augusta asked for Parvo disinfectant. She then donated
the disinfectant and other supplies she received to a
local animal shelter.

Augusta also checks regularly, looking
for dogs about to be euthanized, then calls other shelters that don't euthanize to see if they can take the pups. Then she sets out on her mission of mercy.

She has saved over 25 dogs & puppies from a sure death by euthanasia. "When I find they've been adopted, it's the best feeling ever," she says.

Augusta is a student at St. Teresa of Avila where
she was permitted to put on a fund raiser for her efforts
she called, "Pennies for Pups" and in fact was able
to collect $323.00 for her efforts.

Augusta lives with her mom and dad, and has 2 sisters
and 2 brothers, along with Daisy, a Welsh Pembrooke
Corgi, and of course Roxi, who herself was a rescue
from a local pet store.

Her dreams for the future are to continue developing
her own business helping rescue dogs called "Augies Doggies."

Augusta is a girl with a dream.

A 13 year old girl who know's what she wants.

Augusta is a girl that has a passion and determination
for accomplishing what she wants to do.

Nothing was able to stand in her way of getting
what she wanted.

She "took the bull by the horns" and using the passionate drive that was in her heart, made almost the impossible happen.

At such a young age, Augusta is a wonderful example
of what it takes to become a success in life and in business.

She doesn't take no for an answer and when problems do arise, she finds a way to overcome them.

What is your Passion?
What are your Dreams?

What are you doing today to make them happen.......

If you would like to read more about Augusta and
hopefully help her in her work, please go to this
Web page:


We at ChooseToProsper are exceptionally proud of Augusta and what she is doing. We have partnered with Augusta and have set up and are hosting the special page found above to help her in her efforts.

We receive no compensation for this, nor have we ever
requested a single donation to any of our readers for the hundreds of free newsletters and info we have sent you.

We do ask that if you have five or ten dollars to spare,
please go to the above site and send a donation to Augusta.

Your contribution will go towards helping save as many
puppies and dogs as possible from being euthanized.

We appreciate you and Thank you,


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